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1 Sarcasm

I never thought I would happen to find a rock band without any boring created songs... Sarcasm is the first song I happened to find out which got me hooked with this band...

I don't even really have a reason, I just love the sound of it and it's so catchy. It gets stuck in my head, but it's one of the few songs that I don't mind being there.

This song is amazing! It really got me hooked onto this band! Definitely on of my favourites

2 Don't You Dare Forget the Sun

Amazing! My first Get Scared song it has such a unique sound and meaningful lyrics it's amazing!

This was one of the first songs I heard from Get Scared. The lyrics just hit different.

Honestly I think this song has more meaning in it than sarcasm does. it's a more powerful song. then again personally I like joel faviere more than nick matthews. like honestly to me the entirety of built for blame laced with shame was better than everything else get scared has done w/o him...

3 Hurt

This song is what started this amazing journey of knowing this band. This song changed my life.

My personal favorite song of get scared. Helped me get through a rough time.

Best song ever. Sounds likes music box in the beginning.

4 Badly Broken

This song is good. The feels, man.

5 Built for Blame
6 Start to Fall
7 Whore
8 Hate

This is my favorite song by them, and it has been for a while now. I believe it's underrated, and if you haven't listened to it, I recommend that you do!

This was my favorite song for a while.

9 Suffer

This one should get more points. Its such an addicting chorus but what song doesn't from Get Scared.

Not only do I like this song, I also really love the album "Demons".

10 Parade

24? Easily my second my favorite song from this band! It should be higher.

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11 Told Ya So
12 Fail
13 Cynical Skin

Are you kidding me? This song gets stuck in my head all day. The vocals are phenomenal, all of the instruments mesh perfectly. I love that there are the lyrics and then there are the instruments and then they intertwine to make something awesome. I don't understand why this isn't in the top ten...

This song is amazing and gets stuck in my head all the time. Very catchy the lyrics make sense and never fail to have thinking about the lyrics all day long. very under rated

Get stuck in my head all day the vocals and lyrics are fantastic! I just love Get Scared

14 Voodoo
15 If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do

It's incredibly catchy, and the vocals are beautiful.

16 My Nightmare

I love Sarcasm and all, but this is my favourite, how is it so low... The slow, melodic part leading into the screaming is my favourite verse in any emo song!

OMGGG! This was the very first song I listened to by get scared and while sarcasm is definitely their best, my nightmare should definitely be in the top 5!

It's my favourite

17 Get Out While You Can
18 Problematic

I'm honestly shocked this one's not more popular! It's probably my favorite

19 Keep Myself Alive

This song is so good! I love the sound and lyrics so much.

This one's really good too! Deserves more votes!

20 Buried Alive

Their new song is amazing!

21 Drown

Amazing! So good this song gets stuck in my head and so inspiring.

22 Stumbling in Your Footsteps

How is this song not on this list? This song is amazing. Give it a listen if you like softer toned down music

This is SUCH an amazing song! I'm so obsessed with it!

23 Wrong
24 Second Guessing

This song doesn't deserve a twenty-two. Top fifteen at least. It is amazing.

I don't see why this song isn't higher up. It's sums up my life.

I was just hearing this one, how is it not more popular!

25 My Own Worst Enemy
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