Top 10 Best Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.) Songs

Born out of the ashes of Anthrax's downtime in 1985, this band is a blend of the raw energy of punk and the brutal power of thrash metal. S.O.D. is renowned for their loud, fast, and undeniably aggressive sound that not only influenced many bands to come but also left their fingerprints all over the crossover thrash scene.

Their songs? Oh, they're a wild ride. S.O.D.'s music is not for the faint of heart; it's like a jet engine of sound straight to your eardrums. Whether it's the crushing riffs or the darkly humorous lyrics, their tracks truly stand out in the metal genre. But the question is, which of their songs are the cream of the crop?

Well, that's exactly what this list is all about! It's time to decide which of S.O.D.'s tracks should be crowned as the best, as voted by fellow fans. Maybe it's a track from their classic debut album "Speak English or Die" that ignited your love for them, or perhaps it's a hidden gem from their later work that you feel deserves more recognition. Whichever it is, it's time to make your voice heard.
The Top Ten
1 Milk

This song popularized the use of blast beats in punk and metal. Also, give the S.O.D. some milk. If you do, they will be stronger and able to defend you from the evil brainwashed zombies known as mainstream pop music fans.

2 Freddy Kreuger

It's about Freddy Kreuger, and he is your worst nightmare.

3 Speak English or Die

Well, it's a great title track. Also, you better speak English or else the S.O.D. will pay you a special visit, and most likely, you will die.

4 Sargent D and the S.O.D.

Sargent D is one of the greatest sergeants ever, and you better watch out because he is coming, and you're on his list!

You might also want to watch out for the S.O.D. They aren't like the Stormtroopers that work for the Galactic Empire. Oh no, they actually can shoot and hit their targets, especially if they are brainwashed zombies who listen to mainstream pop music.

5 Chromatic Death

Man, the lyrics of this song are super hard to remember.

6 Kill Yourself

Well actually, all the S.O.D. have to do to win is tell the enemy to do this, and they do it.

7 March of the S.O.D.

The anthem of the S.O.D. You will hear this song being played when they march down the streets.

8 United Forces

This is when Punk and Metal fans unite to fight against the evil known as Mainstream Pop music.

9 Shenanigans
10 Seasoning the Obese

I wonder what Slayer thinks of this song and its cover.

The Contenders
11 Identity

It's a bonus track to Speak English or Die but it's an awesome one.

12 The Crackhead Song
13 King at the King / Evil is In
14 Celtic Frosted Flakes

Well, Celtic Frost is no more, but be sure to get a box of Celtic Frosted Flakes. Only $666 plus tax.

15 Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues

Ever heard of Bloody Mary? Ever wondered why she was so bloody? Are you sure that blood is from the victims she "murdered"?

16 F**K the Middle East

Because being politically correct is for losers.

17 Douche Crew

So you think you're cool just because you play "heavy" stuff? You're just a poser who plays crap emocore music, and your band is a douche crew.

18 Ram It Up

Well, might as well ram up this bonus track.

19 Milano Mosh

Moshing is cool. Remember, kids, always go in the pit whenever a Thrash band is playing a song about moshing.

20 Fist Banging Mania
21 Go

Well, go do something or just sit there and laugh at the comments I'm making.

22 No Turning Back

The S.O.D. never turn back. They are brave fighters who have won every war and battle against Mainstream Pop music.

23 Pussy Whipped

You must like cats. Mind if I whip them?

24 Pi Alpha Nu
25 The Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
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