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Eurodisco is a variety of European electronic music that evolved from disco in the late 1970s & incorporates popular elements (like rock & others) into a constant dance atmosphere you’d expect in traditional disco music. Eurodisco often features lyrics sung in English, although the artists often share a different mother tongue.
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1 I Feel Love - Donna Summer

The ultimate Eurodisco song by a solo artist. She really had it all. It was catchy & had a sound you never heard before & the lyrics were spot on & the vocals were out of this world for a dance song. It even became the 1st electronic dance song in the history of music & paved the way for EDM (electronic dance music) which was produced by Giorgio Moroder. R.I.P. to the queen of disco Donna Summer (1948-2012).

2 Love to Love You Baby - Donna Summer

It's her longest song ever (at 16 minutes 49 seconds or 11 seconds less than 17 minutes when it was originally supposed to be 20 minutes) & it's her best Eurodisco song of the ballad pace. Eurodisco & traditional disco songs were often long, but this was a record of its own & a record of her's. R.I.P.

3 Dancing Queen - ABBA

The best European dance song by a group & lived up to its name & purpose. A truly powerful background & story along with epic vocals. No wonder it was the 1st #1 dance hit in Europe. Long live ABBA.

4 Ma Baker - Boney M

Another classic by them. Never forget that. It's the song that Lady Gaga used in Poker Face as well.

5 Cheri Cheri Lady - Modern Talking

A clever title & catchy beat. They really did it all with this hit of a song. Long live to the members of Modern Talking.

6 Rasputin - Boney M

Their signature hit & a true banger. Great then & great today. The story of the Russian Rasputin was perfectly executed & the drumbeat of Nightflight to Venus slipped into this song without ruining it. It became their best selling song of all time. All versions including this & the 7" version (which doesn't use the drum sample) are flawless in every way. R.I.P. to the man of the band.

7 Follow Me - Amanda Lear

Her signature & best selling hit. It's upbeat, uptempo, catchy & meaningful. Not her longest, but her best.

8 Gotta Go Home - Boney M

A flawless Eurodisco, R&B & soul cover of a classic by Night Train (known as Hallo Bimmelbahn) & somehow it's again for both beaches & dance clubs.

9 Just We Two (Mona Lisa) - Modern Talking

Another 1 of their best songs.

10 Gloria - Laura Branigan

Originally by Them (written by Jim & Van Morrison), she covered it into a Eurodisco song & it became her signature hit. R.I.P. so soon.

The Contenders
11 Stop the Rain in the Night - Silent Circle

Classic all that's said.

12 Crying on the Dance Floor - Mabel

A modern hit in the 2020's.

13 I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat - Bad Boys Blue

Like any, it's classic.

14 Come Back & Stay - Bad Boys Blue

Pretty big in the Eurodisco scene.

15 Cause You Are Young - C.C. Catch

A pretty catchy song like their name says.

16 Touch in the Night - Silent Circle
17 You're My Love, You're My Life - Patty Ryan
18 Words - F.R. David

A classic catchy melody & vocals to listen to. Yet danceable as well.

19 Doctor, Doctor (Help Me Please) - A la Carte

Clever title, dialogue, lyrics, melody & beats. Who would forget this masterpiece. Too bad the band didn't last very long.

20 Queen of Chinatown - Amanda Lear

Clever theming for a dance song by her. Almost gave her an honorific nickname based on the song.

21 More Than a Kiss - Michael Bedford

Pretty good idea for a song of such genre.

22 Angel of Love - Lian Ross

Hard to believe a new song in 2020 would be considered Eurodisco. Though people talked about disco coming back since COVID-19. Yet that was LONG after disco's supposed demise on July 12th 1979 (in the Disco Demolition Night event), though Eurodisco's an EDM genre that evolved from disco in the 1st place. The title of this song sure seems like something that's been done before, yet it's a dance song.

23 Rivers of Babylon - Boney M.

Once again as you'd expect, a true Eurodisco banger.

24 Diamonds Made Me a Lady - Modern Talking

Lives up to its quality. A good shiny song.

25 See It - Riwe

Heard it & it's good.

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