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1 BTS BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. RM is the leader and the other members are V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook

Diverse music videos (themes that range from No More Dream to Just One Day), engages fans in meet and greets, powerful lyrics and choreography, hardworking, almost equal split parts in songs (I love this part the most, because it upsets me when you have a certain number of group members, and one or two members would get like one or two small line (s)? ). Above all, I enjoy their strong stage presence and tough exterior when need be, and their bubble, cutesy personalities off stage. They're fun to watch and great to listen to. Their dorkiness, respect and love for their fellow group members and their fans is sincere. Stay true to yourself, BTS. You're all admirable men and will succeed in all you do as long as you stay true to yourself and believe in all you do.

I don't know if they are words to describe how much these boys mean to mean. Their lyrics speak to my heart. I can smile to Dynamite and cry to The Truth Untold.

BTS is by far one of the BEST male idol groups out there today. Not only do they have phenomenal singers and rappers, but they are also composers and their lyrics really speak to their audiences. BTS' music really pushes the envelope and pushes against the status quo which I admire. Not only that but they also have such colorful and quirky personalities which they let shine every chance they get; each member is different and unique in their own special way. They aren't concerned with projecting the pristine "idol" image that so many other groups strive to uphold; they like to be seen as actual human beings and not put on some pedestal. I also love their performances; such dynamic stage presence and crisp clean dancing, accompanied with powerful vocals and amazing rapping is what BTS does best. I love their diverse sound as well, able to be both hard and intense and also sweet and mellow. What's more is they are so sweet and down to earth with their fans and one of the dorkiest male ...more

They should, at least, belong to the top 5. Why? Their debut song has received much attention fit for a popular boy group. Not only that, every time they make a comeback, they get even better than the last time. They compose their own songs and their tracks are crafted with their own style and the story of their life towards their dream of becoming an artist. They are not only powerful, passionate and emotional dancers, but they are also hardworking and determined artists. They are crowned as the Best Rookie and they are known for their very difficult choreographies. They are very funny, expressive, loving and respectful. Their dorkiness adds their favorable chance of being the best kpop boy group. They are very youthful yet they show maturity in their music. They show passion towards the fans and they are very down-to-earth. Needless to say, they are the dorkiest group I've ever known. By the time I started to stan them, I knew I can't backout.

2 EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

EXO IS THE BEST. The members are all extremely good looking, and the group is all-rounded. The looks are there, the dance and stage presence as well. They also have a fair share of good singers and rappers, and each individual member is able to do all 3. They get along really well too, and their music videos are close to perfection. They began with difficult dances, and it looks like that is an attribute that will never end. They are very good at variety as well as talking.(Kris can speak 4 languages fluently) They also have a good mix of ages to take care of one another and to appeal to a wide rage of fans of different ages. They are unique individuals with special skills and good, determined personalities. Each member's personality has it's own flavour, and together it makes a giant, epic, successful group, proved in the way they've been so successful since debut. EXO is truly the BEST!

EXO is amazing. Words can't even explain how much I love them. I've never been so interested in something before. They just drew me in with their vocal and dance ability, and their stunning visuals of course. But, as I was drawn in further and further, I've grown to love all of their personalities and their flaws. I eventually learned about the departure of three of their members. I was shocked and confused until I knew the reason, and I love the three of them just like I love the current members of EXO. I don't care other if boy groups start to grow more popular than them. I don't care if I'm the only person left that stans EXO. These dudes properly introduced me to a huge genre of music, and they helped decide what I want to focus on from now on: Music.

They are one of the best group then others bands. If you are new to K-pop, then Exo is the best way to start. Some bands may have one or two good looking members but in exo all the members are good looking then any band. Their voice are amazing, they are always the best. They are all rounder, Exo are true gentlemen personality. Their songs sometimes make cry then sometime smile. When my mood is off, I hear their songs and forget all my stress. I feel emotionally connected to them. All though Tao, Kris and Luhan went from Exo but still I consider them exo members. They are like my god, I don't want anything but just unity of Exo again with their ex-members. Hope lay will not leave Exo. Since, he is not visible in Korea nowadays. Just by hearing their songs, a connection is felt between me and Exo, even though I don't know Korean language but I feel emotional bonding with them. I also like many boys bands but love for Exo will always stay in my heart. They are always in stress to make ...more

They are so awesome and the reason why I love kpop! Their comeback stole many hearts once again including mine. All the members try their best to keep the fans cheerful and happy. Some people don't think that with all of the news of dating, but they kept it a secret for their fans which means, they care. Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Sehun, Chanyeol, Kai, Lay, and
D.O are all lovable people who have great personalities and wonderful looks. Each of them express their own selves to have their fans love each of them for their own and not all together. Even though they had many ups and downs in their lives and careers, they have fought through all of the hurdles and look at them right now. The most amazing k-pop boy group one could ever love. EXO, fighting!

3 SHINee Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

SHINee is the ultimate best Kpop group in Korea. They can wear off any kind of styles and still look amazing.. They are not just singers and dancers, but also actors, mc's, hosts end etc. Two of the members have participated in a korean show called Immortal songs, in that show they really show off different singing abilities. They have been to different countries to hold concerts such as the U. S, France, Japan, Thailand and so on. Right now they are back with their 4th album titled Sherlock and their track Sherlock (Clue+Note) has an musical feeling and it shows off a stronger dance and vocals. SHINee is a group that constantly gets better and better. They deserve this title.

SHINee is a unique group that gives off a different vibe compared to other kpop groups. To me it feels like they're not just a bunch of pretty faces (I wouldn't have bothered listening to them in the first place if they were) but a group with actual talent. Their songs and choreography are amazing. They are very hardworking and passionate when it comes to their work. The members are amiable and funny. They can easily be touched by fans' gestures or appreciate an award with honest tears as if all the hard work had paid off. I've only ever listened to rock/punk/metal and never liked rap/pop music at all (I tried) but couldn't get into it. When I decided to check out SHINee I was 100% certain I wouldn't like it but was extremely surprised to be proved wrong. They were an amazing surprise and I'm glad I found their music. I hope they continue to be successful for a very long time.

SHINee has always been great. Each year they get even better than they were before. They have come to a point where everyone in the group is skilled at everything. They are all vocalists, dancers, rappers, etc. Every comeback is exceptional and consistent. They never repeat a concept, which makes their group very interesting and gives people chances to like and get into them. How can anybody hate SHINee anyway? They all have great personalities and never seem to get tired of what they're doing. They all do great when their not doing group promotions also. That shows that they are lovely even just by themselves but SHINee works better when together.

In my opinion is the most hardworking boy kpop group, they aren't the most popular, but should be. If you watch their shows and documentaries, you will see that they have gone through so much just to become the people we know today. I've seen hot blood men and I saw how much they suffered. But even so, they still keep a smile on their faces everyday and they never disappoint us HOTTESTS. If you watch 2PM Show or Idol Army or Wild Bunny, you will see how lively and wild they are. 2PM's relationship amongst each other is the strongest. Everyone is close with everyone. I feel that the member are extremely grateful for what they have now and always thank us for it. If you look at their songs, they are deep and meaningful, 2PM even wrote a song called Thank You for the HOTTESTS and the HOTTEST only. They have been together for 5 years and they have stuck together like eternal glue. They are my ultimate bias and it's so hard to find a different kpop group like them. Their performances are ...more

4 Big Bang Big Bang is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of 4 members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung.

They are absolutely amazing. They have such a variety when it comes to their songs that they satisfy all of my musical cravings, be it rap, hip hop, R&B, pop etc... Their voices are so unique, so it's very easy to tell them apart vocally which makes each member important. I find other bands that have many members, some of them get lost and makes you wonder why they are part of the band. Because of the differences in their vocals, they create surprising mixes of different tones, like when top and taeyang sing together, you have a deep sexy rap tone mixed with a smooth soft R&B tone, it blows my mind! I think Big Bang is the best hands down, I've yet to come across another band that I enjoy as much as them.

BIGBANG has this style about them that makes me keep coming back for more. Every song is new and interesting and all the members are just plain charismatic if you've ever watched any of their interviews or parodies. BIGBANG were the guys who got me started with K-pop and I will forever owe that to them! My all time favorite (and the first I ever heard) is Fantastic Baby. It brightens my mood and makes me want to dance and sing along each and every time I hear it. Any song that never gets old, that always inspires you, that immediately perks your interest, is the mark of a true artist and BIGBANG has these qualities in spades.

I hope I can see them on tour this summer!
V.I.P. for the win!

Amongst all the male groups out there, there is just something distinctive about Big Bang that makes them stand out and top the rest. Whether it be in talent, style, stage performance... They own it all. They may not be the best looking group, but they make it up in their music and originality - and in the end, that is what counts.
Their popularity extends out of Korea as well, and its only going to continue to spread. Already, they have topped charts in Japan, Taiwan, and even USA's very own, Billboard. On top of that, they have been recognized as a top name in Europe, having won the "World-Wide Act" award in the MTV EMAs and nominated for the upcoming MTV Italy's "Best Fan".

They own every stage they perform on. People may different music preferences but BIGBANG are the best live performers. Their performances are both passionate and hilarious. They're such a cohesive team while also successful independent artists. Their recorded music is amazing but it's so strange how they sound EVEN BETTER live. Their music itself sounds like it's targeted towards adults than school girls which is a challenge they surpass every time. Because adults aren't going to promote them or vote for them like teenagers do for their favourites. And no matter how many years go past, new fans admit BIGBANG's old songs are music they'd still listen to today or mistake years old songs for being something probably came out recently. Because BIGBANG are leaders when it comes to music. And fashion. And finally, I also like that they prefer to be known through their music instead of their promotional activities. I hope they continue inspiring the newer generations.

5 Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

First of all, I'm not purely an ELF. Although I'm a dedicated and a slight die hard VIP, I can say that the Best Male Kpop group is Super Junior rather than picking my favorite Kpop group which is Big Bang. Why? Because I truly agree that Super Junior is indeed the face of Kpop in the whole world. Who wouldn't forget their catchy songs such as "Sorry, Sorry", "Bonamana" and "Mr. Simple" which all became certified hits in Asia and not to mention, the whole world! And not only that, they have a huge (I mean huge! ) international fanbase. Also, they have this "special something" that makes my heart melt every time I see their dedication and passion in any aspects of being a Kpop group. I'm truly sorry VIPs, but when it comes to the best Male KPop group, I have to go with Super Junior on this. But Big Bang will always be my favorite when it comes to music and its members (considering the fact that two of my biases are there. (GD and TOP <3)I'm just stating a fact which I agree with.

Super Junior. Have you ever seen any K-pop group with members that are singers, dancers, actors, models, radio hosts, MCs, comedians, CEOs (Shindong & Yesung), waiters (Yesung with his Mom's cafe), composers, lyricists, violinist, pianists, guitarists, instrumental players, concert producers (Shindong & Eunhyuk), and choreographers? Have you ever seen any K-pop groups with members that are weird, handsome, perverts (Eunhyuk ~ hehe even the members admit), people with variety personalities, people with 4D personalities that are out of this world, evil, genius, funny, mood-makers, strong, and the best? Have you ever seen any K-pop groups that actually take good care of their fans, ask their fans if they're hungry, worry about their fans' health, talk to their fans as if they're best friends, make jokes with their fans, argue with fans, and be always grateful to their fans? They shine the best out of all the K-pop bands I have ever seen. Super Junior is a miracle.

Super Junior was my first love. Wasn't a kpop fan at first but then I came across SuJu and that's when everything started. I consider them legends, like the alphas in the kpop industry, the big dogs. Music is amazing. Dancing is smooth and synchronized (amazing). They might not be as popular today (2016) since a lot of them are currently enlisted and Sungmin is even married (cries.. drowns crying) but they're the real deal. Super Junior is the true king of kpop and I will forever love and support them afterall I am an ELF.

Super junior is my everything. I am with them for 2 years and I never regret about falling in love with them. I always support all of the handsome 10 members. Even other people say that they are too old for me and that in K-pop we have many different young groups. but for me it is not so. Yes, I agree that they are not so young as others but they are a golden part of Korean pop. They are one of the first group which made Korean culture worldwidespread. Even you think that they are not as the same level as you want, you have to respect them!
E.L.F forever with SuJu

6 Got 7

Those boys are so talented, handsome and have amazing, interesting and fun personalities!
For me, they're CRIMINALY UNDERRATED! They deserve recognition and their talent shows because they're successful as solo artists as well!

If you haven't already, you need to check out Got7!

As a non-Korean K-pop fan, I feel like I can relate most to Got7 out of all the idol boy groups out there (my personal opinion! I know others will think differently! ).

3 of the 7 members, are foreign, like me, which makes it fun to learn new things alongside them. This has helped me understand the Korean culture better, and made me feel closer to Korean traditions! They even did a Korean point lesson, which was cute beyond words! They think of their fans first which I notice some other idol groups may not do to the best of their abilities...

This is just a bonus though, they're all crazy talented, irresistibly charming and devilishly handsome! I can assure you if you even watch a couple of episodes of iGot7, Real Got7, Got7ing or Hard Carry, you will fall in love with these goofy, kind hearted guys. They can make you feel happy beyond words, or make you shed a river of tears.

All in all, Got7 is truly an ...more

Wow thank you for including Got7 in your Top 10. They might not be really popular in Korea but they are one of the biggest groups internationally. These boys are talented and they really got potential but sadly, they're an underrated group. They are becoming better and better in making music as long as they get the freedom from it. If Jyp could've just hired better rap coaches or trained some of the members to make music then maybe Got7 would be MORE talented as they are now. So far, JB, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Mark are good composers and lyricists. Jackson has a nice voice too and he can seriously be a vocalist, but he needs a lil bit more of training. All in all, I like them. They may not be the best, but they are really hardworking and they are humble as always.

Besides good singing skills, rapping skills, dancing, martial arts tricking, good fashion sense, handsome and unique faces, GOT7 members are really entertaining in their own way.

One could see that the relationship of the seven members are close to each other, making them honest and comfortable with each other as shown in their variety shows.

They are also hilarious in their own way thus attracting more fans. Their childish thinking makes the fans laugh at them nonstop. I especially recommend watching Igot7 or Real Got7 to know their funny and friendly side.

The fact that they are an international group (4 members from Korea, 1 from Hongkong, 1 from LA, and the last from Thailand), I think that they could get more fans in the future because the fans from these countries would of course support their country men.

This group is also comfortable with skinship with each other and would not even bother to look at their image/appearance as long as they are having ...more

7 B.A.P.

One of the best kpop group out there. There songs always have strong and badass meaning to it such as warrior, mercy, one shot and badman. But let's not forget about the dancing. For example, I have been to one of their concert before (something I will never forget) and it's amazing. You feel will the stage is about the break any minute (actually happened) because of the power and energy up there. I recommend their songs for anyone who is tried of those girly boy band. I <3 them. A baby forever!

One of the very few k-boybands, if not the only one, that is actually good and does not hide behind good looks. They had made a fictional backstory about the members when they debuted, in the Warrior era, that kind of reminded me of Gorillaz. (just without the cartoon aspect.) Most importantly though, they make actually good music. They try making music in different genres (mostly hip hop) and, surprisingly enough, they do very well. Each one of the members has certain vocal talent, which you can easily distinguish once you've heard songs and get to know the members' voices. Leader Yongguk, for example, has a unique husky "cave" voice, Zelo's rapping skills and perky voice are amazing, Daehyun has the ability to reach really high notes and it's beautiful. All the members have unique aspects to offer to a song, which with all of them combined, makes a great result. Their dancing skills are extremely admirable and they are very synchronized when they do live performances. Their music ...more

The BEST kpop band. I love Big Bang, B2st, but sorry B.A.P is the best. They don't have a big company that can help them, and a boss that pay money to actors from Hollywood for they saying that the group is the best. But the talent from this group is pure Art. Is the first time that I love the six members because everyone are a artist. I love the diferent voices, and the powerful, strong, hot and amazing performance that are in another level because are AMANZING and sing on live. I love B.A.P forever.

B.A.P are just so amazing words can't describe how talented they are. Their Songs have so much meaning. When it comes to live performances they are beyond amazing, they never disappoint. I love their unique voices and bright personalities. I Love that B.A.P are open to different genres and concepts. B.A.P has the whole package they can sing, dance, rap, act (after watching their teaser trailers for 'SKYDIVE', damn) and they are all very handsome. I hope they get the recognition they deserve. B.A.P SLAY ~

8 2PM

I love these guys! They are definitely my favourite kpop group. I love every single member, haha, maybe Nichkhun a little more because I've seen him on WGM with Victoria and he was so sweet. 2PM also never fails to make me smile. Especially Wild Bunny with Jay is hilarious! I always watch that show when I'm down. Their songs are really catchy, I can totally relate to the contents of the songs, their choreographies are cool and strong, they also do acrobatics, they are so dorky and sweet, handsome, talented, beastly and the list goes on! I also like their strong bond within the band. They also try to get closer to the fans with, E.G. "a song for you from 2PM". They are also kinda unique because there isn't another beastly group out there. (my knowledge) They are simply awesome and still going strong after all they have gone through. I'm proud to be a HOTTEST. Lots of love for 2PM!

They're the most perfect band ever. They have a lot of bromance and they are always having fun on or off stage. They practice really hard and they are really serious in work but they are the funniest band ever in variety shows. I usually don't laugh while watching shows but for 2pm, I can't even hold my laughter. They are seriously the most hilarious group ever. They care a lot about each other too and they should be a lot more popular. They all have abs, lots and lots of humor, and incredible dance and acrobatic skills. :) I'd do anything to meet them. <3 they're my favorite group and will always be!

2PM is the only kpop boyband that caught my attention. I knew them after watching Taecyeon in DREAM HIGH, and his cool role in the series. I found myself having an interest on knowing him. So, I did search about his profile and that time, I did know that he's a band member. Then I searched about 2PM, I really like them, I love their song and dance moves...Until I found myself admires the lads... I download their behind the scenes videos, pictures,moments, shows, music videos and more about them. hoping to met them someday, and sing with them... fan from Philippines, Felma Diones... Saranghae to you guys...

Many people doesn't know that 2PM do exists. Even I also dislike them ages ago because of their childish acts but somehow I was attracted to Taecyeon's act in Dream High and sooner I got to know 2PM more when they made appearances in Hello Counselor which I found all of them are sexy and cute and handsome for a kpop star. Since then, I started to watch every single of their documentary videos in YouTube, variety shows such as We Got Married and else. Now I started to love them even more as I was very impressed with their creative thinking in making songs and choreographing without instructors such as Junho and Jun. K. I will keep on supporting them endlessly. Dear kpop fans, do love 2PM

9 Infinite

Infinite is the best and most talented boy band. Members are skillful in their individual performances. Especially, main vocalists and main dancers are so good. They have not only good looking appearance but also the excellent talents. They succeeded because of their own attempts. They are the best and nice in fan service. Their respects and love for fun is very warm and awesome. Their leader, Sung Gyu is the best guide for the members. Team spirit of the members is very amazing and lovely. I think that the best korean kpop boy band is "Infinite". I always expect the best of their performances and albums in every year and solo albums. I like main vocal, Woohyun the most.

Infinite is the most loving boy band I have ever known. They have unique voices which can touch the hearts of their fans. The leader sung kyu and the main vocals woo hyung and myung so really very good in singing. As well as the rappers hoya and dang woo also quite good in singin. In high school love on sung yeol and woo hyun act very well. Sung yeol who is always use to do funny things has a uniqe voice. He is very much loving singer even though he sings a small part of a song. Seong yeol is good looking person and the other is the youngest member of infinite is sung jong. He is a pretty boy who looks like shinee tea min. Both sub vocals sung yeol and sung jong do the best that they can do for a song and other members too. So infinite will shine as stars forever... I love that song man in love so much...

I'm from foreign country and when I start to appreciate kpop group, infinite is the one captured my attention. I really love the personality of each member. I love Woohyun for being naughty in ranking king & sesame player. I find Sunggyu cute when he is mad. I love Dongwoo for being playful & Hoya for being a good brother to Sungjong. Sungjong is so cute & he looks more handsome on his curly long here in BTD. Sungyeol also look good on his long hair & lots of earing in the chaser, I love him also for being childish & naughty. And L, he is really handsome & looking on his face took all my pressure @ work. Even @ my office I'm always listening to there song and watch there videos to took all my stress. How I wish I could watch them performing live. Even my kids love them too. I LOVE INFNITE, FIGHTING!

Though they don't promote outside of Asia (Only in Korea and Japan), I'm pretty sure they're well-known worldwide. They have powerful dance skills and are ALWAYS 99.9% synchronized. Sunbaes see them as a group who will succeed because of their attitude toward work and others. Everyone in this group can actually sing and individual members have his own talent. Overall, what makes INFINITE the best is their love for Inspirits. No matter what they do, they always remember the fans.

10 SS501

If you have just listened to your man, Love Like This, Love Ya... I recommend you to listen ALL their ballads because you don't know what you are missing, sure they'll kill you with their vocals. I also love the fact that even with all the struggles they face every time, still get to love each other as always no matter what. I love their brotherhood, a thing that not all the groups over there have nowadays. I fell for SS501 in their 20s because of their cuteness, but now in their 30s are handsome as hell lol. Triple S need to do their best on December's comeback. Our boys are giving us so much love with this Eternal saga that makes me so emotional. They made clear that will always be 501 and be a family with Triple S.

No one can ever compare to the. I have currently become obssessed with Exo, like most, but evem then ss501 is still number 1. They have always been one of the top kpop bands. When they comeback they will reclaim their spot. They have everything as a band. They have main vocals, those who use their voices as instruments because of their amazing vocal capabilities, they have singers the ones with also amazing voices that specialize in portraying emotion of the songs, each member is unique with a killer personality. They can be weird and dorky and sexy and mysterious the nest moment. They are cute but at the same time remain manly. Their dancing is also breath taking as is their live singing. Their energy passion and persecerance, and also their humility and kindness mke them amazing. In conclusion, they are perfect because even their imperfections make them perfect

Their song Love Ya was so captivating my mp3 was filled full of their music before I slowly began to expand my bands. I never paid attention to groups names until I listened to them. Love Ya's music video was so well done; the choreography made me feel I could do anything. Kim Hyung Joong also has a really amazing voice that pulls everything together.

I think SS501 are the greatest. So wish that they could get together again when, Kim Kyu Jong, gets out of the Army in 2018. They were so good together and certainly seemed like family Their musical talent, singing and dancing so lively I, even at 70+, can't help but get up and dance.

The Contenders
11 B2ST

I know other groups, they are good but beast give me different feeling about them. Hard to describe them with great word, more than amazing, more than cool, They have unique characters, it make them so different than other. Good harmony, in depth lyrics and song that will make you love their song, hard dance move, they full of sincerity! They always playing around, full of silliness that will make fans or people around them will happy and laughing all day. But when they sing at the stage, they are really idol who deserve to be the best! When they are singing, you will know that "oh that is beast " because their vocal is different, may be they are gropu with best ballad song, listen to on rainy days, 12.30 and Ribbon as example, you never say those are bad song...

Every member is so talented and loves everything about what they do. And in all honesty, all of the B2ST members are complete dorks. Which is another reason why I love them. Not to mention that there is no real favorite in the group, each member is loved equally. Maybe I'm totally biased because B2ST is the first group I was introduced to, but in my opinion Beast is the B2ST!

Beast is my first love. I can't let the other group jump into my heart. They always stay for no reason, because I don't need any reason to love them, all of them, no exception. Even hyunseung, I'm so sad when they are apart. Brothers are not supposed to be broken, right? Please, be there for each other.

If you let any member of them to be the main ( vocalist, dancer or rapper) they will make it great
They write produce and direct their own music
They care for each other.. Their team work is the best
Real brother
Honestly when I see them I feel like they are part of my family who I know for whole my life know their good and bad side.. Weaks and strength.. When they lie and when they say the truth.. What they like and dislike
All these things

12 Royal Pirates

I love their songs "Shout Out" and "Drawing the Line"!

Drawing the line is my fave from theirs. They're so cool and charismatic on variety shows/interviews. They are also handsome. I hope they becone popular soon. ♡

13 F.T Island

Ft Island is really a wonderful group. They are all very talented and they really love doing music. Hongki once said that they (ftisland) want to revive Korean music/band and I can see the desires of every member. For me they are just wonderful. Their passion about the music is always there. Its just that many people do not appreciate them. I hope many people could love them and their music because it is really the best.
I can see that they are not popular like the other group and I don't really get why is that. I hate to think that many of the fans this days only looks in the face value leaving the talents.

Hongki's vocal is no joke. In every song of the I can't do anything but to praise him. FT Island hwaiting!

FT Island is made up of 5 members:

Choi Jonghoon: The hot and gorgeous leader of FT Island whose face makes you faint internally (or externally) as he plays the guitar amazingly.

Lee Hongki: Personally he's my all time bias, and his vocals will make you fall in love with his quirky personality.

Lee Jaejin: The playful, funny and adorable member that you can't help but giggle at every time you see his cute smile.

Song Seunghyun: The bad boy looking hot guitar player, who's devilishly handsome smile will make your heart flutter.

Choi Minhwan: The adorable maknae whose perfect face and god like talent when playing the drums will win you over.

Put them all together and you get FT Island, a band that makes some of the best KPOP songs I've ever heard. Hongki's voice is unmistakable, and absolutely gorgeous. They are all so talented and definitely one of the best bands I've ever seen in the whole of music, much less KPOP based on their skill level.

Wow! 9? They should be 1-5! Hehehe. This awesome band is so DAMN talented! I'm so glad many people are now recognizing what they can do with anything that's handed to them. They have the looks, muahahaha.. Honestly, I love this band so Much! They pour their hearts into every song with so much love because it's for us PRIMADONNAS! They all are so energetic, talkative, and exciting to watch because you'll never know what they will do next! Hongki's voice is raspy and so emotional it pulls you into the song understand the language or not! Just keep singing hongstar% and NEVER GIVE UP! This band will make it FAR!

FT Island is so underrated. Lee Hongki's voice is amazing and brings so much to the group. Because they are a band and not an idol group, they don't get as much attention, but they deserve the best because they are amazing. Their songs are so meaningful. Lee Hongki sings the songs so well, putting his heart into every one.

14 Winner

WINNER is winner! Though four members have their different characters, they surprisingly are perfectly matched. And they've gone through so many things which make them more united. That's why I love them. #Winner4ever

WINNER is a funny group of guys with a sound that is forever growing on me. Beautiful forward vocal tones, bright vocal colours, strong rap sound.

IT'S POSSIBLE TO DANCE ALONG WITH THEM. This may sound negative, but their simpler choreographies make them more memorable and easier to provide the best live vocal performances!

There are 4 wonderful members, Maknae Leader Seungyoon; Artist Rapper Mino; Beautiful Peace-maker Jinwoo; Deputy Seunghoon Lee. I love them so much and am always looking forward to their next comebacks and activities.

I think Winner is amazing and should have more fans than IKON, because Winner had to go through hard times and itś sad how they get very little attention.

I love them so much

15 Topp Dogg

They are the most beloved and adorable hip hop boy group in my opinion. They hve the looks, charisma and talent. They are all so perfect. Their choreo's and songs are so original and unique. What makes Topp Dogg the best in my eyes, is the fact that they work so hard to appeal to their fans and are alway close to Topp Klass because they appreciate the fans' support and love. I love how they don't have to follow the trend but create the trend. I am so glad such group debuted. I am a proud Topp Klass and will continue to support the amazing 13 boys that inspire them endlessly. All the best Topp Dogg♡

Topp dogg was the first kpop group liked strangely I looked at many top 10 kpop male groups but none of them where that interesting and that's when I found topp dogg I have only been a kpop fun for 2 weeks so far,counting from the time I found topp dogg. I will never stop loving these guys.

I literally have the Topp Dogg logo tattooed on my wrist. Like permanently. I love them so much you don't understand.

Topp Dogg is pure cuteness and talent. Nice choreography, outfits and great songs.

Love them!


DBSK are so talented, not just pretty faces. They are the pioneers of the hallyu wave, they are the ones who spread it, not like nowadays bands who depended on the wave to get famous. DBSK worked so hard, from performing in front of a small crowd to thousands and millions of fans worldwide. Their achievements are countless and these comes from pure efforts, not merely looks like some bands does nowadays, but of TRUE efforts. All five of them sings so well live and dance powerful and harmonises perfectly. Their looks gives their power a bonus. They are simply the best boyband ever, with the vocals, moves, appearance and beautiful hearts. They aren't just kpop, but LEGENDS. Always keep the faith even if it takes forever because its everything is worth it to see this five legends performing on 1 stage, to give a breathtaking performance once again. AKTF Cassiopeias!


no more words needed to be said...

I have never seen such perfect group... each member is huge pack of talents... great harmonizing, superb stage performance, breathtaking balads, and cool looks... they are original kings of kpop... just if 5 of them were together - I can't imagine how many more awesome music they would be able to give us...

cassiopeia always keep the faith!

their relation is also very captivating, in all of kpop dbsk's relationship between members is the most powerful one for me, I find sooo true and loving.

TVXQ is number 1 always!

They are just so beyond talented and one of the best groups out there. From singing to dancing and everything else DBSK knows exactly how to perform. Even though the group split, both TVXQ and JYJ are phenomenal and are still rocking it.

Their Music is amazing! Even through they have been in Showbusiness for such a Long Time, they still Produce completely new Songs that Are absolutely amazing! It doesn't matter if its jyj or tvxq they Arme both simple amazing!
I Hope they will Return when they Are finished with their Military Service.

17 A-Prince

WOW, vixx has been out since 2012 and rarely gets any attention. I think they should be in the top 10 because they rocked every concept that they have done. The each are unique and different from other groups. They are all good looking and talented at singing and dancing. Not only that, but they have awesome actors in the group. Vixx is my ultimate group and I'm proud to say that. They deserve way more attention. I liked them since beautiful liar came out and I love them more than anyone.

They're one of those groups that you really can't go wrong with. They are funny, adorable, dorky and sexy at the same time, and they never fail to mention their fans for everything they do and achieve; what more could you want from a group? Plus, they've really come so far with this new conception trilogy. I'm really anticipating their last album because Zelos and Hades were mindblowing ;w; Their performances just keep getting better and better too. I really hope they get more recognition for their work because there are times when they get overshadowed by other larger, more well known groups. But yes, please give these precious children a lot of love > ~ <

VIXX is amazing, but they rarely get any attention. They have astounding vocals and impressive dancing! What I don't get is that there are other groups that have less vocal and dancing skills but receive more attention than them. They really do deserve way more attention than this. I really liked their single Chained Up, and have ever since been a VIP since their debut. Work it up, VIXX! Keep up the good work!

VIXX has come a very far way and they honestly are amazing. Each one makes VIXX what they are today. They are the reasons why I am still into Kpop and I love them! VIXX will always be an all time number one favorite of mine. They are able todo concepts that other groups have never thought of and the dances! The dances are extremely awesome an sexy! Give VIXX a lot of love!


Each of them play different roles and has different charms.. With the most charismatic leader Yang Seungho, this group different from others because of their unity and closeness among them or should I say they rely to each other so much and owned deep close family relationship. The leader who always monitor his fellow member with discipline and manner, although been called as a devil he also an angel for his group. He never leave them and always be there for them.G. O who has powerful vocal and amazing voice, he really takes care each of his member and been called mom among his member. Joon really an amazing actor and he really express his feeling very well in acting. His dance is sexy and full of charm, but for me Seungho is most talented dancer in Mblaq. His dance always charm and has magic itself that I will keep watching he dance although the other member also talented in dancing. In Thunder case, he has potential to be a great composer and express his feeling well in the song. ...more

MBLAQ is the first and last boy band group I ever liked.
I first got attracted by their handsome looks than by their unique personality.
There is G.O who has a pet lizard and crocodile, MIR who has a pet snake and CHEONDOONG who has a cute kitten that looks like a baby tiger.

UNLIKE OTHER GROUPS, they choose their songs wisely and all their songs are composed by their own composers unlike other groups who just buy songs from other people.
This is how a real singer should be and not creating songs just to keep standing in the limelight and so they would not be forgotten by public.
They should be known worldwide by their efforts in putting their best in each and every song they create.

Be a A+!

Seriously.. They are the best ever.. Every one of them stood out in their own individual talent., they are not the usual kpop groups who's making same songs every time.. You can see that when they releasd their every album its different from the previous one making them more outstanding.. And the love they are giving to those people who believe in them is very pure, they have the most amazing leader seungho who can make you shut up with just one glare..G. O who's singing ability is the best that I hear.. Joon's personality that can make you laugh every time.. Cheondung charm's that's same with her sister(sandara park) and the maknae mir who's humor.. That can put a smile on your face.. Mblaq fighting!

As you can see MBLAQ is a very passionate boy group. They are very hardworking, cool and awesome on stage, dorky in variety show.. Always put a smile on people faces. They deserve more love than they are now. Charismatic and talented leader Yang Seungho sings, dances ( b-boy and breakdance), plays piano very well, ver good in athletic, knits&cooks, etc. Main singer G. O with such a powerful voice, composes music for the group along with fellow member cheondung&mir. Cheondung dances and sings very well too. Rapper mir with a bass voice of him <3 lee joon with the charming smile and nice body, ballet boy, and sings well too. Introduced you to MBLAQ already. Please love MBLAQ and support them. MBLAQ fighting!
A+ loves you!

20 JJCC (Double JC)

This guys are the best they are amazing!

21 Teen Top

I've seen many others boy groups but teen top left the most impact on me. The members all have a great sense of variety and have really amazing dance abilities. Even as I discover other boy groups, I still go back to teen top and I have never seen a group as special as teen top. Each member are special and unique on their own and I love watching the variety shows they appear on even if it's just one of them as everyone of them really make my day. It's really sad that they aren't as popular as they should be and I'm sure they deserve more attention than they have now.

Teen Top is such a talented group! They are different from other kpop group and they're focused on leg dance. love you Teen Top esp. Ricky oppa!

So sad Teen top didn't get the attention they deserved..I really love these guys and their songs!

I love teen top

They're just amazing

Their dance


And above all of that

L. JOE I love him!

22 2Bic

U-KISS is extraordinarily talented and it's a shame they aren't recognized for it.
They are so down to earth and faithful to their fans although they haven't won a music show yet. They went through a tough time with the member change and came back even stronger with high quality dancing, singing, and music in comparison to other groups out there. AJ even helps compose some of their songs, and they're all great.

I don't get why they are so underrated in Korea! They have amazing talent! I love how they haven't given up and kept going even with the fact that they never won a single award yet. They are really the best. Plus they can interact with the international fans pretty well. I love ukiss! I hope one day, they will climb higher on the kpop chart.

U-Kiss are an amazing band. They work incredibly hard and they really cherish their fans. I love how their songs aren't all the same, they give something different each time, and all of the songs get stuck in your head! Their dancing is so cool too, it's hard to look away! On top of that, they all have individual personalities but are all really nice and fun :) Sending love from New Zealand!

U-Kiss really is the best boy band because they work REALLY hard. They are incredibly talented and really funny in variety shows. They sing with passion and even try out different song genres. Not to mention they are so handsome and charming. I believe that they seriously should get more recognition because of their effort. After all they are called the "Weed Idols. " U-Kiss FIGHTING

24 24K

24k is the most underrated kpop group in the industry. They really deserve a lot more credit then they already receive. I mean they just came out with their new album "Super Fly" and it is amazing! You can check out the MV on YouTube. The song is something that I have never really heard in kpop, it's like hip hop and dub-step, and not to mention the drop is sick. So please check them out, they need love too. Also, do not make the excuse that they are nobody's or they are not famous because they are not from the "Big 3". Remember to become somebody you must first understand what it is like to be a nobody.

To be honest, it takes me AWHILE to get used to a song/music video of kpop because I listen to rap all the time. My response to a lot of them is "why...just why." Super Fly is probably the closest I've heard a kpop song come to a rap song ever and I give them props to that. It's also a mv that my friends won't turn off after 2 seconds because they think it's stupid/uncomfortable. They are also pretty good at being better badasses than the other kpop boy bands so yep.

Eurgh, nearly as bad as ze a. One member is copying BTS's V and is failing to do so. Plus their music sucks. Oh well, at least their dance is good.

25 B1A4

They really care about their BANAs, they are a boy band with many talents like 65% of all B1A4 songs are composed, written and made by Jinyoung ( the handsome leader). Every songs has B1a4's idea in it. They really have a good fan service... They aren't tired to say thank you to BANAs... they are very friendly and they really love each other... They rrally improve their selfs
For me, watching B1A4 can really make my day, they are totally funny and they really look like they are siblings.
I'll love and support B1A4 forever... Let's fly B1a4... Fly high... Be the one, all for one!
You guys love BANAs equally, and I love you guys equally!

They are just the dorks that makes you smile when your having a bad day. I have been in the kpop world for about 8 years now, meaning I have witness so many great boy groups, however ever since I saw these guys I knew that they were a unique group.

B1A4 daebak like forever!... With their new song; Baby I'm Sorry, they look much hotter&better. When they are on stage, they look charismatic but off the stage, they are the funniest&cutest guys ever. Support B1A4 all the way they are the best&their new album; Ignition... Be The One, All For One..

Just a fresh group with fun personality. I love how they compose most of their songs and Baro writes all his raps. Sandeul is one of the best vocalists in all of kpop. Gongchan is a great and talented maknae. CNU (bias) is one of the most well-rounded idols out there with his killer dancing, composing, singing, and rapping.
They're just awesome!

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