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Cherilyn Sarkisian, known worldwide as Cher, is nothing short of a living legend. From her early career as part of Sonny & Cher to her solo success in music, acting, and activism, her impact has been immense and enduring. Now it's time to celebrate her incredible music career, and we want your input!

Do you remember when you first heard that distinctive contralto voice belting out a note that gave you chills? Was it from the classic, carefree 60s pop anthem "I Got You Babe", or the seductively haunting "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"? Maybe it was her 80s rock-infused power ballad "If I Could Turn Back Time", or the epic dance floor staple "Believe" that introduced the world to the groundbreaking use of Auto-Tune, affectionately termed the 'Cher Effect'.

Choosing the best Cher songs isn't a simple task. Over the course of her 60-year career, Cher has delivered hit after hit across multiple genres, breaking records, winning awards, and capturing hearts all along the way. You have to consider her power ballads, her pop bangers, her folk tunes, and her disco jams, each holding a special place in the vast discography of this Goddess of Pop.

So, we're asking you, what are the best Cher songs? There are countless hits to choose from, and we know that personal preferences can vary wildly. Some may be captivated by her early folk-rock sound, while others might lean towards her later, electronic-influenced dance anthems. Do you favor the rawness of her voice in her early years, or the refined power that developed over decades of performance? Or maybe, you love it all.
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1 Believe

Wouldn't it make it even better if it was mashed up with Smash Mouth's "All Star"?

Nobody sings this song as well or better than Cher. Nobody.

No one sings this song as well or better than Cher.

2 If I Could Turn Back Time

I like this song because Cher, my favorite, sings it so well. She has inspired so many people. It is unbelievable. I really wish to meet Cher. My parents also love Cher but not as much as I do.

This song speaks volumes to me. It has such a good message, and I could listen to it over and over again.

I like this song because it's just so original and it has such a good vibe. Also, 80s Cher!

3 Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

This is one of her first and still one of her best songs.

One of the best songs of the '70s. True hit. Cher showed wonderful vocals here.

Love this song. First heard it when I was very young!

4 Dark Lady
5 Save Up All Your Tears
6 Strong Enough
7 I Found Someone

I had this on cassette years ago. It was the song that first introduced me to Cher. I wore the tape out listening to it over and over. I never tire of this song.

8 You Haven't Seen the Last of Me

Just the positive message. I just wish that I had the ability to have this as the official song of a walk I created: The Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston. This song is my story. I just did not know it until I was 60.

It's the best song I've ever heard. It's really a strong song and it has a very sweet message that if you're down, you'll get up again. It makes you not lose hope.

One of the greatest songs I have ever heard. The movie Burlesque was great, and her heart and soul were part of it.

9 Half-Breed

This song was ahead of its time with the biracial theme and has a great melody. There is an interesting video of Cher dressed in Indian garb on a horse as she wails out the vocals.

Catchy but powerful song and lyrics. Great vocals. A true Cher classic.

10 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

This is like one of the best songs ever written in human history. Up you go!

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11 The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)

Absolutely wonderful song. Cher is an awesome artist and this song is one of the most memorable tracks from her.

She's always good, especially in this song. Go on your way and try to be good ever.

12 Song for the Lonely
13 Take Me Home
14 All or Nothing
15 After All
16 Dov'e L'amore

I adore this song. It's a really exciting song that gets you pumped!

This song is unforgettable and my favorite.

17 Walking in Memphis

I love many songs from the amazing Cher, but "Walking in Memphis" is my personal favorite track. I love its sound, melody, and lyrics. And the video was great.

18 Little Man
19 Just Like Jesse James

It's just an amazing song. Love it!

20 I Walk Alone
21 Runaway
22 Sunny
23 Dressed to Kill

I know that it has auto-tune, but Cher makes it work, especially in this song. Amazing!

24 Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies)
25 A Cowboy's Work is Never Done
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