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1 Check Yes, Juliet

This is hands down the best song by We The Kings! It got me hooked on to their band. Also, the music video is so great! The lyrics and the actual music video are extremely believable and apply to almost everybody! Check Yes Juliet!

This song is absoulutely amazing! Got me totally hooked on them and the more I listen to their songs the more I grow to love them! They are all so awesome. definitely one of their best but Just Keep Breathing should have been further up at least in the top 5. But over all AWESOME!

2 Say You Like Me

THis song is so amazing! If a guy sang this to me I would marry him on the spot! GReat job guys! Keep making more like this! We love you.

I can't explain why but this song just gets me, the words and the music just make me feel sad but at the same time really good. Love this song

Amazing song. This and Secret Valentine are my favourite of We The Kings's songs. Absolutely love them.

3 Secret Valentine

This song just always put me in a great mood. It makes me interpret it in a different light every single time. We the Kings has changed so much since five years ago, when I first started listening. They always make me fall in love all over again when I see or hear them. I fell in love with their music then the actual band members; that is how it should be.

This song is great for all moods... When I'm tired, I can fall asleep to it. When I'm pumped, it gets me even more hyped. I love this song, 100%

This is my favorite! Just saying.

4 Sad Song

This song should be in the top 2 spot! Simple lyrics but deep meaning, catchy melodies, I feel sorry for the song like it give me tears when I'm listening to it.

This one is probably their smoothest song. Beautiful melody, beautiful lyrics. My favorite from them.

Screw this list... Putting this song here when it should be the undefeated number 1... This list doesn't even deserve to be seen

5 Skyway Avenue

I don't know why every one likes "Check Yes Juliet", but I think "Skyway Avenue" is their best because I really liked the band when I heard this song but other songs were not that too good and this song is their very first single. But We The Kings seem to be a really boring band for me because every song and album sounds the same. I listen to "American Hi-Fi" the most who always change their sound a bit and that feels great just not listening to the same sounding record.

I LOVE we the kings! I started when I heard Check yes Juliet on a YouTube video, then after a month or two, I heard it on the radio (and you know how annoying it is when you're all "I liked this song before is was popoular! " and no-one will listen) then I started with other songs. "say you like me" is better than this by a tiny bit, but that song isn't on this list.

6 That Feeling

This song is amazing! This might be arguably my favorite We the King song. Love the meaning, very catchy, rock and pop mixed together. Easy and fun to sing along!

! I truly love this song! It has a lil twist and so much meaning! It has great beat, words and rhythm! Easy to sing a long! I LOVE THIS SONG!

7 Just Keep Breathing

This song is just so perfect. I've been going through some hard times lately, and this song just really inspires me to keep going. Sometimes when things aren't going great, and you just feel useless, you just need to take a break and breath. Remember that you are here for a reason. I think this song really captures that and it's just amazing!

Amazing, inspiring, encouraging... Could listen to it for hours on end... Should be in the top 10's...

The most amazing song by We The Kings. I know this song will reach to new heights.

8 Queen of Hearts

The first We The Kings song I knew and I'm completely addicted to it. "When the world falls into pieces, you'll be the one voice of reason. When I can't face all my demons, you are the one I believe in." So catchy, yet meaningful. Love it.

One of the best songs, it's unique, catchy and has good lyrics. Deserves to be higher.

This is by far the second best song they did. First is Say You Like Me. !

9 Heaven Can Wait
10 We'll Be a Dream

This song is just beautiful, totally worth listening to. It is probably the greatest, touching song We The Kings have EVER wrote.

What played this at a concert, and it was so beautiful, especially when everyone in the crowd sang in unison.

First song I heard and absolutely fell in love with the band! In my opinion, best song ever!

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11 Art of War
12 All Again for You

My boyfriend and I broke up, this song is what I is kinda what I felt threw it all. It feel like it's such a real song.

13 Rain Falls Down

Best song ever. It has meaning to the lyrics and sorrow yet happiness behind everything. You just have to listen closely to here it.

14 She Takes Me High

Great song, good intro, nice lyrics, good in acoustic version also

15 Friday is Forever
16 The Story of Your Life
17 August is Over

Very very very nice song... Deyn really likes it... It's so fascinating and good lyrics as well... Hope that this is listed in the top 5

18 Stone Walls

NUMBER 25?!?!
Really why?! Why?! This songs is so sad in my opinion but it's got very good lyrics and so touching tune! Don't get why it is this low!

Sad song, it is in the same league as Titanic's ship sinking violin scene song, hope that makes sense.

This song is so sad, but so incredibly touching. The music video along with the song is not only amazing, but it's PURE PERFECTION. I have no idea why this isn't in the top ten. Honestly.

19 This is Our Town

This song is the most powerful one they ever wrote. I think we can all agree that their music is good, but this one has the deepest meaning, especially for me. It's a song about growing up, and it's definitely a "going away" anthem. All in all, it definitely belongs higher on the list!

20 Any Other Way

How is this song not higher up? Personally, it's my favourite We the Kings song.

Love it. I memorized the song by heart

I personally like the acoustic version more, it's such a sweet song

21 I Like It

This song is SO CATCHY! The beat is amazing and forever will get stuck in your head. Why is this so low?!

22 Say It Now
23 Whoa
24 You and Only You

I don't understand why is this song underrated. The lyrics is amazing. If you're crushing really bad on someone this song's for you.

25 Phoenix Hearts

Best song ever! Amazing, and Travis sound so good in it!

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