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1 Echo Park

Perhaps I'm biased due to the memories I have attached to this album (innocently swimming in my pool during the summer of 2006), but damn this album is amazing.

"Seven Days in the Sun", "Tell All Your Friends", "Turn", "Under the Weather", "Standing on the Edge", "Piece by Piece", "We Can't Rewind" are all ace tracks.

"Satellite News", the odd "Bug" and "Buck Rogers" are also great tracks. "Choke" is a bit interesting lyrics-wise and "Oxygen" has grown on me over the years. I used to always skip that one, but I've grown to like it.

Overall it's just a great album, moreso for me due to the period in my life that I first heard it.


2 Comfort In Sound

Written with the suicide of drummer Jon Lee fresh in the memory of songwriter Grant Nicholas, this album has a totally different sound to its predecessors. It's softer, mellower sound showed a new side to Feeder, but with no less quality. Songs such as "Just The Way I'm Feeling" and "Forget About Tomorrow" clearly reveal the solemnity of his emotions, however upbeat songs do appear and "Come Back Around" is an absolute belter. The album also has positive themes, "Find The Colour" being an example.

Just The Way I'm Feeling
Come Back Around
Forget About Tomorrow
Find The Colour

3 Polythene

Having gotten acquainted to Feeder via their mainstream work, this was difficult to get into once I got around to it.

Having said that, you can see signs of the catchy riffs, choruses and everything else in between right here.

"My Perfect Day" is the clear stand out for mine. Wow. Amazing track. I love the riff, I love the quiet verses, I love the loud chorus. One of my favourite Feeder tracks.

Depending what version of the album you're going off, "High" may or may not be present (which is one of their best tracks to date). I'm going to exclude "High" here because it wasn't on the original release that I have.

This means the next stand outs are "Tangerine", "Cement" and "Crash". All singles, but all are fun, catchy songs. I tend to enjoy Tangerine because I've heard that Grant Nicholas hates the song. So perhaps I like it ironically.

"Stereo World", "Suffocate" and "Radiation" are all okay tracks too. I much prefer the redux of "Suffocate" that came later.

About a 6/10 for me. Not bad tracks, but not amazing.

4 Yesterday Went Too Soon

The first quarter of the album starts off promising with "Anaesthetic", "Insomnia", "Picture of Perfect Youth" and "Yesterday Went Too Soon", but then it's a very mixed bag after.

"Insomnia" is my favourite Feeder song ever, so that's an automatic 2 points for that alone. Such a fun, quick, punchy, catchy song. I still enjoy belting the chorus to this song out 15 years after hearing it for the first time.

"Paperfaces" and "Day in Day Out" are the other 2 tracks I'd rate as "good" from the remainder of the tracklist. Everything else is only "okay" to me.

The other tracks have a very late 90's to early 00's punk pop vibe to them. If you loved Tony Hawk's Pro Skater music from the early games, then you're gonna love songs like "Hole in My Head", "Waiting For Changes" and "You're My Evergreen"


5 Silent Cry

Unfortunately this album never has and never will get the high praise that it well deserves. It's such a shame that there were great difficulties with the record label during the release of SIlent Cry. So much so that Feeder refused to play songs from this album live.

This album is full to the brim of great tracks. This is along with Echo Park is in my opinion, the closest to a complete body of work they've managed.

With the exception of the 30 second track "Space", nothing gets skipped. And at 30 seconds, "Space" is hardly worth skipping.

The best of the best are "Itsumo", "Tracing Lines", "Into the Blue" and "Sonorous". "Itsumo" is one of my all time favourite Feeder songs. It was actually in my Top 10 at one point. Amazing track.

"Sonorous" is an epic closer. "Tracing Lines" and "Into the Blue" are a lot of fun to listen to as well. Very catchy tracks.

The rest is just as good though! "Fires", "Miss You", "Heads Held High", "Who's the Enemy", "8:18" and "Guided By a Voice" cannot be faulted. All great tracks that are easy listening.

"We Are the People" is also a great track and was the first single lifted from the album. I tend to forget about it for whatever reason, but it's a great track. Perhaps they should've gone with something else to kick the album off though. This was also the lead single. Usually Feeder get this right, but I don't think so in this instance.

Still, a great track with an epic ending.


6 Pushing the Senses

As I write my list in reverse, I realise that I should've put this one lower. Is a bit 50/50

Out of 10 tracks, 5 or 6 are great, 4 or 5 are "okay" or "meh".

"Feeling a Moment", "Tumble & Fall", "Tender", "Pushing the Senses", "Pilgrim Soul" and "Dove Grey Sands" are the stand outs.

"Pushing the Senses" is the best for mine. So damn catchy, got loud guitars, hand clap parts and a really cool solo. I reckon if I didn't get into Feeder just after this album got released, I wouldn't be as big into "Tumble & Fall" and "Tender". However, I do like them and never skip them.

"Pilgrim Soul" is a hidden gem in the mixed bag. Such a great track, I highly recommend if you've never heard it.

The rest is a bit forgettable and soft/dark. "Frequency" is one that I don't listen to much, but I actually quite like it too.

Overall it's probably a 7/10 just because of the strength of the title track, "Feeling a Moment" and "Pilgrim Soul"

7 Generation Freakshow

The latest album from the band marks a return to form and their best overall album since Comfort In Sound. "Borders" is a straightforward rock song and runs really smoothly, and the result is a trademark Feeder song, doing what they do best. Another highlight is "Sunrise", with possibly their most anthemic chorus since Echo Park's "Buck Rogers". Not their best work, but far from their worst. It is the most 'Feeder' sounding album they've ever released, combining everything that makes them who they are. "Oh My" has an intro similar to that of "Crash" off of Polythene, whereas songs such as "Children Of The Sun" are reminiscent of the Comfort In Sound era. "Headstrong" also proves that they can still really rock. This album also contains the first track written as a tribute to Jon Lee, "Hey Johnny". Released 10 years on from his death, the timing was perfect.

Oh My
Children Of The Sun

8 Swim

Their first ever commercial release - The Two Colours EP was only sold at gigs - they haven't released anything quite like it since. It's grungier and yet...still very Feeder. Many of these tracks are popular requests at modern day Feeder songs, and if you want to know how it all started, buy this EP. It is rather good.

Sweet 16
Stereo World

9 Renegades

A surprising change in direction at the time. Feeder went back to their roots after a change in record label and departed from their previous mainstream-friendly sound.

As a result, there aren't as many clear cut singles off this album, but the album is still a fun listen.

Most tracks actually clock in just under 3 minutes.

"White Lines" is a great opener, "Call Out" is a little cheesy but a punchy track, "Renegades" is nicely done, "Sentimental" is another short and sweet track that I quite enjoy, "Home" is fast and punchy as is "The End" and "Barking Dogs".

"Godhead" is my favourite off the album though. I don't think there's another Feeder song that sounds quite like it. Very cool track.

The rest off the album is actually good! Nothing bad. "City in a Rut" is another one that deserves a shout out for the cool riff. Got nothing against the other tracks, they are quite good but not as memorable.


10 All Bright Electric

When I first heard lead single "Universe of Life", Feeder lost me on this one. It took a long time for me to listen to the album after that. "Eskimo" is a great track with a nice riff and good structure while "Another Day on Earth" could easily fit on any of Feeder's earlier albums. Fantastic track that you had to be patient to get to.

"Universe of Life" has actually grown on me quite a bit and the main riff actually slaps really hard. The rest is growing on me, but at the time of writing, I still can only say that I love 3 tracks here. Paperweight has a great riff, but the chorus is very B-side Feeder.


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11 Picture of Perfect Youth

A quality compilation of a selection of their b-sides, the sheer amount on this album just shows you how much songwriting Grant does. Of course, most of the songs aren't quite as good as their album material. However, it does contain some absolute gems such as Emily, Rubberband and Can't Dance To Disco. On top of that there is a fantastic cover of The Police's Can't Stand Losing You, as well as a slight remix of a Feeder classic, Just A Day.

Can't Stand Losing You
Just A Day (Alan Moulder Mix)
Can't Dance To Disco

12 Tallulah

Their most recent release as I write this. Tallulah gave me hope in Feeder again after the underwhelming "All Bright Electric" ("Arrow" also gave me hope).

"Youth", "Blue Sky Blue", "Daily Habit", "Fear of Flying" and "Lonely Hollow Days" are all great tracks. The first four I mentioned are actually the first four tracks that start the album off.

"Youth" is the clear stand out followed by "Daily Habit". "Fear of Flying" is a mix between the "All Bright Electric" Feeder and the poppier Feeder. It could've been even better if they gave the vocals in the verses a bit more guts.

The rest of the album is good, though I need to give it a few more listens to memorise everything.

7/10 for now.

13 Seven Sleepers
14 Arrow
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