Top 10 Best Judas Priest Songs

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1 Painkiller

I love this song. A brilliant drum solo from Scott Travis kicks it all off, with Rob Halford's vocal range, Ian Hill's bass, and Glenn Tipton and KK Downing teaming up together as guitarists to make the song aggressive. This makes it an inch-perfect song.

I think this is one of the last great heavy metal classics, Painkiller.

The best song hands down for Judas Priest is Painkiller. If you're looking to get into this band, then this is the song to start with. It's got everything a good metal song should have. This song isn't just one of Judas Priest's most epic songs. It's one of the most epic metal songs of all time.

2 Beyond the Realms of Death

I personally find this track to be the band's masterpiece. So much of Priest's work is overlooked by the fans, in favor of their more well-known, more "metal" tracks. But this is classic and so very distinctly Priest.

I was never into metal for the headbanging. I was in it for the great writing and the lucid sound. The sound envelops you and delves into your being. A trait born from the history of psychedelic/blues rock. A precursor to heavy metal.

It's always been my favorite. Profound lyrics anyone can relate to, its tempo changes along with the subject matter, and the solo is the best.

It conveys so much feeling, emotion, and depth. It takes one from sadness to anger then leaves you inspired. Brilliant.

3 Breaking the Law

Even though this song is rather simple (I can play it, and I've only been playing for a few months), it's still a classic that deserves a high spot. By the way, 'Hell Bent for Leather' should be way higher than 12.

Judas Priest, man, tough decision. One thing I can say for sure, watch the video. Just watch it - holding hostages with guitars. This song just rocks, man.

I am 1,000,000% sure this is the greatest Judas Priest song. Just listen to the solo, the opening, and the amazing vocals.

4 Victim of Changes

This is not only the number one song of Judas Priest but also of the rock world. The song demonstrates pleasing vocals, emotion, and a top guitar solo. This song encouraged the listing as well. My view is that this song encompasses all the things that a hard rock or metal listener would want from a band.

"Breaking the Law" is all I knew when Judas Priest crossed my mind. I really was missing out because I was ignorant. But then I streamed their collection of greatest hits and felt like punching myself for not paying attention to this legendary band.

5 Electric Eye

This song is just amazing, with the magnificent Hellion opening, electric instrumentals, and a voice that fits. This song defines why we love Judas Priest.

My list:
1. Electric Eye
2. Breaking the Law
3. Painkiller
4. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
5. Living After Midnight

This is what heavy metal should be - an awesome song with some fantastic riffs and lots of energy. It's the song that got me into Priest. In fact, the whole Screaming for Vengeance album is brilliant, as is Defenders of the Faith.

The Hellion intro just gives you those heavy metal vibes that show you what Judas Priest is all about. After The Hellion, this kick-ass electric sound comes in, and you get the sudden urge to headbang! It defines heavy metal.

6 You've Got Another Thing Comin'

I love this song, but it's only second to 'Beyond the Realms of Death'. 'You've Got Another Thing Comin'' still needs to be in the top 5! It has a more mainstream sound but loses none of the grit and toughness associated with Priest and metal in general.

The riff has got to be the best specific part of the song for me, quickly chugging the song forward, but it is also super catchy. The only exception is the bridge: "In this world we're living in we have our share of sorrow." Amazing vocals by Halford, he puts so much emotion into those two lines and at such a high pitch. It makes me sing along every time!

7 The Sentinel

This is probably Priest's most epic song to date, sharing with Beyond the Realms of Death. My list:

1. Painkiller (an absolute classic. It's also extremely metal)
2. The Sentinel
3. Beyond the Realms of Death (different but very welcome. Priest needs more songs like this.)
4. Breaking the Law (good old rock and roll)
5. Electric Eye (amazing and also metal)
6. Victim of Changes (just... good)
7. Screaming for Vengeance (even more metal)
8. Dreamer Deceiver (a really good ballad)
9. Metal Gods (a quality hard rock anthem)
10. Turbo Lover (Priest's Somewhere in Time album has synthesizers, much like this song.)

8 Living After Midnight

I love this song. It's the perfect song to listen to if you're out in the woods partying with buddies at 1:20 in the morning. I like this song so much I consider it my theme song since I like to stay up late at night anyway. Off the record, I think it's an awesome song for powerful drug dealers, like Tony Montana (yes, I know he's fictional).

I think it's a good song for any human spirit.

The live version in the Seminole arena is just amazing. I love Scott Travis. He is a very fast drummer.

Great rhythm, great guitars, and super vocals - a famous masterpiece!

9 Hell Bent for Leather

I do think most of their '70s albums had their best songs. This list should be filled with their '70s output, other than Painkiller.

10 A Touch of Evil

The best Priest song. Every part rips, particularly Halford, beginning with menacingly disarming vocals, and later escalating to what I think are his absolute best screaming soars of passionate triumph in any Priest song to date.

The ending passages will never fail in making the hairs rise from my neck each listen-through. "You're possessing me!"

Best song they have. Very energetic and full of power. Better than Breaking the Law for sure, that's such a dumb song musically. I think this is a bit more complex, as the whole Painkiller album is, so I prefer it much more.

The Contenders
11 Turbo Lover

Okay, Turbo Lover is good but probably out of their top 20. Most of the hardcore Priest fans would most likely agree. Casual fans like this one. They did some experimenting here after Defenders and then hit the nail on the head with Painkiller!

Everything's great: the pacing, the instruments, the vocals, the mix between the two, the progression, and the enjoyment. While different from most Judas Priest songs, it is still a timeless classic to remember.

Love the slow build-up, the rhythm, great song. This song needs to be at least on the podium of Priest songs. Just as I need to listen to this in a fast car, again and again.

12 Screaming for Vengeance

Unbelievable! Number 17? Priest has been my favorite band for 30+ years. It's very hard to pick one song as their best, but this is unbelievable!

This song defines Rob Halford and Judas Priest. It leaves no doubt that Rob is a god and the best frontman ever. Makes me wonder if you people know Priest at all.

We know there are a lot of frontmen out there who can scream, but for Halford, it's an art. This song, well, the title speaks for itself! Awesome!

The album and song that my friend played for me that got me into Priest in '83. Still my favorite Priest album overall.

13 Dreamer Deceiver

Not just a great song by a great metal band but a brilliant song on every level. The vocal qualities Halford exhibits in this song, the sheer range, and the transition between a clear, beautiful voice and an artful sneer make this song a classic.

What a haunting song. This one is similar to Beyond the Realms of Death. Same atmosphere, similar tone, and both have underrated guitar solos by Glenn Tipton.

One of the greatest vocal lines in the history of rock (not only metal). Wonderful, evolving guitar solo. The atmosphere is characteristic of the 70s but with some anticipation of the epicness of NWOBHM of the 80s.

14 Night Crawler

And now what?

This is an excellent song. Feel the electric guitar grinding hell into pieces, with awesome vocals corresponding with the drums... and of course, I won't say a thing. Just try it and you'll see.

I hate working out, but this song keeps me running on the treadmill. I am literally headbanging while running! The guitar and vocals just fit so perfectly together, giving an energetic and emotional vibe at the same time.

I am giving this my vote because I feel it should be in the top ten. Some of the best metal riffing I've ever heard. It's ageless.

15 Blood Red Skies

Blood Red Skies, Victim of Changes, Dreamer Deceiver, The Sentinel, and A Touch of Evil are, in my opinion, top-tier Judas Priest songs. Speaking particularly about Blood Red Skies, this song may prove Rob Halford to be the most complete heavy metal vocalist ever. He has a lyric voice, metal voice, medium tones, and very high tones (perhaps it was missing only the baritonal tones from the first part of Dreamer Deceiver and all would have been 100% complete). Like a very well-rounded fighter: no weaknesses.

I didn't know the song until a few days ago. Such epicness is matchless with any other rock or metal song I've ever heard.

I invite you to read the lyrics while listening to it. You'll be transported there and become that future legend by dying. It's fantastic. Really, maybe almost unknown, but their best in my opinion and not only mine - I bet a lot will underwrite it.

16 Exciter

Awesome song with great vocals, guitars, and killer, lightning-fast drums. This song was also a huge influence on thrash metal, along with songs like Overkill and Symptom of the Universe.

If Black Sabbath's Symptom of the Universe wasn't the seed of thrash metal, then this certainly was.

Such a masterpiece from Stained Class! Can't believe it's 20th. Deserves to be top 10, if not top 5 for sure.

17 Freewheel Burning

Come on! Number 15? Get your stuff right, people! Sure, Painkiller, Breaking the Law, The Sentinel, and all those are great too, don't get me wrong, but this is the first Judas Priest song that, when I heard it for the first time, I was truly blown away by the guitars, the vocals, and everything. This song is exciting, has wonderful instrumental skills, and is undoubtedly one of Judas Priest's very best songs! Vote up, people!

I had memorized the lyrics to this song way back in high school, from listening to it so much. I had written down the words to it on the inside cover of probably multiple textbooks. This one is "FAST AND FURIOUS," to say the least!

18 Hellrider

Judas Priest came back to the metal scene swinging with this song. All the others needed to know that Judas Priest always will be the kings of metal.

Amazing song, the guitar riff, too, is immaculate, Halford's vocals are terrifying, and the drums are incredible.

Second only to Painkiller. The best opening to any song I have ever heard. The riff paralyzes me. An incredible heavy metal masterpiece from the fathers of twin guitar metal. It doesn't get any better than this, so I'm mystified why it is not in the top 10?

19 Judas Rising

Oh my, Judas Rising rotting here?! The ultimate Judas Priest song with the most epic riffs, heaviest beats, most energetic vocals, and the BEST chorus of all time is placed 16th?! This is the biggest insult to Judas Priest and their insane album 'Angel Of Retribution' that's one of the most legendary metal albums ever. And Angel is 13th?! Another shocker! The Metal Gods are not pleased, enough said.

What's wrong with this list, putting Judas Rising here? This song is the epitome of heavy metal. Brash, insanely fast, divine riffs. Everything about this song is pure genius. This is by far one of their best songs. It's just so heavy!

Please, allow your ears the privilege of listening to this, and THEN vote. Because this is definitely better than almost the entire top 10.

20 Blood Stained

Are you crazy? This song is pure metal! I love it!

My favorite song with Tim Owens.

21 One Shot at Glory

What? Why is this song at 24th? You guys are unbelievable. Definitely one of my top three, along with Painkiller and Beyond the Realms of Death.

The vocals are top-notch. Most underrated Priest song that I can think of.

I discovered JP with this song. It's the definition of awesomeness.

22 The Green Manalishi

This is actually my favorite Priest song. I love The Diamonds and Rust cover as well and would rank it in my top 10.

Can't believe this isn't in the top ten! Love the live version on Unleashed in the East.

Very underrated. All Judas Priest fans recognize this one!

23 Dissident Aggressor

Such an underrated song. Halford's amazing performance, never more playful, such great contrasting. And KK's and Tipton's riffs are again simple yet incredibly catchy. Just give it a listen, people. You won't regret it.

Heavier than anything to come for years. Truly awesome, especially with the impact of the 17-year-old session drummer Simon Phillips.

This is why I love early metal! Great chords, the drum work is brilliant, and the guitars scream through the song! Awesome!

24 Angel

What! Angel should be in the top 5. The feel in this song almost makes me cry! This song has a very deep meaning. It is less instrumental but is a song where Judas Priest has outdone themselves lyrically. It's one of JP's finest works!

Just awesome. I agree with the other comments. It should definitely be in the top 10 of the list. You actually can feel the song inside you.

So beautiful. The lyrics are very powerful and emotional. The solo is incredible. One of my favorite songs ever. This deserves to be at the top.

25 Stained Class
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