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1 The Beautiful People

Marilyn Manson is my favorite person in this world. He's a true genius. I love most of his songs and believe that he's gotten very far in his life. He's my inspiration and I really love him. My favorite songs by him are "Coma White" "Lunchbox" "Sweet Dreams" "The Beautiful People" "Tourniquet" "Mechanical Animals" etc.. He's definitely the best!

This song gives me and other manson fans confidence to be ourselves! Do you even think Manson wouldn't even be known to us if it wasn't for this song? Listen to this song and it will get you though everything! I promise!

I am shocked with the fact that it's a song with no killing and self harming (I had a bad impression on the Gothic songs! )
The song Rocks!

My Favorite song by far. The lyrics are so amazing, they portray how shallow the society is. Incredibly catchy soundtrack! The music video of it is pure art

2 Coma White

Coma White is not a pessimistic, neither is optimistic, but realistic. And if I would've had to vote of all songs on the world, I'd pick Coma White by MARILYN MANSON. It's amazing how a man can put from all the things you think about, in one song, and describe it in such a simple, beautiful and emotional words. I love the meaning of the song. The song is about how sometimes you cannot stop things from happening. So people come on VOTE FOR THIS SONG, GET IT TO THE TOP, cause it deserves that, and it's just right! The song represents something that anyone has once experienced.

This song is the best Manson song ever! I worship Manson and this is my by far favorite song of his! Ginger fish and twiggy also nail this song! I don't know how tainted love and sweet dreams are on this to vote for those are covers the best Manson songs are on his albums Mechanical Animals and The High End of The Low.

This is his best record yet, hands down! It's a masterpiece! This combined with the song Coma Black make the best song ever created on earth for me. It tells the beautiful story of Adam Kadmon (Holy Wood era) and the conclusion between Alpha and Omega (Mechanical Animals era). It beserves to be #1 on this list.

One of my favorites, Badass song. Take a minute to actually listen to the lyrics, they are so strong and amazing. I love everything about Manson.

... He needs more recognition, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

3 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

This song is a masterpiece! It is almost haunting. I love every part of it and it truly never gets old. This is one of the best songs every that never really got the recognition and fame it should have. No artist will ever reach the lyrical level that Marilyn Manson is. Every song on all the albums are great. But I think that Tourniquet and Great Big White World should be on the list. The Mechanical Animals era in my option was the best! But again everything is great.

"Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics was such a bright, energetic and peaceful song. It was widely regarded as a masterpiece. Marilyn Manson took this masterpiece, and was able to make it even better. This song is a true testament of the bands greatness, and will forever remain as their best song. The transformation from a pop sensation, to a slow, dark song is so iconic of the band, and was so unexpected.

This Song Is Awesome One Of greatest marilyn Covers, And I Like It more Than Original Version. Great Riff and solo I always listen to it and I never get tired. and this riff in my idea is one of best riffs in the history of rock and metal. Should be in number 1 because its more popular than beautiful people. when people talk about marilyn manson they always mantion this song. you are awesome marilyn

I personally don't like Marilyn Manson music. Unlike all other songs, this song has good music, and may be better lyrics. Also it is pretty famous. And I just like this song. I think it should be number one on the list.

4 The Dope Show

This song makes me smile. Manson is an artistic genius and not only does his music have quality, but his lyrics also show a message. He is an individual with a natural talent unlike anyone I've ever known! Incredible song.

Such a catchy song. You just have to sing a long to it. I think his Mechanical Animals album was one of the better ones he made. You can really hear a difference in his sounds when you compare albums. I think this song desserves number 1!

This song is epic, cause it shows Manson's creativity, lyrics are really great, written in his style and convey his thoughts. The Dope Show always was and will be my favorite song!

This song is just awesome! It's the most played song on my iPod and the video is awesome too! The live version on The Last Tour One Earth is also amazing, especially with the backing vocals

5 The Nobodies

Such a good song. It's a good commentary on kids who are being bullied or made fun of and feel like they don't matter.

The lyrics are about the Columbine Massacre and its awesome. But I think MM could have ridden more lyrics for this song

This is another great song by Manson. The lyrics are raw & true. His voice, as always, is incredible.

The Nobodies was the song that got me into Manson. Great song with a powerful message.

6 Great Big White World

An epic way to start off their best album. A "must listen" if you've never heard it before.

Another kickass song by a kickass musician. Marilyn Manson never ceases to amaze me. Whoever hates this song doesn't know a good song when they hear it. This is just plain fantastic!

The best song from Mechanical Animals. Amazing music and vocals.

My favorite MM song from the Mechanical Animals album, period.

7 (S)aint

This was the first song I heard by Manson and the opening riff hooked me! The music video is quite bizarre but this is my favorite song by him except Beautiful people and New S***!

This song is catchy, & it describes him perfectly. It also describes other legends & rock bands as well. The lyrics are clever. It's a great song.

Best song ever made by him! I love it. It's so... I can't describe it!
Exually, I love all of his songs. There are so good! I love Marilyn Manson. He is the most awesome artist in the world!

My favorite Marilyn Manson song. The chorus is so catchy and creative. His voice and vocals are perfect and so is the music he used.

8 Man that You Fear

The saddest part about this song is that the line "Are all your infants in abortion cribs" substantiates a rumor that Marilyn Manson's mother was going to abort him and told him so.

The song inspired by what Manson had to grow up with and how it turned him into what he is now. Absolutely amazing song. Needs to be higher.

This song means a lot to me. I've been through hell and back and this song just numbs everything for me. I absolutely love it.

One of my favorite songs; it's very emotional and so is the music video.

9 Tourniquet

I can relate to this song. I spent a lot of my spare time for a year comforting this friend I had. It was obvious I liked her, I didn't really care about going out with her, more or less just staying friends with her. She would always come to me whenever something was wrong and in a way I was her mental punching bag, she never really thanked me for helping her out and I was often un-prioritised to her. This isn't my favourite Manson Song, but it should definitely be in the top ten.

This is my favorite Marilyn Manson song of all time. God, this song puts me in this state that can only be described as torturous and fantastic euphoria. It's relatable, it's different, it's what I've been looking for my entire life so far. This is where his lyrical creativity is displayed so well.

Why isn't this higher? I honestly think anything from The Golden Age Of Grotesque should be up there. I mean, they're good songs, but they don't compare at all to the original trilogy. And the lyrics to this song, the music, the vocals, they should be up higher.

This should definitely be higher... Manson's first 4 albums are by the far the best, songs like (s)AIn't shouldn't even be on this list. Listen to songs like Valentine's Day and Cruci-Fiction in Space... way better than most of the songs on this list.

10 The Fight Song

This great song should be higher than 12. Maybe at top five this could be very easy. For me this is best. Also I don't even know.. Marilyn Manson used many music from other bands.. Like Depeche mode

Extremely underrated song.
Very good to play for when you're stabbing someone to death...or so I've heard.

I hate Marilyn Manson but this song is very awesome.

This song should be a lot higher on this list.

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11 Tainted Love

This is the absolute best lyrical description of the last relationship I was in. I love all of Marilyn Manson's music but his rendition of this song is amazing.

I don't like marlyin manson - I think he's just freaky end of! Its just my opinion that's all, you don't have to like or agree/disagree. As they say, each to their own. But I do like a few of his songs!

His voice in this is really attractive. The way he sings this song twists into his own. It isn't even a cover, really. He made this HIS song.

I grew up listening to Marilyn Manson's music and I remember listening to this the most! I have all his cd's! I love him and his music!

12 Antichrist Superstar

They have the antichrist super star era which to me was mostly this album but also mechanical animals and holy wood. Then you have the mid era golden age eat me and high end and now pale emperor and heaven upside down. Out of his first era I think this album is best and this song is the height of the album. His mid era is more emotional and still good but nothing tops this. This is way better then beautiful people! I think most like this because they heard it on T.V. and radio so they have nostalgia

It is the anthem of Manson, the very song that defines Manson, or at least that period. When seen performed live, it's hard to believe that it is not higher. Where Coma White represents the softer and more pained side of Manson, this song is the raw "two fingers up" rejection of the established order that Manson is so well known, and loved, for.

This is Manson's anthem - his defining piece of art. Why is it not higher? You chumps misunderstand Manson, that's obvious.

The other songs are great, but come on, this song practicly defines Manson himself. This song rocks! Come on people lets get this song up there, it at least has to be number 5. VOTE!

13 Mobscene

I just have to say when ever
I listen to this song on the computer I get blown away every single time. This song is so awesome and
I love the music video that goes with It... Perfect combination. And when ever I am in a really bad mood I just listen to it and it makes me feel a lot better.

Even though some may think this song isn't a typical "marilyn manson" song, and that it is bad, I think it is quite good because it shows a different creative side of him. Love it, Love him

The intro is awesome. And when a song has a cool intro, it's pretty much going to be remembered as an amazing song.

When I first heard this song I couldn't stop listening too it all day. Brilliant Song.

14 Heart-Shaped Glasses

My favorite song. The tone, the vocals, the chorus is dark and sad, but behind them, you feel somewhat happy, made me want to cry the first time I listened to it. This song is very special in my heart.
PS: Goes perfect with the game Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines.

Excellent song, well worth listening to. Marilyn Manson really knows what he's doing.

This song is just awesome! one of the best songs by marilyn manson. it would have been further up in my own "top ten marilyn manson songs". the video is awesome too!
don't break, don't break my heart
and I won't break your heart-shaped glasses!

Not his best, ain't sure if he got any,but is better than other choices I seen here that were disappointing! At least it's too emotional.

15 The Reflecting God

This song is the climax of Manson's entire artistry. Here is the moment that the antichrist faces God for a showdown, only to find a reflection of himself on the battlefield. And in killing God, so too does he kill himself.
"I went to God just to see, and I was looking' at me. Saw heaven and hell were lies. When I'm God, everyone dies."

As a huge fan of Marilyn Manson, I have plenty of favorite songs of his and was going to vote for "Wrapped in Plastic" until I saw this one. I love this song from the beginning to end. His voice in this track is just incredible. I love him endlessly.
This song is raw and packed with emotion.
Heaven Upside Down.

Absolutely should be number one, The Reflecting God is my favorite song at the moment. Amazingly powerful chorus and awesome lyrics once you listen to them often enough. Best MM song.

Marilyn Manson at his best. This song summarises his whole philosophy on religion and God. The heavy bass and loud, guitar heavy chorus make this song one of his best.

16 Dope Hat

I don't think a lot of people realize the role that this song played in Manson's later fame. Allow me to explain.
If this song wasn't created, the remixes of it wouldn't have been made. Smells Like Children, Marilyn's first big success, was originally going to be a remix EP for this song. If Smells Like Children wasn't made, He might've never had the success that he did with his later albums.

This is classic Manson Right here! Along with "Lunchbox" "Misery Machine" "Cake And Sodomy" and "Get Your Gunn"!

How is this and other songs from portrait not higher on this list?!?

This song is classic Manson! Love the electronic sound of it.

17 Angel with the Scabbed Wings

I'd say this is one of Manson's heaviest songs. His screams in this song are just unbelievable. When I first listened to the song, I didn't think much of it, & I'm now in love with it. You HAVE to listen to this one, man.

The energy in this song is phenomenal. And together with The Reflection God, it are really the pearls of Antichrist Superstar and his whole repertoire

His screams in this song are truly unbelievable & insane. He kills this song. I love it so much.

I'm in love with this. It just screams raw energy and power, emotion and, well, Manson.

18 Minute of Decay

This song's so heavy. There's so much emotion put into it, not to say that MM's other song's don't have emotion in them. But this one, this one's very special. One of my favorite songs of all time.

It saddens me to see so many people who look at Manson for the imagery and not the art. This guy's a true artist.

My favorite Marilyn Manson song ever. Should be #1

I love the bass in this song. It's so underrated.

19 This Is the New S***

Very underrated. This is top 10 or top 5 material, so what is it doing down here?

Definitely the best

20 The Golden Age of Grotesque

The chugging thumps that go on throughout the song bring it so much life, It amazes me that this isn't higher on the list.

Another awesome song of off the Golden Age of Grotesque album.

Oh! It's OUR song with my girlfriend ) Must be at least at top 25...

Best song ever... truth

21 Disposable Teens

I'm kind of a new fan and this is the song which hooked me onto Marilyn Manson. Loved it to the very end!

This song is probably tied with coma white for my number one but I hated seeing this one so low. Amazing song

When you hear him play live, this is the song that everyone loves. It sounds the best too

Just amazing. The best MM song ever I think

22 Rock is Dead

This is like the first Marilyn Manson song I've ever listened to ever. And this is what got me into him. Still to this day he's become one of my favorite musicians of all time. And he's more than just a musician. He's an artist.

Come on really? This is actually the best song in the catalogue. No reason why it is down at 23, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really care much more most of MM songs, but this is a damn anthem right here.

This song is one of my all-time favorites from Manson. The rhythmic beats and the lyrics are very good in taste. It should be near the top of the list, around Astonishing panorama of end times.

THE ***K? The first song I've heard from marilyn manson, was in the matrix reloaded soundtrack and made me fall in love in industrial rock and all the other amazing songs of marilyn manson... It is supposed to be in the 5th place, instead of mobscene.

23 Long Hard Road Out of Hell

I can relate to this song. Especially with all the wars going on in the Middle East. My family had to move.

THis is the best song he's ever written and contains all typical MM things. Mysterious, threatening, dark. Videoclip is a state of art

Love this song, my favorite out of all his songs.

The song and the videoclip are such a blast! The videoclip of the art of impression, the song overwhelmed you with a magnificent structure.

24 The Last Day on Earth

I remember this, when I just bought the album... It was the last day of 7th grade and I just layed on the grass with this girl I really loved who was moving away. I think it's a great song, sad it's this low just because it wasn't on the radio. Definitely one of the slower but smarter songs.

Such a beautiful song. I'm so sick of people saying he's evil and destructive. Does this song sound evil and destructive to you?

You can't judge people by appearance. That would really hurt them.

Ridiculously good timeless song. This list is not a list if this doesn't at least poll top 20, I mean seriously come on.. Where the hell is Disassociative? And why is Mechanical Animals so low man!?

One of his most underrated songs. Very sad and beautiful, it's one of the best on the album.

25 Mechanical Animals

Such a beautiful songs. Behind New Model, this is my favourite song on the album.

This song is so underrated. It needs way more attention!

I can relate to this song the most.

This song is so outstanding!

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