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The top 10 best songs from the original Frozen movie released in 2013. Includes unused outtake recordings included in the two-disc deluxe edition of the Frozen original motion picture soundtrack.
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1 Let It Go

This song has helped me. Even if it's not the type of music that you like, you should at MINIMUM respect and appreciate what it has done for people. (FYI: I'm a teen and it's one of my favorite songs) There have been times when I have gotten incredibly angry, and all I wanted to do was scream and lash out. Instead, I would sometimes run up to my room, put in the Frozen Soundtrack, switch it to this song, and collapse, letting the music calm my anger and soothe my soul.

This song is amazing, especially with menzel's beautiful voice. This one is so epic and big. It really shows her creativity, and during the song, she changes to a whole different person with a different appearance and personality. Definitely one of my favorites.

2 Do You Want to Build a Snowman

I liked Elsa in the movie, but Anna was my ultimate favorite
Character. I love all the songs sung by her. I thought Elsa's voice sounded kind of like and old lady. I still loved Elsa's great character though. Kristen Bell's voice as Anna was amazing, however. I loved this song the most because it goes through Anna and Elsa's childhood. People think that Anna was annoying Elsa throughout the song but she really wasn't. Elsa DID want to build a snowman. She wasn't allowed to though, and she was scared to hurt Anna. I was crying at the end of this song after their parents died and Anna and Elsa were both on their own. I think Let It Go is too popular and gets too much attention. People forget about all the other songs. They're all just obsessed with Let It Go. I also liked For the First Time In Forever. It was a hard choice between the two. Do You Want to Build a Snowman won though.

3 For the First Time In Forever

The window is open so is that door. I didn't know they did anymore. Who knew we owned 80,00 salad plates. For years I rowned these empty halls. Why have a ballroom with no balls. Finally their opening up the gates. They'll be actually real life people it will be totally strange. Wow am I so ready for this change. Cause for the first time in forever there be music There be light cause for first time in forever I will be dancing threw the night and so on

This song showed Anna's longing for freedom, and her hope to find someone who pays attention to her.

4 Love is an Open Door

Let it go is overrated. Love is an open door is catchy and I hope that when I get a boyfriend he' ll sing it and love me,

This song is so catchy. I love it!

So much better than let it go, sure it's a catchy song but this one actually is um better

5 In Summer

This song is really underrated. People hate it because they think Olaf is annoying but I really like the jazzy Broadway feel to it and how dark it actually is despite its cheery disposition.

LAWL! A snowman singing about the heat of summer! That's hilarious. Good thing Olaf got his wish in the end...

Don't you mean ''Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle!
But put me in summer and I'll be a- PUDDLE!

6 For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)

I loved "For the First Time in Forever," but the reprise manages to overshadow it despite being shorter. As others have pointed out, this marks the first time where Elsa and Anna finally address each other directly in, culminating in the former shutting down and dealing a would-be deadly blow to the latter (albeit unintentionally! ). In addition to providing a backdrop for an important plot point, I just love how the song builds musically and the interesting intervals it employs. In my opinion, this track deserves far, far more appreciation than it has

Overall, I feel this song gets far, far less love than it's entitled to!

7 Fixer Upper
8 Frozen Heart

In addition to having a distinctly different sound than the rest of the tracks, "Frozen Heart" also contains some excellent foreshadowing and beautiful imagery.

This song is barely recognized, many even forgot it was in the movie. I mean, it started it all...

9 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People

Reindeer are better than people
Sven don't you think that's true?

Yeah people they beat you and taunt you and cheat you
All of ems bad except you

But people smell better than reindeer
Sven don't you think I'm right?

That's once again true for all except you

You got me lets call it a night


Don't let the frost bite bite.

That's the whole song :) (so awesome)

Super short. But reindeers are better than people. Santa is a person, but he could've gotten nowhere without reindeer. Sven is so much better than Hans and Anna. Who are people. He's not better than Elsa though. But Elsa isn't exactly a person, she's a being with magical ice powers. Santa isn't exactly a human either but... YOU GET THE POINT?

10 We Know Better

No... It was a cut but it was a cute song.

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11 Life's Too Short

So what if it wasn't in the movie. It was a part of its deluxe edition song album. And it was good definitely

12 More Than Just the Spare
13 Vuelie
14 Life's Too Short (Reprise)
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