Top 10 Best Dimash Kudaibergen Songs

Dimash Kudaibergen isn't just a vocalist; he's a phenomenon. With his mind-boggling vocal range, insane technical skills, and the kind of stage presence that gives you goosebumps, he's totally in a league of his own.

The guy can sing pretty much anything - belting out powerful opera, heartbreaking ballads, or even soaring into whistle notes that sound like they're not humanly possible. But what really sets him apart is his ability to infuse every song with pure, intense emotion.
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1 S.O.S D'un Terrien En Détresse

I discovered Dimash with this song! He has the unique ability to make people think more about the spiritual part of life, to reflect on emotion, and to be more sensitive, and love more. I fell in love with his passion for music. Listening to him is like discovering a magical fairytale.

Performing this song by Dimash is the best performance in the world. After performing this song at the Singer 2017 competition in China, he became the most popular and famous person.

I fell in love with Dimash's voice when I first heard this song sung by him. Up until now, this song in Dimash's version keeps haunting me in a wonderful way.

2 Olympico

Also known as "Ogni Pietra [Olympico]"

That was one of his most stellar performances ever - he did it earlier today, June 21, 2019, at the European Games Opening Ceremony in Minsk, Belarus. Dimash premiered his new song, and this time the opera singer came out 100%. He sang true opera and did all lead vocals of the song: the baritone, the tenor, and the soprano part! Three opera singers in one?! What?! This guy really knows how to use his six-octave vocal range. I was screaming at the end of the song. So epic, so gorgeous! It reminded me of symphonic metal.

3 Opera 2

I watched a live performance of this song several days ago, and my jaw dropped. It is still dropped. I have never seen anything like that before. He sings like a superhuman. I think the version I saw was from the Singer competition show in China.

4 Unforgettable Day

Dimash performs a haunting version of an emotional story that is musically beautiful and stunning in its impact on the listener's heart.

A magnificent song written by a talented composer and performed by the talented singer Dimash.

It was composed by himself. Incredible vocals and performance.

5 Sinful Passion

Dimash again begins in his lowest register - possibly under the influence of Igor Krutoy. This becomes a fireworks of sound to complement the emotional beginning. I've wondered about the audio glitch, but marveled at his slide to the heights and pop melisma fall in conclusion.

My favorite version of this incredible song is at Sochi. Dimash absolutely nailed that performance, especially the 'slide up' towards the end of the song. If it weren't for the glitch in the video, I would say this is one of his best live performances to watch.

6 Daididau

Hauntingly beautiful. The true story, the lyrics, and the emotionally tender performance by Dimash. His instrument playing was a bonus.

It's a favorite song of my favorite singer, Dimash. And also my favorite song. I'm going anywhere for Dimash's concert, and I sing this song with him.

This is my favorite song by Dimash!

7 Daybreak

A very emotional song based on a true story (it's a Chinese song, and he said it was hard to learn the lyrics). The best live performance of this song was at the Bastau concert in 2017. Man, how he jumped on his knees at the end... This guy takes high risks when he gets emotional. A very tall adult jumping like that... (he's 6'3" / 191 cm).

The true story: in 1999, 14 tourists died in a cable car accident in China. A couple lifted their son out of the falling cable car to safety. The kid survived, but the parents didn't. The lyrics were written from the perspective of the kid.

8 Confessa + The Diva Dance

Diva Dance is crazy! Unbelievable vocals by him. The best version of Diva Dance is from the Bastau concert, 2017.

9 Tuğan Jer (Kazakhstan)
10 The Love of Tired Swans

I really think it is so difficult to choose the best of his songs because he has many wonderful ones. But this one, in particular, I really enjoy each time I listen to it. He really transmits a lot of feelings. Even if you can't understand the lyrics because of the language, you know that he is saying something truly beautiful. This is one of the most wonderful aspects of Dimash. He breaks barriers of language and transmits emotions through his songs and performances.

Amazing performance by Dimash. He is getting mature, and his low notes are getting better.

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11 Körkemim
12 Leyla (Лейла)
13 Okinish
14 Samaltau
15 Go Go Power Rangers
16 Love is Like a Dream

I am 80 years old, and this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life. The collaboration between Dimash and Igor, the composer, is amazing. I prefer the version without the English translation because the English lyrics detract from that beautiful voice. Dimash covers almost his entire range when he sings this. It's stunning.

The most startling use of the low range by Dimash. Vocally restrained for much of the song, it is texturally and dynamically beautiful, expressing powerful emotion. Then he unleashes a haunting soprano and closes with an extremely powerful tenor, including the incredible 18-second-long ending note. A virtuoso performance!

17 I Love Only You!

The world has entered the era of global change. Even in music, a new star is rising, and finally, standards will clearly be raised. The most talented, handsome, stylish young man, Dimash. Thank you for this performance. Hearing this sublime voice again and again gives us the life of loving, an angel who gives us hope.

The performance of the song is magnificent, the voice is magical, and the vocal is cosmic. The miraculous voice of Dimash plus the beautiful song of A. Ponomarev in the Ukrainian language - magic.

Dimash is really the best of the best. All his songs are masterpieces. But this song is tenderness and magic.

18 The Crown (荊棘王冠)

The feeling just overwhelms me.

19 Ocean Over Time (时光·沧海)

This is a kind of song where you're drowning in a sort of peace and calm. He has incredible voice control, and the way he made this song is unbelievably magnificent.

20 War and Peace (戰爭與和平)

One of the best songs in my life!

21 Late Autumn

Sweet Jesus! The most beautiful note I've ever heard is in this song! The note is only 3 seconds long, but his soft and sad voice almost caused me an out-of-body experience. The song is also known as Autumn Strong. I watched the live version from the China competition show The Singer. The note is at around 4:32 if you watch the version "Dimash Translated: The True Story Behind 'Autumn Strong' with English Subtitles" (by Gloria Wu).

I watched two live performances after the competition show, and I'm sure he does that with his voice, no digital effects. The angle of a fancam at the Moscow concert in 2019 was excellent to see how he moves his jaw to create that "delay effect" sound. Fantastic!

22 Know

I have gotten to know Dimash through SOS. He is a very gifted and blessed singer and composer. Listening to him is a godsend.

23 Hello
24 Give Me Love (困在愛裡面)
25 Screaming

I love the whistle notes. Such brilliant technique. You're one of the best male vocalists. Love you, DQ.

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