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1 Warriors of the World United

The intro is brilliant, and I couldn't think of better lyrics. "Many stand against us, but they'll never win." "We are the hammer of the gods. We're thunder, wind, and rain."

Simply awesome. It makes me feel like one of the metal gods.

First Manowar song I listened to. Simple, powerful, unapologetically epic.

Perfect anthem to chant together with your brothers of metal.

Heard this and Manowar just killed it. One of the most underrated songs of the metal age. Deserves to be among the best.

2 Battle Hymn

All-time banger. The Adams full-on vocal screaming, with the drums kicking in and Ross the Boss leading with a blistering solo after the soppy starlit sky bridge, is what heavy metal is all about.

If your hairs aren't standing up by this point, then you are already one of the strange losses they sing about.

This is the best song ever by Manowar and one of the best heavy metal songs of all time. The updated re-recording is actually the best version, with better vocals and production. Incredible.

This is the best song I have ever heard. Once, I cried when the solo part began. Ironically, I don't listen to it because it's like a good drink that you don't want to consume unless it's a special time.

3 Hail and Kill

From all the songs I love, this is by far the most extreme.

The first verse is hilarious. The last verse is brutal. Pure aggression.

The whole album is a carefully crafted masterpiece. In the previous song, you hear a female orgasm. The next one starts with "Grandfather, tell me a story."

Music is contrast, and this album is a great example of how to do that. 10/10

This song embodies the essence of what Manowar is. It is a song of victory and bravery that makes one's own blood palpitate at the very first listen.

It astonishes me that this is only number 5.

4 Blood of My Enemies

This is an all-time banger. Misleadingly lame intro, but followed by a galloping riff and spine-tingling vocals.

The black, the fierce, and the wicked accompany Eric Adams and the band into possibly the tour de force of Conan-metal. To Asgard, the Valkyries fly. Quite.

Strong winds, magic mist. To Asgard, the Valkyries fly! High overhead, they carry the dead where the blood of my enemies lies.

Best epic song that Manowar ever wrote! It's the definition of epic metal. A masterpiece!

5 Die for Metal

This song can calm me down. This song can give me courage. It was there when my friends weren't. I can listen to it forever.

My favorite song of Manowar. Delicious atmosphere and good lyrics!

6 Bridge of Death

A personal favorite. Live, this song is even better. And it's essentially a ballad!

The most epic song from their majestic masterpiece, Hail to England.

7 Kill With Power
8 Heart of Steel

This song teaches us to be strong every day because it says, "I'm not afraid to die." Not only is the end of life death. Think about it.

This is the heart of Manowar! I can listen to it over and over again.

The piano intro is just beautiful. Almost makes me cry.

9 Call to Arms

This song is totally awesome! The best with no opponents! Hot as hell, mighty as thunder, strong as Thor! MANOWAR!

Awesome song. Reminds me of the "A Game of Thrones" book series a lot.

Great riffs. First song I heard by them.

10 The Power of Thy Sword

This song is absolutely amazing. It gets me going every time, especially the sound of unsheathing blades!

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11 Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy In 8 Parts

This should be a top ten as well.

12 Kings of Metal

Choosing between Kings of Metal and Blood of the Kings was hard. There are also other good songs like Warriors of the World United and Fighting the World.

Hard to pick the best song, but this is my favorite. Gotta crank it loud for this one!

13 Metal Daze

An unusual song for Manowar in that it doesn't involve furry codpieces. Like a love child of Judas Priest and Di'Anno era Maiden.

This is at 16? Come on!

This song has an intro that blows your mind away. And it is one of the best songs to cover too! Awesomeness!

14 Thor (The Powerhead)
15 Gods of War

Why is this song so low on this list? It's one of the most truly EPIC songs I have ever heard!

16 March for Revenge

Really emotionally powerful song. About as good, if not better, than Battle Hymn.

17 Dawn of Battle

Shocked to see this classic so far down, but I'm sure it will rise up from the chaos and reach the top ten.

See what I did there?

18 Sons of Odin

I love it. I love Manowar. You are the best in the world. This song is one of the best songs by Manowar.

The thundering guitar riff gives it more feeling and makes it a pretty decent workout song. It is also Eric Adams' voice at its best. The guitar solo, while tapping, is awesome too.

This song is one of the best songs by Manowar. The thundering guitar riff gives it more feeling and makes it a pretty decent workout song.

It is also Eric Adams' voice at its best. The guitar solo, while tapping, is awesome too.

This song has a deep meaning in which we have to keep fighting no matter what circumstances or hardships await us.

Even if we lose, the gods will help us through and rise to victory.

19 Hand of Doom

Best song by Manowar. Hand of Doom is fast-paced and hard-hitting. How could it be this far down?

Hand of Doom, House of Death, Warriors of the World, and Call to Arms are their best songs.

This song is amazing! It's unbelievable that this song is not in the top ten. The most amazing war cry forever!

For me, one of the best songs. Totally powerful!

20 All Men Play on 10
21 The Gods Made Heavy Metal

This is the song that introduced me to Manowar. It gets more airtime on XM Radio than their other songs. It should be higher on the list in my opinion.

Music charges until the end, stating the Manowar credo:

"When losers say it's over, you know that it's a lie. The gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die!"

"It's more than our religion. It's the only way to live."

Louder than Hell recently became one of my favorite Manowar albums.

I also heard this on XM radio. It was the first Manowar song I heard and my favorite after hearing other songs by them.

22 Brothers of Metal

Brothers of Metal, here in the hall, vote this song number one. Hail from Madagascar, hail from Africa.

The best "Metal Defender" song. I vote for this because it deserves to stay up on the list.

23 Defender

I owned the EP, and it is much better than the album version. Took me years to get used to the plaintive cries for Mr. Adams' father as compared to the original, which was right up there.

Manowar created an original song including that dialogue between a fallen father and his son, who is fighting to continue his father's dream.

Orson Welles' voice elevates this song to a legend. A must for every single metalist out there.

Wow! This is my favorite Manowar song. The narration at the beginning helps the song build into one of the most epic songs ever.

This deserves to be at least in the top four!

24 Dark Avenger

Difficult choice for the top 10 between this and Gates of Valhalla. Orson swings, baby!

There is no way this should not make the top 10.

25 Black Wind, Fire and Steel

Imagine the helicopter scene in apocalypse now, but instead of the Ride of the Valkries, it is this, accompanied by hellfire missiles and napalm as they incinerate a bunch of Vietnamese villagers. You get the picture.

Every time I listen to it it makes me cry from glory in my soul.

Holy Christ! Is this real? Why isn't this in the Top Ten?

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