Top 10 Best Vocaloid Characters

Personally my favorite is Miku Hatsune. I know all of my friend's favorite characters, so I now want to know yours!
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1 Miku Hatsune Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

I believe Miku is the best, and for all those people who say, Oh, I don't know why everyone chooses Miku, or Why does everyone choose Miku? let me just say something. I bet people make such comments only because they don't know her full potential. Actually, I think no one does. She has so many different types of songs. How could you not like her? She sings something everyone is bound to like!

I admit, Luka has a very nice voice, but her voice is mainly kind of low-pitched. Miku can master the highest of the high to low, and even produce a realistic human sound, and everything in between. All of her appends make her voice amazing! I agree. She has a heavenly voice.

Other than her voice, she's beautiful! I've seen many Miku models and they look great, but she looks adorable just in her normal clothes. And it's not just her voice that has a wide range of changes. Miku isn't only cute. She can be cool, lovely, sweet, chic, and sexy. In quite a few videos, she dies. I think since she's such a great Vocaloid, maybe the others should stop hating and being jealous and start working with her for once. Besides, she sounds good with just about everyone!

2 Len Kagamine Len Kagamine is a male Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. He is the most popular male Vocaloid of all time. He can be bought with his counterpart Rin Kagamine. He is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

I can't say all the things I like about Len because it would take me more than a thousand years as a dedicated Len fangirl. Just get this: Len is perfect, and no one can convince me otherwise. He could sing in any style or genre, whether cute or serious.

There's so many things you can do with Len's voice! It's not only his voice. His design is also very adorable. That tiny ponytail of his is a prime example. He caught my eye with his appearance and voice, original or Append.

Sorry, Rin, but I think your voice is just too high-pitched for my liking. Your design isn't exactly my favorite. For Miku, I'll just say I do like her, but I'm not a normal person. Len's more iconic, in my opinion.

ALSO, I CANNOT SKIP ON LEN'S GROWL! It is so powerful! It's amazing that he can sing with such feelings and emotions! His Kokoro cover (original was Rin) even made me cry. Len deserves all the attention he gets and deserves more.

3 Rin Kagamine Rin Kagamine is a female Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. She can be bought with her counterpart Len Kagamine. She is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

I vote for Kagamine Rin. Sure, it's because she's cute and all, but that isn't the main thing when it comes to loving a Vocaloid. The main thing is their voices and songs. I picked Rin because her voice is very cute and nice. Her songs match my personality, and I've heard most of them.

I love Miku, but I've grown bored of her. I find myself asking, "Do people really like her that much? Don't they get bored seeing just Miku all the time?" I know I sound rude, but that's why I'm not voting for Miku. Len, on the other hand, has flamboyant costumes. Why does he look cute in them? Have you ever wondered, "Why can't they change Len's costumes to make them cooler?" I know Len is trying to look like Rin, but can't he have his own life? Eventually, they'll realize they're not twins and will have to accept it. Let him look mature like KAITO.

As for Luka, her voice is too soft, especially for "Luka Luka Night Fever." Have you noticed that? And MEIKO, I support her by saying, "VOCALOID 00 MEIKO ISN'T DRUNK!"

Back to Kagamine Rin, she may be a little rough in stories and we see Len die, but forgive this little girl. She just wants some attention. That's all. And that's why I'm here by her side, my first favorite Vocaloid, Kagamine Rin. Don't ship her and Len!

4 GUMI GUMI is a female Vocaloid created by Internet Co., Ltd. She is the most popular non-Crypton Vocaloid of all time. She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima.

I really love her voice when it's used for more powerful sounding songs. Her voice has so much raw power and resonance in it.

I also love how delicate and papery it sounds when it's used for softer, more mellow songs. And don't even get me started on how good her English voice bank is.

I found Gumi when I was searching for a green-haired anime girl on the internet for my new drawing, and I'm glad I found her. Gumi is not just cute. She also has a very realistic and pleasant voice compared to any other Vocaloid. According to me, she's the best Vocaloid.

Her songs are amazing, her looks are amazing, and her personality is amazing. Plus, her voice is extremely amazing!

Those who still think she isn't that great should listen to her songs, because no other Vocaloid has impressed me as much as she has.

5 Luka Megurine Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ), codenamed CV03, is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc., and was initially released in January 2009 for the VOCALOID2 engine. She is the third release of Crypton's Character Vocal Series and is a Character Voice VOCALOID. In March... read more

There are so many better Vocaloids than Miku, but people don't realize it. Sure, Miku is cute and popular, but her voice is nothing compared to most of the other Vocaloids. Miku is almost my least favorite out of all the Vocaloids.

It's quite sad how people are too blinded by her appearance and don't realize that her voice isn't good. The original Black Rock Shooter song was terrible. Miku's voice was off-key, it sounded annoying, and it was just awful. I listened to the Kaai Yuki version of that song and I loved it. Her voice fit perfectly.

This is what always happens: there is a Miku song I like, but her voice doesn't fit. I listen to another Vocaloid cover and I instantly love it. Luka is my favorite Vocaloid, but I also like Len and IA. All Vocaloids deserve just as much, if not more, popularity than Miku.

I'm sorry if you like Miku, but you need to pay more attention to her voice and not her looks. Maybe someday people will realize that other Vocaloids are much better singers than her.

6 IA IA is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd., headquartered in Meguro, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizer technology. Her voice is sampled by Lia.

IA, for me, is the most realistic-sounding of all the Vocaloids. She closely resembles her voice provider's voice, which is Lia. If you don't believe me, I would recommend listening to "Tori no Uta," a cover by IA that was originally sung by Lia. You could almost say that there's no difference in the way IA sings compared to Lia.

One thing that caught my attention was her design. It officially screams "New Era" because she looks like someone from a real generation of teenagers. I don't mean this literally, of course. But if you look at her appearance, you can easily say that she's an innocent girl who has gone through problems in life. That's why she looks like a rebel but expresses herself through her songs. Teenagers today are like that. They go through problems in life and need to express their feelings. And that's basically what I see in IA.

For me, IA isn't just a fantasy character. She looks like someone who has a real personality, not just someone who is there to entertain and look perfect. She is someone with the voice to echo the voice of a modern generation like ours today - although she isn't a real person. If you still don't believe me, I recommend another song by IA titled "A Realistic Logical Ideologist" and prepare to be blown away by its meaning.

It's just sad that the new Vocaloids aren't given much attention. I love all the Vocaloids, period.

7 KAITO KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".

Vote for the Aisu Prince!

Crypton should upgrade him as soon as possible, but they shouldn't be too hasty. Kaito has great potential if Crypton would focus a little attention on him. I mean, come on, his voice could be very beautiful if they managed to eliminate the robotic effect and make it more realistic.

Kaito is my favorite male Vocaloid. For me, he will always be the sweet, handsome prince and a precious cinnamon roll. It would be better if they paid more attention to the first-generation Vocaloids rather than focusing on those who are already popular. He's the only male voice in the Crypton Vocaloid group, the real guy, so to speak. I hope they know what to do and, again, please don't be too hasty in upgrading him.

8 Gakupo Kamui

He has a very breathtaking voice to me, compared to any other male Vocaloid, especially Len and KAITO.

What makes him overlooked is that most of his original sounds a little off, which is, of course, due to the difficulty of controlling his voice... and his long hair. Well, I think if his hair were a little bit shorter, then maybe he could become more popular?

I don't know most of your fans' opinions, but to me, I also like to judge the Vocaloids' official art style. Honestly, I don't like his. Not the design, but the art style, which is really important to attract fans to use him.

He should be more popular. To me, it's maybe because of these factors that he sits behind the Cryptonloids' shadow.

9 MEIKO MEIKO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application called Vocaloid developed by Yamaha Corporation.

MEIKO is the queen of Vocaloid! With a powerful and realistic voice, she sings like a goddess. Both V1 and V3 are wonderful. You just need to know how to tune/mix her well to achieve perfect singing.

People hate her just because of the KAITO x Miku ship, and honestly, it's ridiculous! They can't accept that MEIKO & KAITO were made for each other, like Rin and Len (as a singing pair). As the first Japanese Vocaloid, I believe she deserves more, but her company (Crypton Future Media) doesn't care about her and the other four Vocaloids they created, just about Miku. That's sad...


Sweet little British boy, he doesn't deserve what this community puts him through. I love his choir boy soprano voice, and I love how my voice sounds with his.

Oliver is much more popular than I expected. But he's my favorite English Vocaloid, and his voice sounds amazing. It has a nice pitch, and he has a very nice and unique design as well. He sounds very realistic to me, and I just love his character's personality. He is sweet and kind and can be a little creepy at times.

I can relate to many of his songs as well. Most of Oliver's songs are creepy (and I like that), but he can sing really sweet songs as well, like "Starlight Keeper." He also sings fast-paced songs like "Eternity." Oliver gives you that creepy but cute vibe.

I don't know why some people don't like him that much. I like almost all Vocaloids, but Oliver is my favorite of the guys and my favorite English Vocaloid. He's perfect for those who are terrible at Japanese but absolutely love Vocaloid.

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11 Utatane Piko Utatane Piko is a Japanese speaking Vocaloid by Sony Entertainment for Vocaloid 2. He is based on the Japanese singer Piko.

Piko is my favorite Vocaloid. His voice range is massive, and that makes him very flexible when it comes to making songs using his voice bank. The real Piko is amazing too and can make his voice sound masculine (deep) or feminine (high-pitched).

Utatane Piko's voice bank can do this as well, and some pretty amazing songs have been made using Piko's voice bank. My favorite song of his is Remember. You should check it out, it's amazing!

WARNING: This is coming from the person whose Vocaloid crush is Utatane Piko. This may or may not be biased.

With the warning out of the way, I'd like to offer my opinion on why I like Piko.

As mentioned by many before me, Piko is very flexible, unlike KAITO who can only sound masculine or Kagamine Rin who can only sound feminine (not that I have the experience to correctly assume that). This means you can make him sound manly for a male cover like "Cantarella," or girly for a female cover like "Sweet Devil." Along with that, his voice is very good when used correctly. I must give a shout-out to the original songs "Piko Piko Legend of the Night" and "Checkmate," along with his covers of "Pierrot," "Toosenbo," and "Song of Catastrophe."

Appearance-wise, Piko is very cute, as expected from a shota. Heterochromatic eyes, a curl, and something obviously mechanical like a USB cord are also features I haven't seen very much, giving him a rather unique appearance.

Overall, Piko is a very good but sadly underrated Vocaloid. He is overshadowed by the likes of Len in terms of shota-ness, KAITO in masculine voices, and Miku and Rin in feminine voices. Hopefully, one day more people will realize the potential of Utatane Piko and use him more often.

12 Yukari Yuzuki

Honestly, when I first heard Yukari, I sincerely fell in love. Many Vocaloids, especially the females like Miku, Aoki, and Rin, tend to have higher voices, and that's fine. However, I love Luka, Meiko, and IA's deeper, more mature voices. So when I found Yukari, I was instantly infatuated. She sounds so smooth and emotional!

In my own opinion, when used correctly, she is the most human-sounding Vocaloid. Sadly, she can also be horribly misused. I've heard songs where she sounds almost chipmunk-like. That's not how she should sound! She has a deeper, softer, and more mature voice. I don't quite understand why she isn't as popular as other Vocaloids, but since she is relatively new, I hope she gains more popularity!

13 Fukase Fukase, is a vocal developed and distributed by Yamaha Corporation for Vocaloid 4. He is voiced by Satoshi Fukase, the lead singer of the Japanese band, SEKAI NO OWARI.

Fukase has a beautiful voice. The only downside is that he can't really hit high notes well, but when he is used within his optimal range, he sounds incredibly like Satoshi Fukase - simply heavenly. His English voicebank is very clear, and his voice sounds less robotic than other Vocaloids, making him sound quite real.

Yes, he needs more attention! When tuned properly, his voice is amazing. He almost sounds just like his voice provider! Just go listen to "The Day I Became a Monster" and his "Ghost Rule" cover.

Undoubtedly the best one thus far, he has an amazingly soft voice that can be strong and flexible. His English is amazing, too. Go listen to Fall In Love By Shouzhou River and 15 Vocaloids Ai Kotoba, and you'll understand.

14 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto is a singing synthesizer and virtual star. She appeared as a prank "new vocaloid" companion to Hatsune Miku on April Fool's day 2008. Even though she wasn't a real Vocaloid, her character was so catchy her fans never forgot about her. So her prank creators gave her a complete voice, using... read more

I feel like Teto puts so much emotion into her songs, more than other Vocaloids, and she isn't even a Vocaloid or a real person! Also, her English voice bank is really amazing.

I also love how she kind of has a band with Neru and Haku, two others I love. Teto has serious songs that you can relate to, and happy, cute songs to cheer you up. I truly hope she becomes a Vocaloid someday. She deserves it.

She may be an UTAU, but she is amazingly well done, even with a very robotic voice! Her songs are very cool too - just take a listen to something like "Kasane Territory" for some of her more happy, cheery songs. Or maybe "Refrain," which is pretty sad.

Even "Life is Short, Fall in Love Girls!" is a sad-happy one! Teto has a wide range of songs she can sing, and she can hit many different pitches. For example, in "Sky Swimmer," she has a voice more in a mid-tone. But in "Refrain," she sings much lower, and she sounds great high or low!

15 V Flower

Her voice is so unique, and she can perform both high and low songs. Her design is also very pretty. I absolutely love her, and it makes me sad that people only focus on Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Meiko, Kaito, and sometimes Gumi/Gakupo.

People overlook her a lot, and why? Because she isn't a Cryptonloid! Another reason is that most people focus on her design or dislike her strong but high voice.

I mean, I've always wanted a Vocaloid with a deep voice who can hit all high notes with ease, and here we have her! Also, her voice pairs so well with GUMI. Just listen to their cover of "I Want to Be Your Heart" in Nico Nico Cho Party!

16 Yuki Kaai

Ninety-nine percent of my love for Yuki is because of Inabakumori, I'll be completely honest. But man, do I adore her voice. Whether you're making a soft and beautiful song, or something rough and chaotic, her voice works shockingly well.

The schoolgirl vibe is super cute. I appreciate that she's been having a bit of a resurgence recently. I saw her occasionally in classic Vocaloid, but it was very rare. I'm glad to see her getting the love she deserves!

I love Kaai Yuki. Yuki is just so adorable. Her design is cute, and she has the voice of an innocent little girl. She's very sweet and fun-loving and always wants to know more. What isn't there to like about her?

I absolutely love her cover of Ponponpon. I just think it sounds better than Miku's. Don't get me wrong - Miku is awesome, but Yuki is just adorable.

17 SeeU

I honestly don't really like Vocaloids to begin with, although I do like SeeU. She is cute, sounds realistic, doesn't have neon-colored hair like most of them, and has a stunningly realistic and beautiful voice. Sadly, she's not all that popular, and most people prefer Miku. SeeU also doesn't have her own concerts like Miku does.

Personally, I find Miku's voice to be unrealistically high-pitched and rather annoying. I much prefer SeeU over all the rest.

18 Aoki Lapis

I had to give Aoki a vote after seeing a performance that used her actual size and sparkle effects to sell the idea of her being a fairy. These extra details really add something special to the Vocaloid experience, rather than just having them move like actual human dancers. More Vocaloids with clever concepts, please!

Her voice is probably one of the cutest in Vocaloid. Her description is also very unique. She's depicted as a fairy with a height of 15 inches.

Regarding her songs, I have to agree that she sounds like other Vocaloids in most of her demos. However, songs like Schwarzschild Radius, Silent World, Carnage Ninja Girl, and her cover of Gumi's Coward Montblanc (which I think Aoki sang better) reveal how original and beautiful her voice truly is. You really shouldn't miss this Vocaloid!

19 SF-A2 Miki

I have no clue why people underestimate Miki so much! She is my absolute favorite Vocaloid! What I love about her is how absolutely unique she is. She is made to look and sound different than most other Vocaloids. She has a robotic or cybernetic appearance, and it's beautiful.

Her design is very different from the others. It's so unique and cool! Because she sometimes has a hard time pronouncing things, her voice sounds more sci-fi than most Vocaloids. This makes her songs sound awesome and different, in my opinion. She also has a really sweet personality.

Her voice is kind of hard to control at times, but she is still so amazing. She's mostly used for rock songs, but she has some sweet and sad songs too. A perfect example of Miki's awesome voice is "iNSaNiTY." "iNSaNiTY" is what got me into Vocaloid in the first place. She's also really good at pronouncing English for a Japanese Vocaloid. "Our Belief" is a great example of her English. I'm sorry, it's just that Miki deserves so much more love than she gets. Miki is wonderful and she needs more love! I wish she would have a concert. Sad face.

20 Neru Akita

I love Akita Neru despite her being created by anti-Miku fans. Yes, I do love Miku and Rin, but Neru is something special. Akita Neru is a Fanloid, and her voice can be created by either pitching Miku's voice higher or pitching Rin's voice lower. She is recognized by Crypton, along with other Fanloids such as Haku Yowane, Meiko Sakine (not the official MEIKO, but a younger version), Tako Luka, Hachune Miku, and Calne Ca.

Neru was created by people who looked down on Otakus, a term often misunderstood in countries like America. In Japan, Otakus are portrayed as overweight, grown-up men who carry backpacks and have an unhealthy obsession with moe anime series or anime in general. Despite being created by people who wanted to undermine Miku, I still love her. I choose to look past her backstory and see her as a cute 17-year-old tsundere who loves her phone.

21 Iroha Nekomura

Okay, so Iroha might not be the most popular Vocaloid, but her voice has power, range, and a realistic voice bank. Iroha is a Vocaloid with potential, and if she's used right, her voice can sound like a real human. She also has a unique design that would appeal to a lot of people. It's also really cute.

Her vocal range is wide, and I'd love it if she got more voice banks for Vocaloid3. She can reach high, mid, and low notes with ease. She really deserves to be on stage and to have more attention! Some people find her voice unique, and they are right. I've honestly never heard a Vocaloid like her, and if you've listened to covers made by Fruutella, she sounds like a human. Her original songs have depth, meaning, and life. In my opinion, she has the most human-sounding voice. Kudos to her!

22 CUL

I bet CUL could sound really realistic with the right tuner. I hope she gets a V4. Just imagine how good she'd sound with growl. On a side note, why the heck is she lower on this list than some repeats and fake Vocaloids?

CUL is without a doubt my favorite Vocaloid. Her voice is just amazing, and a deep and dark voice like hers is incredible. With the right music, she is amazing and will always be. Please keep voting for our queen.

CUL will always be my favorite, no matter what. I only wish she had some appends so she could sing a wider variety of songs.

23 VY2 VY2 (codename: YUMA) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Bplats, Inc., under the YAMAHA Corporation, and was released in April 2011 for the VOCALOID2 engine. There has since been a second installment developed for the VOCALOID3 engine and dubbed VY2v3, released in a deluxe and standard... read more

All the famous Vocaloids such as Miku, the Kagamine twins, and Gumi have such high-pitched voices and such fast-paced songs. VY2 Yuma's voice is calm, relaxing, and smooth to the human ear. Sure, people have their own opinions, but VY2's deep and soothing voice (and awesome character design) makes him my all-time favorite Vocaloid.

Personally, I prefer deep, masculine male voices like VY2's and Gakupo's to voices like Piko's. VY2 has a very realistic voice! Just because he is quite new does not mean he cannot be better than the others! VY2 for the win!

24 Otomachi Una Otomachi Una, sometimes referred to as Una Otomachi, is a female Vocaloid created by Internet Co., Ltd and MTK Inc. She is voiced by Aimi Tanaka.

A 2-in-1 package! Spicy may be the preferred version most of the time, but you've got to admit that's a great deal. She's got a lot of personality in her voice and design. Honestly, I kind of like her outfit, not because it's good, but because it reminds me of a kid dressing themselves, which is incredibly in-character. She's one of the highlights of modern Vocaloid!

Both her Spicy and Sugar voices are beautiful in their own ways. She's easily one of the highest-quality voicebanks I have, making it easier to tune her to sound realistic than it is with most Vocaloids.

25 MAYU MAYU is a female Vocaloid created by EXIT TUNES Co., Ltd. She generally has mixed reception. She is voiced by Mayumi Morinaga.

I find the Yandere archetype very entertaining in a morbid sort of way. It just gives Mayu a different flavor than the others, and I think that makes her special. If she existed in real life, she would be despicable, but as a fictional character, I'm more than willing to embrace and enjoy the dark undertones.

Mayu has a lovely design based on Gothic Lolita fashion, that's both "dark" and "cute." Her voice is very cute, without being so high it's annoying, like Miku's can be in some songs. Miku does, of course, have some very good songs, but she's not always tuned very well. Mayu's voice also sounds very realistic to me. The premise of her being a yandere is interesting as well. It's nice to see a Vocaloid with an actual set "personality," so to speak. All in all, Mayu is a great Vocaloid, though it is a shame she only has a Japanese voice bank.

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