Best Songs About Fighting Your Inner Demons

Inner demons is a phrase used to refer to a person's inner struggles, which many people have to deal with most days of their lives whether it's procrastination, fear, negative thoughts or even addictions. The songs listed in this list talk about inner demons and may encourage you to fight yours!
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1 My Demons - Starset

This song seems to be about someone who is struggling internally, who needs help or wants help from someone. "I need a savior to heal my pain. When I become my worst enemy" makes me think about someone who is obsessing over something and there's one person in his life that can keep him from becoming his own enemy.

Musically speaking, this is a great song and is possibly Starset's most popular song. When listening to it, it gives me motivational vibes.

Everyone has heard this song at least once. It's very catchy.

2 Crawling - Linkin Park

This is a sad and powerful song, and one of the band's most popular. The singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, remarked that "Crawling" was the most difficult Linkin Park song to sing live. He said, "Crawling has caused me the most trouble live more than any other song."

Bennington also commented on the meaning of "Crawling" by stating it was inspired by his own battles with substance abuse: "Crawling is about feeling like I had no control over myself in terms of drugs and alcohol, hence the line 'These wounds they will not heal…'"

3 Inner Demons - Julia Brennan

Julia Brennan, unlike most other artists featured on this list, has blessed us with an explanation as to what this song means to her. She said: " reality the mental struggles and battles that we fight feel a lot more like we're fighting a war by ourselves."

4 Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

"I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself"

From what I've seen online, the general consensus is that this song is about someone who can't control something about himself, possibly his anger or some sort of addiction. The song itself is amazing and one of Three Days Grace's best songs, which starts with a bass solo in the song's intro.

I'm not really a fan of post-grunge, but this is a pretty good song and maybe the first one I thought of upon seeing the title. Also, from what I have heard, this is indeed about addiction.

5 Snuff - Slipknot

This song is about a breakup. The man in the song seems to suffer from depression. Then, a woman enters his life and she brings hope back into his life, but then they break up. Reading through the lyrics, it looks like she still contacts him, but he doesn't want to see her again. He doesn't want to get false hopes, just for them to die again. One of the definitions of the word "Snuff" is "the charred part of a candle wick." This leads me to believe that the hopelessness in this song, or at least the relationship, is represented by a candle that's been blown out.

6 A Reason to Fight - Disturbed

"A Reason To Fight" is a song that tackles depression and addiction. In an interview with 105.7 The Point radio, Disturbed's guitarist Dan Donegan said the following : "We wanted to write a song with a positive message for people in that situation to stay hopeful and not give up the fight, as challenging as it may be. It's an everyday struggle, but there can also be a light at the end of the tunnel."

7 Give Me a Sign - Breaking Benjamin

This song seems to be about dealing with grief and the death of a loved one with lyrics such as "Forever and ever, the scars will remain". Then the man in the song seems to be turning to God for help: "God help me, I've come undone". Overall, this is a very melodic and sad-sounding song.

8 The Beast in Me - Nick Lowe

"The Beast in Me" is a song by English musician Nick Lowe. The song features slow, mournful music and lyrics describing the narrator's struggle with destructive habits and personality traits: "The beast in me / Is caged by frail and fragile bars".

9 Where is the Edge - Within Temptation

Reading through the lyrics of this song, it seems like it is referring to someone who is trying to fight an urge of some kind, which is made obvious by lyrics like "In the shadows it awakes the desire". This part could be left to the listener's interpretation, as these urges could be anything from a desire to hurt or one for lust. A very beautiful song, as Within Temptation is known for.

10 Demons - Imagine Dragons
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11 Be Yourself - Audioslave

The message is that you are going to face easy and hard times in your life, and all you can do is be who you are through all of it. The lyrics were inspired by events from the frontman's, Chris Cornell's, own life.

In an interview, he said the following: "The 'be yourself' part really just came from a lot of things that I've gone through in my life and a lot of different changes and all the different tragedies and all the horrendously stupid mistakes I've made in my personal life, and wanting to be able to make up for those things and wanting to be able to not be ashamed, all that stuff." You know, that's the one thing about getting older that's better, and this song kinda says it so simply, to a degree that 10 years ago I would've been embarrassed to put it in a song 'cause it is so simple. But there it is."

12 Inner Demons - Miry
13 Crazy, Mad, Insane - Beast in Black
14 Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
15 Face to Face - Citizen Soldier
16 This Is the End - The Ghost of Paul Revere
17 The Monster - Eminem
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