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1 War Pigs

I have a gift. The gift of seeing that older music is vastly superior to today's "music" which is just sounds from computers and bad rapping about butts, but a few people share my gift which means I can't really talk about the greatest metal band of all time with my friends. My band does a cover of War Pigs (and Paranoid, but I like War Pigs more) and I get the tingles when I do it. The message it displays, the vocals, the sick guitar. I love all of it and I couldn't think of a better song the shows what metal stands for than this legendary tune.

I think every hardcore Black Sabbath fan would want this song first on this list. The only reason why War Pigs isn't first on the list is because most people who vote here only know Paranoid, Iron Man and maybe Children of the Grave. In my opinion War Pigs is the greatest heavy metal song ever made so please listen to it before you vote on this list

Iron man is NOT the best Sabbath song ever? I think people vote for it because it is the only song that is played on the radio. For people to be able to vote, they should first listen to at least 3 or 4 albums not just what is played on the radio on one of those awful 70's/80's remix crap stations.

I love this song so much I'm even listening to it right now! Sadly nobody at my middle school even knows who Sabbath is but whatever. This song is one of my favorite sabbath songs next to sabbra caddabra and fairies wear boots.

2 Paranoid

"Paranoid" IS the song that made Heavy Metal the great genre it is today. It's lyrics are like poetry especially the line "People think I'm insane because I'm frowning all the time" and I think Geezer Butler should win the Nobel Prize for composing such great lyrics. But Tony's guitar playing made the song great!

I vote this song at one because of the riff and the voice, a real metal song and the lyrics are another reason why this should be number 1. So powerful, and if there was no paranoid there would be no metal, this has to be number 1, it is better than iron man

Paranoid was written in only 30 minutes that is the difference between any others hard rock songs, the text is pure, so as the riff. And by doing this they crete the darkest musical rhythm ever hear.

To me this song should be #1 hand down. This song is probably one of the songs that I will remember for a long time for the catchy guitar riff and the amazing classic sound.

3 Iron Man

The moment I heard this song for the first time was also the moment I fell in love with heavy metal music. It's a song that's made such a magical impact on my musical taste. The entire Paranoid album is the reason why I got into heavy metal.

The riff this song has it's only compareable to LedZeppelin's ''WHOLE LOTTA LOVE'' Or other big league songs with the best riffs, this is why ''IRON MAN'' Will always be the greatest Black Sabbath song of all times.

I have not ever listened to this song on a circumstance where I just let it pass. I always find myself singing along to it, and I can not name a song or band that is better. I have a microphone and sung along with Ozzy, throughout the whole album really. But there was this one day when I am pulling into the driveway and I hear it in the basement. And what do you know, my wife and kids are trying it out!

Iron man is such an iconic song, left traces in people's minds for life time. I'd put that one on top because it's been an influence to millions of musicians an fans all over. It's not brutal, not nasty, not religious. I see Iron man as the Creator of all.

4 Black Sabbath

Never mind "Best Black Sabbath"... This is THE bar by which ALL heavy metal can be measured. It is the definition of heavy metal. This song should be put in a time capsule, labelled "Heavy Metal" to explain to our alien overlords in 2642 what this ancient human music called "Heavy Metal" was. If I traveled back in time, on a mission to bring Heavy Metal to ancient China, I would bring this song, because even though they wouldn't understand English, the purity of this song would awaken the Beast, and cause irreparable damage to their economy for centuries.

Paranoid is over-rated. Sorry. It's true.

Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, the scariest song ever written. It is literally based off of demon figures in the middle of the night! Plus the tritone is being played (banned for sounding satanic if the past) and it is basically the first "heavy metal" song ever. This should be first, no competition.

So let's say you live back in the 70's and you are a fan of the newborn hard rock genre.
By pure luck you buy a very cheap vinyl of an unknown band named Black Sabbath.
It opens with a song named Black Sabbath.
And then after 6 minutes and a half you've discovered Heavy METAL.
The definition... NO1

This is the song that started the heavy metal craze. It is perfect slow beat that leads into fast heavy beat & guitar. In
In 1970 I had seen black sabbath in a movie theater in paramus N.J. The admission was $5.00 they only had first album out but they played some of their second album which wasnT OUT YET.

5 N.I.B.

There are so many great songs by Black Sabbath, but this is one of my favorites. I love the bass/guitar riffs and the lyrics about the devil falling in love. Certainly one of their best along with War Pigs, Paranoid, Black Sabbath, and many more.

Another misunderstood song by Black Sabbath. This song is not about worshipping the Devil, it's simply about the Devil falling in love and having a change of heart and becoming a good person. I'd say it's a great and meaningful song.

Astonishing chorus! The riff is shivering as well as Ozzy vocals! This is definitely one of the best songs ever created by humanity.

Killer riffs! By far my favorite Black Sabbath song. The first time I heard this song, I got so addicted that I heard it 15 times continuously. Tony Iommi! M/

6 Heaven and Hell

Perfect. Especially the longer live version.
This song really captures the real meaning of heaven and hell in such an awesome way.

From the great lyrics, the awesome bass part to the amazing guitar work of Iommi.

In my opinion not just the best sabbath song but the best song ever made!

I love the ozzy and dio eras of Black Sabbath but one thing will never change for me, I believe this is the most epic and well written song by Black Sabbath. But there are so many other songs that come close.

This song has the qualities that resemble equivalence to the revered, foretold and ultimately sacred Heaven & Hell, lyrics work seamlessly with the guitar, the tempo is perfect, I couldn't have asked for more from a Metal Band. M/

Black Sabbath with Dio and Ozzy are two different beasts, both brilliant.
Iron Man is my fave track with Ozzy. This one is my fave with the late great Ronnie James Dio!

7 Children Of The Grave

Easily my favorite from Sabbath, tied with War Pigs. Paranoid is decent, but by no means their best. CotG is heavy, well written with good lyrics and riffs, a good solo, and a long and creepy outro. Overall, its one of Sabbath's definitive tracks.

Love this song! It was on the album that is purely responsible for giving birth to doom and this song sticks out the most along with Into the Void. Plus it has a pounding bass + drum line with epic vocals and guitars and a catchy tune

Best Black Sabbath song hands down. On a top 10 headbanging songs of all time, Children Of The Grave should have all 10 spots. Great lyrics and all the instruments sound amazing.

An instant silencing of critics how said Sabbath's music was dull and too slow. And that breakdown riff crushes!

8 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Only 19 section comments fo' this song? Not even anyone here saying how great the song is...? Iron Man, Paranoid, War Pigs, N.B.I. and all those songs ranked so high, they're no match for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath at all ! one of the greatest Rock songs in history.

This is the most original of the lot (Iron Man borrowed from Schizoid Man; Paranoid from Communication Breakdown; NIB from Sunshine of Your Love; Black Sabbath from Dazed & Confused). The song alternates between heavy and light like no other... Plus Geezer and Ward came up with their best lyrics on this album.

I think this is their greatest tune. It's just so powerful. The riff is unreal.

I think this is their greatest tune. The riff is unbelievable, and the lyrics are pretty much something most of us can relate to.

The opening riff, when it clears up, and the drum tap that starts the song. Wow. Pure awesome. And the solo after "You bastards! " Who can hate this masterpiece of metal?

9 Symptom Of The Universe

The radio songs Paranoid, Iron Man are my least favorite. Try "Juniors Eyes", "Into the Void", "Symptoms of the Universe", "Dirty Woman", "Megalomania", "NIB", "Planet Caravan" etc... There's so much! But they are not radio songs thank God! The Lyrics are fantastic, not to mention the sound!

PS. Don't forget the Dio years "Heaven and Hell", "Voodoo" etc.. This band is something special! But I also do have a soft spot for Zepp!

My favourite Black Sabbath song from my favourite Black Sabbath Song! Black Sabbath were the first metal band I listened to so they hold a special place in my heart. The riff at the start is gripping and Ozzy's vocals give me the chills!

Awesome, I've heard it thousands of times since 1975 and still listen to it all the time. Its got everything... Great guitar solo, bass, acoustic, timingg changes, and of course ozzy.

My favorite ending out of all the black sabbath songs. If you've heard this song you know what part I'm talking about.

10 Sweet Leaf

#9? OK, sure it doesn't beat War Pigs, Iron Man, or Paranoid. But, besides those three this is their best song by Black Sabbath in my opinion.

My view on the song's meaning:

A bag of weed, a bag of weed, oh everything is better with a bag of weed
You don't need meth and you don't need speed because everything is better with a bag of weed!

Already threw my vote for Children of the Grave, but otherwise this is my favourite Black Sabbath song. The catchiness of this song makes it one of Sabbath's greatest.

I'm not one to advocate marijuana, but this song is so beautifully trippy and the riffs are awesome! I love it!

The riff on this song is totally killer! This was the pinnacle of their sound, and easily the best song of 1971.

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11 Snowblind

This song introduced me to the world of Black Sabbath! Still love it. Should AT LEAST be in the top 10. Also, Volume 4 was initially going to be called Snowblind, so you can be pretty sure this song is awesome!

Should be at least in top 10. My eyes are blind, but I can see the snowflakes glisten on the trees. This is a Black Sabbath classic.

Better than Sweet Leaf in my opinion and I think Supernaut should be higher up too.

The instrumentals in this are insane. Deserves to be in top 10 if not top 5.

12 Electric Funeral

Best song by Black Sabbath due to the riff being such a systematic orchestration with a synchronized methodical repeat; has the most compelling rhythm and melody as well as a nuclear post-apocalyptic feeling & a definitive juxtaposition of culmination coupled with a mechanical flow which is highly memorable. By far the best Black Sabbath track.

This song pretty much inspired most of doom metal. The only song I can think of that had a bigger influence was their self titled song. The main riff I. This song is just... Amazing.

I love this song such cool effects on guitar such evil lyrics also one of the best metal songs of all time with a simple yet fantastic guitar ridd long live iommi!

It was like "the love at first side". The heaviest riff and more depressing rather than their other songs

13 Into the Void

GIve me a break. This is the song that invented Doom Metal. And, Doom metal is really just a big copy of this song. Any body who voted for just about any other Black Sabbath song really should just stop what they are doing and listen to this one before making their decision.

My all time favourite Black Sabbath song! You've got killer Bass, badass Lyrics, astounding Drums and the Riff Of Doom! Not to mention the fact that it's hevy as hell! I mean come on, it's hands down the best Sabbath song out there!

The bass of this song is simply amazing. This one and Children of the Grave kick ass, Master of Reality is the best Sabbath's album in my opinion.

Just listen to the two main riffs. Neither one ever gets old. This should be way higher. N.I.B. is good but I personally think this is better.

14 Fairies Wear Boots, anyone that did not consider this the best, Sabbath created...well...lost is an understatement!
I, have seen 'em, right from the beginning...when Ozzie could still speak properly...many times since...with and without Ozzie! Live or through the album/tape/disc...Can Not Be Beat'n...PERIOD!

It's a great song. Just the mere thought that fairies even wear boots is the common misconception and that is what changes your views on the song-the lyrics. Anyone who has smoked and tripped will agree laugh out loud

Okay, this is most definitely at the top of the Sabbath songs. I mean, it's got the catchy guitar riff intro, the epic lyrics (fairies wear boots! ), and of course the solo. Face it, it's awesome.

The best sabbath, period! No commercialized productions on this list nomatter who's fault. The unpolished gems are always the best! Now I have to get back to my drink.

15 The Wizard

This needs to be on the list. The iconic part of the song isn't any guitars, drums, bass, or vocals. It's the harmonica. Instantly memorable and one of their best tunes.

Wow, this song is top 10 for sure. The amazing guitar riff breathes for a moment only to allow drums to kick your ass.

Best sabbath song ever show. The harmonic I isn't used perfectly to create the creepy atmosphere Satan has risen.

The fact the Ozzy was able to make a HARMONICA sound heavy should put this song in the top ten.

16 Neon Knights

Why is it lower than Turn Up The Night? Both are very similar but Neon Knights is definitely better.

Amazing biker song! Every time I go out on the road I jam to this song. The whole album is great!

Very polished performance with Ronnie James Dio. An amazing improvement over Oz.

Heaven and hell is the best sabbath album and this is the best heaven and hell song

17 Supernaut

Seriously underrated. It's a real shame that Paranoid had 3 really big hits, and as a result, listening to anything else other then Paranoid is obsolete. Volume 4 is really underrated, and has some of Sabbath's best songs, Supernaught tops this list. It's unlike anything I've ever heard, the only other Black Sabbath song that can rival this (in my opinion) is Children of The Grave.

This is tied with War Pigs for me, but Tony's guitar tone in this one is just absolutely perfect. Seriously the epitome of guitar right here. Add in a nice grooving pace, epic bass work, flawless drumming, Ozzy's vocals, and Tony's master riff-writing, and it doesn't get much better.

This is my favorite Black Sabbath song. It is the epitome of what heavy metal should be. I use it as a ringtone on my phone..., and people will always ask me "what is that song, and who is that band! ". The most underrated song by the band that single-handedly created heavy metal. Enough said.

This song alone needs to be in the top three. Who ever rated this song so low must not have been born in this era. Sorry guys to me your wrong in rating this song so low. Black Sabbath changed the music and I am lucky to be around it

18 Hand of Doom

A great song. Some of the heaviest work on one hell of a heavy album. Ozzy's vocal range has never been better explored, Butler's bass moves the song along while Iommi and Ward fill in wherever they want. This is easily one of the most complex songs, both lyrically and arrangement wise. It's just pure Sabbath and I love it.

This song is the invention of doom music to the core. Lyrically it's still relevant.

Listen to this song with the lights out, you'll be a bit scared

The bridge to this song (particularly the live version Paris 1970) is, to me, one of the great moments in rock history!

Black Sabbath's hidden masterpiece. One of Geezer's best basslines along with with a powerful array of guitar riffs add so much to the song's deep dark exploration of what it was like for veterens returning from Vietnam

19 Sabbra Cadabra

Song is fast, Ozzies voice is outstanding, and the instrumental part at minute 2:00 with the keyboard support of Rick Wakeman gives the song a progressive note which in total increases the value of Black Sabbath a bit.

Listen to this carefully! Its one of the most romantic songs ever! It is badass, it is progressive, it is heavy, it is groovy, it is beautiful, it is one of a kind!

All I can say is Beautiful just Beautiful.
Very good song it brings back loads of memories from the eighties and early nineties.

Come on, this song and Changes have to make it to the top 10s. They're simply sabbath classics.

20 The Writ

This one and 'looking for today'. Changes is up there too. I prefer paranoid over iron man for the radio-friendly songs, it seems to have more genuine energy.

Come on have you even listen to this song, It cranks. At least the first half!

21 God Is Dead?

"God Is Dead? " is just epic. Really, I can't stop listening to it. Black Sabbath style never died, the riffs are awesome and epic thanks to the great guitarist Tony Iommi, I love him.
Though it's their last album, and this makes me really sad 'cause I just started to listen to Black Sabbath. Even know, I'll always have all their albums in my heart as I have them in my iPod.
Black Sabbath rocks.

Love this song, huge masterpiece, may not be the best but it deserves to be in the first 10, Ozzy's voice is still awesome, Tony's riffs are still epic, love this song, and all the other songs of the album 13, just great songs like Loner, End Of The Beginning, Live Forever, just great songs, I heard the complete album without skiping any song, very complete, but I loved the most God Is Dead? And Loner

Black Sabbath really surprised me with their new songs: they were just as good as the early ones, especially this one. It's all even though I'm not a huge Sabbath fan, still I'm waiting for the next album and hoping it will be just as great as this one. God Is Dead is the highlight of 13, it's awesome.

The music world should take note of this great work of art...Rock has been dead for 20 years or so now! Great song...Fantastic album...but then all Black Sabbath albums with OZZY are great...I hope this starts a new revolution of young ROCKERS, who will put out better albums then in the past 10 years or so...!

22 A National Acrobat

This song should be much, MUCH higher than Heaven and Hell. As a matter of fact, there is no Sabbath without Ozzy (even the rest of the band says so)and therefore songs without Ozzy shouldn't even be on this list! A National Acrobat is probably my personal favorite Sabbath song at the moment.

This is not only THE best Sabbath song ever but happens to be my favourite song EVER. It is incredible and could have quite easily made up 5 seperate songs it has so many incredible riffs- which is the thing I like the most on all the best early Sabbath songs.

One of Tony Iommi's best riffs and an awesome performance by Ozzy. This is a great atmospheric song which keeps changing and moving forwards. One of the coolest, proggy songs by Sabbath.

That riff and that opening line! First half is better than the second though.

23 Killing Yourself to Live

Okay, seriously. I very rarely make comments on this website but what the hell happened here!? I don't actually have an absolute favourite Black Sabbath song but goodness, this song has one of the catchiest versus I have ever heard in all of my life! I'm not even kidding! Also very interesting when the tempo progressively increases! Not to mention, Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett has stated this song as his all-time favourite of theirs!

My personal favorite sabbath sons. Has so many unique qualities to it. The song is very progressive and changes time sigs all the time. Just my $0.02

Amazing, amazing intro riff.

24 End of the Beginning

Thit song, despite being in the newest album, is amazing, the riff, the lirycs, everything is in place and feels awesome listening to it. If you are reading this listen to the song if you haven't yet, you will like it I promise

One of their greatest modern songs I've heard!

Best Song of the new album.

25 The Sign of the Southern Cross

107th? For what could be the greatest song in heavy metal history? It starts so serene with Dio's beautiful voice, building up into some of Iommi's heaviest, most badass, riffs. Butler's performance is masterful as well, particularly live, making this song into one HUGE force. And the lyrics: so open ended and abstract, yet creating such a glorious environment of doom. This is a song that gives me goosebumps when I simply read the title. It's that good.

Tony Iommi himself said this was the heaviest song Black Sabbath ever recorded...ever! Extremely underrated. Any of the Dio stuff re-wrote the book of heavy music and propelled them into the 80's. From the book the word is spoken...

The complete metal epic and unutterably beautiful and terrifying in turns. Dio deserves so much more recognition for his work with sabs than he gets. Open your ears and mind and bow to the majesty of this unheralded classic

I tought this is in top 3, furthermore Falling Off The Edge Of The World, Over and Over should be in top 10 sure.. Ozzy I like very much, but he has max 3 songs in top 10 & max 6 songs in top 20. Ozzy best in solo!

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