Top 10 Best Female Ukrainian Singers

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1 Iryna Bilyk

I agree I'm Hispanic and I discovered her music, it is one of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It one of my all time favorite. I discovered it when I fell in love with a Ukrainian girl and I was looking for romantic music from Ukraine that I could impress her with, and I fell in love with the music of sintez

I adore this woman. Iryna writes all of her music. Also, she writes for other singers. Her music is very emotional and touching. She's a very good producer in addition.
Iryna is very creative. No wonder Ukrainians call her "Ukrainian Madonna"

Probably had the best performance of Katyusha that I have seen. I'd be willing to go to one of her concerts, she has one of the most beautiful and amazing voices I have ever heard.

She is lovely and the music is just perfect!

2 Ruslana

Very powerful and inspirational. Went to see her live last summer and the atmosphere was very energetic and the music was amazing.

Saw her in Kiev's Independance Square last spring, fantastic show!

3 Eugenia Vlasova
4 Ani Lorak

Personally despite politics, her talent, voice, hard work, and beauty is worth naming her the best Ukrainian singer. She makes the best shows, all her songs become hits, she is so natural in what she does. I'm addition, her powerful voice that is capable of so much. She is the best in Ukraine honestly

She has talent to match her looks. Her music is great. The music is wonderful and her energy on stage is great.

5 Svitlana Loboda

Ok,look I'm Ukrainian and let me tell you something. Svitlana betrayed Ukraine by having constant concerts in Russia(we are in a war with them since 2014)The same goes to Ani Lorak

6 Katya Bujinska

She has a nice voice, dances, talks with the audience, absolutely gorgeously looking!

7 Gaytana

HUGE voice! Ukrainians don't realize how lucky they are to have her!

8 Jamala

The most disappointing factor was that her concert in Lutsk was canceled when I was there in Ukraine. Had to get refunded for my tickets. Beauty and talent at their best with Jamala.

Does anybody else of Ukrainian singers have such a brilliant voice? Of course, all of them are talented, but she's really unique.

9 Gallina
10 Tina Karol

Tina Karol adopted her own style (Jazz/Pop) in her voice. It's like she doesn't even need music, just her voice. She has a wide range, and interesting songs that are very popular. One of the best singers in Ukraine.

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11 Aida Nikolaychuk

Such a beautiful voice and eyes that say much without a word spoken.

12 Assia Ahat
13 Lama
14 Sofia Rotaru

One of the most beloved stars of the former Soviet Union who still remains popular to this day. A very beautiful woman. You will not believe she is 66 years old! Her music is enjoyed by everyone in Ukraine and the CIS states.

15 Natalya Mogilevskaya
16 Natalia Valevska
17 Ёлка (Yolka)
18 Luda
19 Zlata Ognevich

Zlata has the best voice and she is very beautiful!

20 Nina Matvienko

I love Her voice.

21 Mila Nitich
22 Illaria
23 Maruv
24 Sofiya Kutsenko
25 Nu Virgos
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