Top 10 Best Dokken Songs

Great band, great songs, and excellent musicians too led by the awesome George Lynch on guitar! Jeff Pilson and Wild Mick Brown were a great rhythm section also.
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1 Kiss of Death - Back for the Attack

Kiss of Death is a very good song, probably their most metal song as well. I wish this band wasn't so unknown though; they really are pretty good and worth listening to. I think you'll find that at least some of their songs are worth listening to again.

Killer Guitar Part, amazing vocals. Gets the blood flowing!

The best song from the best album. Insane riffs and vocals.

How is this #1 and Prisoner nit even on the list? Hello... McFly?

2 In My Dreams - Under Lock and Key

This is Dokken's #1 song. The melodic singing and harmonies, killer guitar riffs, hooks, it has it all. The song got a lot of airplay on MTV back in '86-'87. The video is quite memorable even if you weren't a metal fan.

Starts off with a instant classic harmony chorus and then it breaks into the great George Lynch's crunching guitar.

Definitely one of their greatest hits. This song is addicting. You listen to it once and you can't stop.

This song should be number 1 I mean the guitar solo alone really is the best solo in any dokken song!

3 Breaking the Chains - Breaking the Chains

Probably their best song and definitely their most popular. I'm surprised that breaking the chains is at number four

I agree this is their best song out of all their great songs.

A classic Dokken song.

When I first saw this list 3 years ago, breaking was number 1, the new generation likes other songs more ahah
Breaking the chains one love forever

4 Dream Warriors - Back for the Attack

Very sadly, this is how I found out about Dokken, and this song remains one of my favorites from them. And where is Lightnin Strikes Again?

Was a big hit for the Nightmare on Elm Street movie soundtrack. One of the most reconizable intro's to a rock song in history!

I know Dokken pretty well and I'd have to say this is there best.

Great tune and chord progression, it from first listening

5 Tooth and Nail - Tooth and Nail

That guitar solo is killer. Actually, the whole song is awesome, but the guitar solo is the best part.

Its just so heavy and agressive! Awakens the destroyer in yourself. Awesome song!

Fast and has an accelerating feel to it.

6 Alone Again - Tooth and Nail

Awesome song I ever heard. It should be at no. 1. The best power ballad of all time. It open my eyes and my love. I request you all to vote this sonf of legend dokken.

This song is just really good. It sounds really beautiful, the lyrics are filled with pain and emotion and I like the guitar riffs.

One of the best classic metal ballads wrote. I still remember singing the lyrics to my ex-girlfriend 2 years ago.

I've heard all of the songs above, this song is better than 90 percent of them.

7 Lightnin' Strikes Again - Under Lock and Key

Most of this song is good. The only issue I have with it is that the ending gets a little boring.

Dokkens most KICKIN' song. Love the high vocal notes and Don Dokkens signature sound! My personal favorite Guitar solos!

Don wishes he could still scream like this.

Best dokken song ever. The riff kicks ass

8 The Hunter - Under Lock and Key

This song is so underrated! Great riff, great solo; this song shows exactly what Dokken is all about!

9 Unchain the Night - Under Lock and Key

I absolutely love this song. One of my very favorite songs from one of my very favorite bands.

That extended intro is fantastic. If there is one thing Dokken do well, it's opening an album.

Hard rocking song that really shows off George Lynch's talent on guitar.

Super song, I love it, super guitar solos, and the voice is excellent.

10 It's Not Love - Under Lock and Key

Great song, great vocals, very catchy, and memorable hook.

The Contenders
11 Mr. Scary - Back for the Attack

Solo is unending shows outstanding quality of george lynch, you may also try Before I close my eyes, dream until tomorrow and for a milion years.

One of my favorite instrumentals.

12 Into the Fire - Tooth and Nail

Into the Fire, I'm falling!
Really great song!

Best song for this group

13 When Heaven Comes Down - Tooth and Nail

This is one of those songs that is good on record, but 10 times better live!

14 Just Got Lucky - Tooth and Nail

Excellent hook to this song, one of their best!

15 Burning Like a Flame - Back for the Attack

A smokin rocker. Excellent vocals, great guitar by Lynch as always!

16 Heaven Sent - Back for the Attack

This song should be at least in Dokken's top 3. Well written, well sung, great Lynch solo. It's a Dokken masterpiece.

I honestly think this song holds George Lynch's best solo and I also feel its one of the best solos in metal!

Classic guitar intro, strong vocals, just a killer tune!

Hands down number 1

17 Paris is Burning - Breaking the Chains
18 Turn on the Action - Tooth and Nail
19 Don't Close Your Eyes - Tooth and Nail

Adding this because it is a very good song, this is probably the Dokken song I most often listen to.

20 Slippin' Away - Under Lock and Key
21 Night by Night - Back for the Attack
22 Lost Behind the Wall - Back for the Attack

Very underrated song. Criminally low at 26

23 Will the Sun Rise - Under Lock and Key

Truly melodic song, includes acoustic and electric guitar tone, light speeding solo amazing vocal harmony, this track off of under lock and key is definitely one for the books

24 Too High to Fly - Dysfuncional

How is this song not on the list? Kiss of Death number one?!?!?! I always skip that track.

25 Walk Away - Beast from the East

This is actually Dokkens best song. Fantastic guitar solo, huge vocals, and especially the lyrics are beautiful

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