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1 Self Esteem

This song is MUCH better than You're Gonna Go Far Kid. The beat on this is so original, so epic, so Punk. Other songs which should be higher: Defy You, Can't Get My Head Around You, Original Prankster, Hammerhead, Gone Away and Pretty Fly (For A White Guy). Get it sorted people, You're Gonna Go Far Kid has FAR too many votes!

"You're Gonna Go Far Kid" is number 1. Jesus, what has this world come to? My vote is for "Self Esteem" but I also love "All I Want, " "Gotta Get Away, " "Bad Habit, " well I could have almost any song except "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" as #1. Makes me want to barf.

To find the best of Offspring's music you need to go back to their first album. This song is just so unique in every way! When you hear the vocal intro you think 'what? ' Then you hear the guitar and drums and you're instantly hooked.

This song made smash for me... Plain and simple, this is the song that rounded out the album in terms of variety and showed the offspring didn't need blinding speed or even a sort of fast tempo too sound awesome.

2 The Kids Aren't Alright

What I like about Offspring is that every single song sounds different. Some artists have similar music and tunes replayed over and over, but for Offspring every song sounds like it is from a different band. Gives you a lot of options to play around with...

This song in particular gives so much emotion. Very unique and beautiful.

This song is crazy good. I don't know how You're Gonna Go Far, Kid is really competing with it. Honestly, Come Out and Play, Self Esteem, Gone Away, All I Want, is what The Offspring is. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace don't properly demonstrate what this band is capable of creating. Beautiful, meaningful and creative music.

I never understand why this album had bad/average reviews by music critics (like their other albums, you'll tell me). The Offspring has, at least, 4 or 5 good/great songs on each of their 90's albums. And "The Kids Aren't Alright" is part of that. This punk rock band deserves more gratitude in my opinion, don't you think?

Simply the best offspring song. The beginning is incredible and the song can be listened to time after time without getting boring. The lyrics tell a powerful story of how when we are kids we think we are going to go on to do great things later in life, but unfortunately this is often not the case.

3 You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

This song seems like it's cut from a slightly different cloth than a good chunk of the rest of The Offspring's stuff, and for that reason a lot of their fans don't believe it should be among their best. I'm personally not a hardcore The Offspring fan, but that's mostly because I lean more towards alternative rock than punk rock (although I do still believe that The Kids Aren't Alright, Self Esteem, and Gone Away, and a couple others from them are fantastic songs). With that being said, I am a fan of rock in general, and that's what this song is at its core. It's one of my favorite songs of all-time, an absolute classic.

This song took the best commercial success of just about all the song made by the band. The Rock and smooth lyrics are all enough to get into someone's head as a catchy and energetic albeit slightly angry song. Enthusiastic singing and powerful guitar proves to be an empowering combo. The song has also made a lot of appearances in covers and can be easily played on ' instruments with chords'.

As well as being your traditional 4 chords one-hit-wonder.

I really wanted to vote for one of their more underrated songs, but in reality, this song is just so good (not at all an over exaggeration). It really is perfection. The greatest song I've heard in a while and the best one released in the past decade. It's incredible. Perfect composition. Perfect lyrics. Perfect vocals. Downright amazing.

Epic song. Hilarious how the Offspring released their greatest hits before this song came out. I love how mysterious the song is too; although there are multiple theories on the meaning of it. Deep meanings, great guitar and a nice beat makes this song a deserving winner of my vote.

4 Come Out and Play

Really great song! The lyrics are very meaningful, and Dex did a great job singing them like always. Greg and Noodles did a great job with the strings, and it was very original. And of course, my Petey did an awesome job with the drums! Overall, the song is very good with lyrics, vocals, and awesome instrumental. The overall sound is very catchy and very punk! It was also the one that got them noticed. Best song! Love them so much, YOU GOTTA KEEP 'EM SEPARATED!

This should be in the top five in my book. This song and self esteem were the first two songs that got offspring noticed, and this song doesn't really get old... Even though it is one of their oldest

This song is amazing! It cane out the year I was born and I've been jamming to it ever since, grown up with this song. I think number 1 or 2 definitely.

I don't understand how Self Esteem can be ahead of this...? This is far, FAR better and far more memorable too. Gotta keep em separated...

5 Gone Away

Best overall performance by the band, has the Grunge sound that made the band great. Lyrics alone make this song a true masterpiece. By far their most powerful song in my opinion. Dexter truly is a talented and poetic genius, who never gets the credit he rightfully deserves. The Bass sounds amazing, the guitars are perfect. And the drums are superior.
Also it is one of the most inspiring songs in all different kinds of genres.

Cleary their most inspired and emotional song. Pure excellence. The rawness of this song will grab you and make you remember the important people you have lost in this cold bitter world.

No way this it is below come out and play and self esteem. This song reeks of emotion, of heartfelt tragedy which Dexter lets out with so much sincerity.

I Like this song the best. I've been An Offspring fan Since I was 6 years old. I especially listened to this a lot when my mom died when I was 16 years old.

6 Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Seriously! Best song ever! Why the hell don't people listen to good music like these guys anymore?! I was talking to a friend about this song and they asked: "Who's The Offspring? " Can You imagine how pissed off I was?

This is the best song ever! It's really catchy and the guitar is just amazing! This is the song that hooked me onto this band, along with the kids aren't alright. I don't get why people don't listen to this band, they're simply outstanding.

Dirty Magic is a way better song, Special Delivery and Denial, Revisited also should be on the list before this song! This song was funny when it came out but no one understands what is about really.

I laughed through this whole song. It's so funny, but so serious at the same time.

"Give it to me baby! "

7 Why Don't You Get a Job

proof that the Beatles are better than the Offspring: this song has sampled "Ob La Di, Ob La Da" by the Beatles beat wise. At the time I am writing this, this is number 7 on the list meaning there are only 6 songs above this for this list. Meanwhile, the Beatles song is number 83 on its respective list, meaning that there are 82 songs above it on that list. So while this song is this bands 7th best, the Beatles song is their 83rd best.

One of the first Offspring songs I ever heard. This singlehandedly got me hooked on this amazing (amazing) band. I think this deserves to be in the top five. No, top three.

Man, I thought this would first or second. Tell me, what this song hasn't got? Please guys... This is pure music, get it up on the list!

I expected to see this on the top but not even on the list? come on its awesome!

8 All I Want

Powerful & simple - just like being hit with a sledgehammer.
This song ought to be in the 1st ten, definitely!

So energetic and just flat out fun. Sometime that just makes you want to hop and run around your room.

Definitely one of the best songs of all time. It's very close to perfection. Love it.

One of my all-time favorite songs. I'll jump on my bed screaming it out. Love this song.

9 Gotta Get Away

What a Joke that Pretty fly, spare me the details, why don't you get a job, can't get my head around you. Those songs blow ass compared to this Smash Gem!

Should be top 5. Can't stand the Offspring's non serious songs.

This is Real offspring not that new punk crap.

What? This song should be in the top 10!

10 Hit That

I love The Offspring but this is by far my favourite! I love the electronic sounds throughout and the chorus makes you want to sing along every time

I always get happy when hearing this. I can listen to this song all day. That amazing piano part, just got to love it!

Very catchy, sounds very different from the rest, yet very similar. Up there with Self Esteem, Come Out and Play, Can't Repeat...

It makes me smile every time I put this one on. You can't listen to this song without getting happy.

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11 Bad Habit

Anyone claiming to be an Offspring fan should know this song! It should easily be up there with "Self Esteem" and "Come Out and Play". Give it a listen - you won't be disappointed.

This song is amazing. Its in my personal top 3 and is one of the best on the smash album, a classic hit all fans need to hear this song. Anyone who is considered a fan will love it

This song explains road rage so well. All you have to do is plug this song in and watch the roads clear ahead of you.

Has anyone ever even heard this song? Sheesh!
Its just awesome vocals, bass, drums and guitar, Not much (sarcasm)

12 (Can't Get My) Head Around You

This song deserves way more credit! Just listen to it, the lyrics are great (as always! )

Well that WOULD be true but I would still say your gonna go far kid is my favorite

13 Original Prankster

As if its below want you bad, let alone not in the top 10, so catchy, upbeat and the riff is amazing, not to mention the lyrics snappy and Dexters voice fits perfectly.

I think this one is best Offspring songs. Love them. This beautiful song must be in top ten!

How this isn't isn't in the top 3, let alone the top 10 is beyond me.

Just for this song I really love the offspring!

14 Hammerhead

Great song, one of their best actually, I think it should rather be in the top 3.

There should also be half-truism and trust you, since they are both great, a lot better than walla walla and most of the songs found in here. Rise fall rage and grace is the offspring's greatest album ever.

Catchiest song. Can't help but sing along.
The guitar may not be the most technical, but it sure is extremely catchy and heavy.

I love it!

For me the best song of them. Defy You and The Kids Aren't Alright are very good too but Self Esteem is epic...

Very cool, very heavy guitar, love the deep subject matter as well. Ultimately one of their best.

15 Dirty Magic

Classic Offspring! The only song that has been released on two different albums. Until let the bad times roll was released, at least

Classic Offspring. Undoubtably one of their greatest songs. In my opinion I believe this should be in their top ten, You're gonna go far kid is overrated and probably only number one because of its success on the mainstream market.

What? 17th? Why? I've always loved this song and I consider it to be the best of the Offspring! I think it must be on the top of the list! It's really SONG!

This song is AMAZING. It has elements of their punk roots, angst and has similar qualities to "Self Esteem". Also, it has been stuck in my head all day.

16 Defy You

I love the offspring and loads of their songs, but man you got this all wrong... This has to be their best song... Top of the list man! Great vocals, lyrics choru etc... Great song overall

I think this is their best song. Shame that it's not even in the top 20.

Not my favorite, but definitely needs to be higher.

Brilliant song. Set as my ringtone because that damn good guitar!

17 Americana

This is the best song of The Offsring, not only because it is musical perfection, the lyrics are indeed very critical towards society and are reflecting the sad truth about the classical U.S. capitalism.

Best drum intro ever! Great song! I've loved this song from years and I still feel exictment when I hear it!

An almost unknown classic- no offspring song has as much raw energy as Americana

The best song of Americana and The Kid Aren't All Right, and Starting at the sun

18 Cool to Hate

Well this song should be a lot higher. Heck, it's practically the national anthem of the Internet. Great lyrics from one of The Offsprings best albums (Ixnay and Smash are joint first in my opinion). The songs about toxic negativity of course and how those who preach it push everything around them away. But aside from the awesome lyrics is the kick ass tune. Pure Offspring, fast, pummelling punk rock.

Never before have I seen such beautiful satire.

The people who take this song seriously are fools. It's mocking the people who hate everything, and that's part of why it's so awesome!

Man this must be in top 5, I mean come on! The Kids Aren't Alright is not bad but It's definitely shall not be number 1! Doesn't anyone think this way?

19 Days Go By

Best song by them by far, brilliant riffs and lyrics are superb, great sound and really catchy! This should be number 1 for sure!

It's from their new album, also titled Days Go By! Really deserves more votes because it is a damn good song! Please vote!

By far the best song of theirs!

20 Want You Bad

Love this song so much! I love a lot of Offspring songs but this song always cheers me up and is a definite choice for a good party!

This and Pretty Fly are my favourite Offspring songs. This should be top 10 easily!

This is the song my wife and I chose for our first dance at our wedding. Played much slower though

Such a good song, so upbeat, amazing vocals, one of my favourite songs ever!

21 Coming for You

I know it's new, but I have to give The Offspring credit. They are still making quality music today like this song. I love the lyrics and the rhythms used to get the idea across. Great song.

I was surprised that this wasn't in the top 5. Then I scrolling down and saw it wasn't even in the top 20... Number 130? This should be #5 at the absolute lowest!

This is one of their best songs, in my opinion. It should be in the top ten, if not the top of the list.

Is The great song for what Number 130?

22 I Choose

This should be top 10. It perfectly symbolises what the Offspring are about. Great messages hidden in a fantastic song with an awesome guitar riff. This song's message is so clever. "Life is like falling off a cliff. You never know when you'll hit the ground, so just enjoy the fall while you can"

This song is always overlooked. It is a hidden gem on Ixnay on the Hombre and is one of their best pop-style songs!

Dexters voice and the guitarpart work perfect together. Favourite Song of Ixnay on the ombre!

23 Pay the Man

The band's only foray into metal fittingly closes what is probably the only progressive punk rock album to grace the mainstream, and is the natural end to the progression on the album. Positively beautifully crafted, building naturally from a slow whisper to an explosive crescendo, and finally collapsing into silence, the song is easily their most structurally complex (fitting more into the "Stairway to Heaven" mold than the "Self Esteem" mold the rest of their repertoire falls into), all with an Easter egg to boot. The Offspring have never produced anything else with this degree of perfection - few bands do - and they probably never will again.

Definitely The Offspring's MOST unique song, coming from a lifelong fan of the band. Extremely underrated, though it sometimes takes true musical talent to appreciate true musical talent. It may not appeal as much to the "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" crowd as it does to those who have more of an ear for talent and originality. That being said, the instrumentals simply blow me away every time.

This song is quite different from their other ones. However, I am hardly alone when I say that "Pay the Man" is the Offspring's masterpiece. The instrumentals are masterfully crafted, evolving into a punk-oriented guitar riff at 5:00/6:00. Simply amazing.

Easily my favorite song by the offspring. I love the way they use the melody from Sampson and Delilah and convert it to a mysterious rock version. The main guitar riff in the second part of the song is simply perfect.

24 Staring at the Sun

This song is brilliant and absolutely relentless, it is impossible to listen to this and not want to listen repeatedly and all it will take is a second listen and you will find yourself singing along word for word.


One of the best if not the greatest offspring song ever written! Come on guys.. Should be easily riding high in the top 5 AT LEAST!

Best song, real fast love it!

Best song to board to to, gets me up and about and ready for anything

25 Way Down the Line
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