Greatest Rufus Wainwright Songs

The songs that best display Rufus Wainwright's incredible voice and breath-taking talent at songwriting. Unfortunately my 'favourites' list covered 24 songs so these are the 10 I selected.
The Top Ten
1 Dinner at Eight
2 Go or Go Ahead

This song just gives me shivers every time I listen to it. I put my headphones in, close my eyes and then just get swept away in the music. Just to listen to the builds and falls of this song is beautiful

Powerful and heart-wrenching; this song really gets to me every time. It's so sad.

This is the most gorgeous song I think I've ever heard.

Shivers and crescendos.

3 The One You Love

I choose this one because it is my third favourite song from Rufus. Memphis Skyline is a masterpiece and does not even show on this list. Same goes for April Fools!

4 California
5 Natasha

The greatest 'love song' ever written. Makes me cry it's so beautiful.

So delightful to the ears. Such a beautiful song

6 Going to a Town

This song is near perfection.

This Song really makes me cry.

7 Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
8 Hallelujah

A song about sadness. A true work of art this song is.

9 The Art Teacher
10 Beauty Mark

On the first beats of that drum I was hooked to this song. Pure genius.

The Contenders
11 Poses

It's like a beautiful golden afternoon, lost in memories.

12 Coeur de Parisienne

Amazing, improvisional piano and the melody with the French lyrics sends shivers down my spine.

13 Little Sister

This has the most amazing orchestral part ever written for a modern song, in my opinion.

14 Nobody's Off the Hook

The string quartet has the most beautiful harmonies and Rufus' voice and choice of lyrics are simply stunning.

15 14th Street

Such a good song

16 One Man Guy

I love this song so much. Everyone should listen to it.

17 Memphis Skyline

No one in modern music understands composition the way Rufus does. It's an a decisive opinion, but he is the only contemporary musician I've heard (and I'm counting the likes of Dylan and the Beatles) that comes close to the classical greats. This song (and Little Sister) prove that.

This song is an incredible piece of passion. A song for the much missed Jeff Buckley. Having his way with the piano, Rufus puts us into an emotion that few would want to ever leave.

18 In a Graveyard

So slow, sad and meaningful. Rufus does sorrow so beautifully.

19 Release the Stars

One of his most incredible, big songs. It was really amazing live, as well.

20 April Fools

Such a fun song that everyone can learn to sing to. One that should never be unmentioned.

21 Foolish Love

It's just good. The song seems slightly detuned which makes me feel sad but in a good way like in Radiohead's "No Surprises"

22 Bitter Tears

Why is this not on anyone's top ten of his songs? I love it!

23 Beautiful Child
24 Vibrate
25 Rebel Prince
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