Top Ten Best Phish Songs

I was looking for a list that had something to do with the band Phish. AND I DID NOT FIND ONE! So finally I'm putting up a list on thetoptens so that those who love Phish as much as I do can sleep comfortably at night knowing that a list is on its way.
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1 Sample in a Jar

Just saw phish at hampton colosium two weeks ago and I think I was peaking about that song...

2 Run Like an Antelope

Phish are the best improvisers in music history. Their live shows are incredible! I need to see them. I cannot die a happy man until I see Phish.

Just a personal favorite. Always jams.

How can you not enjoy this?!

3 Stash

One of the most creative artistic endeavors of the last century, hands down!

4 Julius
5 The Lizards

No Phish songs made my Top 50 song list (composition and improvisations included are another story entirely) execpt for "Lizards," "Possum" and "Mike's Song." To me, 4/16/92 features the definitive versions of all of these tunes.

6 Slave to the Traffic Light

The perfect Phish tune - a beautiful masterpiece.

7 Harry Hood

Hood jams are the best!

Where do you go?

8 You Enjoy Myself

My favorite when I first listened to "A Live One" CD in 1995, still my favorite. Great time changes and worth listening to the first 16 minutes to get to the great high note singing.

YEM is amazing. The complex intro and catchy rhythm. This song is the meaning of Phish and defines them as a band in one song.

Haha. # 26. Easily # 1. Try making another list with YEM on top and ill take it serious.

This is the band's anthem. Period.

9 Reba

Hard to choose one, but it's definitely between Reba, Harry Hood, and Run Like an Antelope. It is for me anyway. Stash? No way. Overall, the list is pretty good.

Love the way it just winds and twists away into a million conceivable musical ideas, one of their best studio epics.

The lyrics almost remind you of a nursery rhyme but when they break the barrier after the vocals, beautiful things tend to happen then

10 Wolfman's Brother
The Contenders
11 Rift
12 Chalk Dust Torture
13 Farmhouse

This is the song that made me fall in love with phish! There's nothing I can say but... It's so good!

One of those songs you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of.

14 Maze
15 AC/DC Bag
16 Wilson
17 David Bowie

Why is this song so low? Top 5 for sure! And why is YEM at the bottom? And where is The Divided Sky? Come on people, you're leaving out the best work of Phish.

18 Lawn Boy
19 Fluffhead
20 Access Me
21 Cavern
22 Bathtub Gin
23 Say It to Me S.A.N.T.O.S.
24 Tweezer

Tweezer is a solid jam vehicle. I totally love all of the other songs, but Tweezer is a gem in a setlist and can go to great places when being jammed. Reba, Bag, and Guyute would be in my top 5.

25 The Divided Sky
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