Best Things About Justin Bieber

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1 His Singing

Justin Bieber is the best singer I have heard in my life, along with One Direction. The Beatles? Nah, they're overrated. But Justin Bieber is awesome. It saddens me to see that no one on this site likes him. But Justin Bieber is actually a musical genius. Forget about Jackie Evancho or whoever else you like.

You guys know that just because you hate someone doesn't mean they're bad singers, right? Like seriously, GROW UP. He is a GOOD singer, much better than lots of other male singers.

Wow his voice is the best
Fans heard baby
Believers heard where are you now
Best songs - common denominator, where are you now, stuck in the moment, down to earth, turn to you..

It's SO great I rather listen to a chainsaw whirring against an iron than his oh-so "amazing" singing (Sarcasm. He's so terrible. No wonder a lot of people here hates him)

2 His Hair

Although he used to be able to flip, now his hair is just Perfect!

Thanks to his HAIR his hair flip is by lady shampooed hair, Justin's brain (the worst brain EVER)and a TOILET where not just his hair belongs.His music and him too.

At least his hair is more decent than his personality.

I think he awesome

3 He's Nice

He's just so nice and caring! He's a sweet-heart!

Sweetest and most caring person I have ever met.

He is so nice! I love him so much

4 His Eyes

His eyes are so Catching,
That once a while you just can't help being impressed! :)
I think Beliebers are the best creatures the 'Fans world' has.

5 He Admits His Mistakes

He has admitted and apologized for many of his mistakes. Being as big of a star that he is, that takes a lot of guts. I admire him for this, and many other things that he has done. Not only does he own up to his mistakes, he actually goes through with it and doesn't make them again. He sets a good example, and I'm proud of him. If you think I'm crazy, I'm not stopping you, but if you go ahead and do research on it, you'll see that I'm right. He also dedicates his time to giving back. If this isn't a role model, I don't know what could be.

Really, though, is it too late now to say sorry?

6 His Smile

His smile gives me life it's the oxygen in order for me to breathe, when he smiles it makes me smile and it makes me happy when he isn't smiling I don't smile I'm weak.

His teeth are white, straight, and lips are okay.

Love his smile

7 His Clothes
8 His Songs

Justin revealed the true meaning of this song. He said its for everyone (especially you haters! ). Its time we forgive him. And the song is probably for Selena

I love his songs!

9 His Abs

God they are stunning

10 His Shoes

I dislike his songs and him in general, but he really has some awesome shoes!

Haha his shoes are the ONLY good thing about him!
No really... I don't understand what all the girls like about him
He sings like a baby

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11 He Brings His Fans on Stage

I love Justin very very much and he brings his fans on stage and also give them surprise and his many other habbits are loved by me...

I think that's so cute

12 The Way He Talks
13 He Doesn't Twerk
14 How He Sags

Very amazing I love it

With a belt is cute

It's cute I was proud when he pulled his trousers up for the believe premiere though

15 His Lips

They are so big and girly.

16 His Swag

Actually it's not his swag. It's that he has swag, and you have swag only when you're confident. And I don't think that it's easy for him to, cause there's all this pressure he has to deal with and so much hate, and all that when he does something wrong he ALWAYS gets really bad comments, like this people that are commenting has never had done something wrong too. Don't you think it's time to admit that it's pretty hard but he's doing good by keeping being Him and have this amazing swag that none of the people I know can have even if the don't have to deal with all these things I said before. Just saying my opinion. Nothing more nothing less.

17 His Voice

Incredible voice I ever heard. he did, sound a little like girl, but I think that is what make his voice so damn nice

18 He Has a Lot of Fan Girls
19 He is a Bad Boy
20 His Teeth
21 His Face

It is just perfect in every way!

22 His Rapping

That is the only good thing I can find about him.

23 He's Canadian

The only good thing he has.

24 His Heart

Yeah! He took your sister's heart at one point! How evil, Justin Bieber!

He's only human

25 He's Hot

He is just so dang hot.

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