Greatest Motley Crue Songs

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1 Kickstart My Heart

Love this song. Perfect "pump you up" song to get you going. I believe this was the Crue's last solid hit. Kickstart My Heart was not that popular at the time it was released, due to the grunge scene blossoming in a very big way and this style of music was slowly fading out the door.

Now that much time has passed, this song is getting more love today than it did when it was released. Funny how things change. Really a great song that was extremely underrated at the time, but as time has proven, it deserves the #1 spot!

This song is awesome. One of the best rock songs (excluding metal) ever! One of the best things about the song is the guitar work. This has to be some of the best guitar work in a rock song from the riffs which are some of the best I've heard, that awesome intro, and the solo where there are vocalizing effects coming from the guitar. You'd have to be some guitar patrician to pull something like that off. I also think their song sounds the most metal to me because of such guitar work.

The energy this song produces is insane! I'm in the 7th grade and there are kids who haven't heard of any band from the 70s, 80s, 90s... nothing... I think they've gotta stop worrying about drugs and teach these kids REAL MUSIC! (Also, I asked some kid who they thought was better, Robert plant, or Justin Bieber... SHE SAID Justin Bieber! )

Smoking in the Boys room was the first music video I had seen from this band as a kid. Never saw the gender bending stuff before. Really was hard not to take your eyes off the video and was extremely engrained in my brain, but Kick Start my Heart is their best song. An adrenaline rush.

2 Home Sweet Home

My Favorites
7. Shout At The Devil
6. Time For A Change
5. Dr. Feelgood
4. Smokin' In The Boys Room
I think this one has the funniest music video I've ever seen.
3. Girls, Girls, Girls
That riff...
2. Kickstart My Heart
That bass riff...
1. Home Sweet Home
The solo and emotional nature of this song make it my favorite.

The BEST song I'VE ever heard! I don't think I've ever listened to a song as much as this one. If I could see one song live it would definitely be this one. EVERY single instrument in this song is played brilliantly and the song is so original!

My friend loves this song. In a world when everyone loves pop music that is really cool. I got into rock hearing stuff like this and Walk This Way and AC/DC stuff along with Van Halen

I am amazed by how Motley Crue can make a song so beautiful yet has the same cool style to them. This has beautiful and emotional lyrics and amazing guitar use.

3 Dr. Feelgood

I love this song, I've had to listen to this song every day for the past 3 months. And I really mean every day! The guitar riff is killer, I play it all the time, the song has an awesome feel to it. One of the best hard rock songs ever written in my opinion.

This song is amazing! While I absolutely mean no of fence to Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx, it's Tommy Lee's titanic drumming and Mick Mars volcanic guitar riffs that absolutely kills this song!

I like Kicksart my heart too!.
I also admit Home sweet Home is their best Ballad
Not too mention Girls, Girls, Girls the defacto Stripper anthem.
But Dr. Feel good is not only their best album, but the song is their definitive Masterpiece.

This is the song that gets stuck in my head the most. But I like it. This song kicks buttocks. I love the part where the guys voice is really deep.

4 Girls, Girls, Girls

Price is right, sports illustrated, and victorias secret models are all gonna have a wild night. Make sure you make out with one of em.

Loved motley's early stuff but this song was just embarrassing. Like people want to hear about how many strippers you slept with.

One of the greatest guitar riffs ever written, and the song is also a perfect statement about the band itself.

Had a cougar grindin on me last night at a show with this playing. I'll never hear this amazing jam the same way again

5 Wild Side

This is not my favorite song ever, but Motley Crue is my favorite band and this is my favorite song by them. Now the weird thing is that this is acually a song I count as a christmas song because this is when I heard of it first and now it tradition to listen to it around christmas. The start is different than most of their songs and vinces tone is different too. It's very catchy and it gets you in a energetic mood. Not a violent. A, "I want to get up and run, " almost mood. The best part is when they go, "long lost is the wishing well... HOOH! "

All the tunes on this list are great and deserve to be listed. But if you're talking about no-nonsense, rattle your teeth, straight ahead rock n' roll that'll cause your kids to be born naked, then this tune is number 1. Not only a tough guitar sound but the drum sound is awesome as well. This is the song Chuck Berry prophesied about when he sang "Hail Hail Rock N' Roll". Enough said

Though already in the top 10, it is behind Girls Girls Girls, which, is another great song from Crue but, I do believe Wild Side is barely better. Wild Side is a dark conception of the streets and world that we live in and isn't playful, like its counterpart. Message is strong and it is still a party anthem.

This was the song that got me into this awesome band. I love the guitar riffs and the vocals sound really cool. There was so much energy put into this, making you feel like a wild motorcycle driver.

6 Looks that Kill

This is one of Motley Crue's best guitar works of all time. Guitar riffs and solo are simply just epic. I like it better than the song "Girls, Girls, Girls".

I'm a 12 year old and have been listening to the best music in the world since I was taken home from the hospital. I get a lot of trash about it at school, I will say, I'm in love with Nikki. He is so perfect. My favorite song is probably Looks that Kill or girls, girls, girls. LONG LIVE THE CRUEE!

This is the best song from the best album, all other comments are from kids with zero knowledge!

No other song defines Crue like this song! One of a kind and will live on in the annals of Rock!

7 Shout at the Devil

Without this song there may be no hair metal genre. In many ways this is the best song ever put together. A rebellious rock anthem, conjuring flames and pentagrams. And where Twisted Sister might not take it anymore from the school principal or tough dad, the Crue leads their fans to believe there is no need to take crap from the devil himself.

Shout at the devil rocks! I almost feel bad for the kids at school who won't listen to 80s bands, I've told them but they won't listen... too bad for them! I can jam out to the Crue anyday!

I really don't understand how is that Kickstar My Heart could be number 1 since I hate the song, Shout at the Devil or Live Wire are better songs that must be there, in the golden possition!

Even Metallica fans like this one. It sounds like it could be on the Black Album.

8 Live Wire

One of Motley Crue's most unique songs it is also very catchy
. Micks guitar playing is also really good on this song and Vince's voice suits the sound of the band perfectly

This is probably my favorite Crue song. This is heavy & energetic. Adrenaline fills this song to the core. It's incredible & should easily be #1.

First time I listened this song in game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

Pure Badass Crue! The song that started it all

9 Too Young to Fall in Love

Epic song, I first hear it on Grand Theft Auto vice city and ever since then I was crazy about it, very good song!

This song is sick! Nice upbeat tempo and great beat. I love the guitar and the lyrics are pretty catchy.

Tobymac's Wake The Neighbors sounds exactly like this song.

The guitar is so damn good!

10 Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)

I'm sorry but as much as I love Motley, this one is lyrically trash. It's homophobic, it's oversexualization of a lesbian, and it falls flat compared to their other songs. If there would be a worst song from MC, it would be this

Wow. I would have guessed this as top 7. My favorite song of all time!

The song that won my Motley Crue commitment.

Should be in top 5

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11 You're All I Need

Def should be in top 10. Another great ballad from the Crue and it is a dark one as well. It sounds very delicate, but the lyrics contrast ver much, making a very unique, good song.

Love this song! It's a dirty, tongue in the cheek love song. Would love to see them do this live. It's a close 2nd to home sweet home in regards to their best ballad. Way better than without you.

This should at least be in the top 10. After learning the story behind this song then listening to the lyrics, it is just impossible to not love this song.

Great ballad... Way better than without you. Wish they would do this one live! Vince really does a great job on the vocals!

12 Without You

Got to be their second best ballad, only short of Home Sweet Home. This one is very soft, relatable and is just right down to earth about a guy saying he can't live without this girl. We have all had that moment.

It is a great song for a wedding. That was one of my wedding songs go crue

Great song! Should be in the top ten

I don't mind this song

13 Smokin' in the Boys' Room

This I's one of their best songs!
It should be in the top 5 at least. Smokin in the boys room rocks, I song it at school all the time and ge in sook much trouble.

What? How isn't this in the top five? This is like one of the best! I personally like shout at the devil. I Love MOTYLEY CRUE!

If this came out in the 2010s or 2020, it would've been called "Vapin' In The Gender Neutral Restroom".

This is an awesome song. My dad and I made a parody of this called Stinkin' Up The Bathroom.

14 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

I love this song. Right now, it is in my top 5 best from the Crue and it should be. It is like a power ballad, but a party anthem mixed together, which makes it so good. Great sing-along song as well.

Are you seriouus? 30th place for this song? In the third place after Dr Feelgood and Home Sweet Home.

My favourite Motley Crue song.

About the 3rd greatest song by motley and the best breakup song out there

15 Saints of Los Angeles

This song is so awesome, unfortunatly like many songs from The Crue it didn't get a whole lot of airplay since we have a crappy music industry that has no idea about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

This song shows how well the Crue has adapted to the modern day. They were hair metal heavy hitters, but that era ended. This song shows that they can be pure heavy metal.

Even though the Crue has gotten older this song shows that they have not gotten weaker. With Micks Heavy Guitar and Tommy's amazing technique this defines modern day rock and roll

Please be old enough to remember women's big hair before you vote. Viva la mini skirts and high heels.

16 Primal Scream

Should be number 10. Great song beats smokin buy a mile. Smokin' is classic song but just think Primal Scream is last song that wasn't filler like Generation Swine. Primal last song were they were kicking on all cylinders.

This song is one of the best I have heard. I was born on this kind of music and I will die with it in my heart. It has always been one of my favorite songs ever.

Definitely my favorite Motley song! The riff gets in your head, the song is catchy, and overall it's amazing!

From Motley Crue's sixth album, "Decadence" that was released in 1991.

17 Mutherf***** of the Year
18 All In the Name Of...

Favorite Crue song of all time!

19 Too Fast for Love

This one is a little bit more calm for a Crue song. Not too much guitar, or screaming vocals, but the chorus does a great job. Easy to sing to.

What made motley crue awesome,
Great riff, great beat and attitude.

20 Take Me to the Top

Underrated song from Too Fast For Love, mostly cause of so big Live Wire was and this was their first album. But, it should be heard because it is a simple, rock hard song.

This song is just the Crue! The Vince performance is so amazing, the energy, the customs and the solo guitar are also good.

Wish they did more songs like this. They went too poppy later on.

Oh, this is their best... Come on...

21 Knock 'Em Dead, Kid

I can't believe that this song isn't in the top 10 at least, this is one of their most catchiest and best songs. It's so simple yet so full of awe.

Awesome song! Not my favorite but 1 of the best! I think the song is about me because I like to wrestle and I always think " Knock Em Dead Kid. "

22 Anarchy In the Uk
23 Helter Skelter

Peace Sells... but who's buying Crue?

This deserves to be in the top 10!

24 Hooligan's Holiday
25 Ten Seconds to Love

This should definitely be way higher! This one of my favorites. Love it live in Tacoma. I would put this at 6

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