Top Ten Heaviest Albums of the 2010s

This decade is almost over and man was this a great one for both hardcore and metal. Today we're gonna focus on the more heavy, more chaotic, downright apocalyptic albums of this decade. These album are some of the most intense listening experiences of the genre.
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1 Annihilated - Sectioned

I've been raving about this album ever since I got into it. This is one of the most intense and hellish albums out there. Listen to the opening title track and see what I mean. The rest of the album does not let up either.

What's best about this album is that the songwriting is actually brilliant, and there are plenty of memorable moments too, making it an all-too-perfect number one for me.

2 Abandon All Life - Nails

At 17 minutes, this album manages to become one of the scariest heavy albums of the decade. The guitar tone is mountainous, and the production makes everything sound so huge. A monolith of destruction. Listen to the whole ending of Suum Cuique and how viciously brooding it all is.

3 Orange Mathematics - Frontierer

What used to be my number one for a while. Take Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan and mix them with Tony Danza and LSD, and you get some of the sickest and loudest music ever. Believe me, this will give you headaches, but good headaches.

Much like Sectioned, the songwriting is great, and the musical ideas are memorable. Just check out the track Bleak and try not to mosh to that intro a bit.

Another thing to add is that both bands share the same guitarist. He must be one heavy dude.

4 No Absolutes in Human Suffering - Gaza

The album truly made me feel it was apocalyptic. Everything is on fire, the world is crashing, and I'm standing right in the middle of it all. This We Celebrate is like a perfect example of this feeling.

5 The Mother of Virtues - Pyrrhon

This album is downright frightening. A cataclysmic collapse of sanity. Be warned, this album can be very unpleasant if you're not prepared for it. If you can withstand it, you'll find yourself engrossed in some of the most sick, vile, heavy music ever.

6 Daughters - Daughters

The heavy focus on noise and almost car engine-like guitars makes this one of the more unique entries for this list. Plus, the vocals are sure to raise a couple of eyebrows as they are not what you typically expect from this level of intensity. Either way, this is an extremely fun album that may or may not provide you with some headaches.

7 Monolith of Inhumanity - Cattle Decapitation

Probably one of the most defining Deathgrind acts of today who are still going strong. This is probably their biggest album from the 2010s with Forced Gender Reassignment being the biggest hit.

Heaviest album of all time, no question.

8 The Baneful Choir - Teitanblood

War Metal is exactly what it sounds like: war. Teitanblood's latest album is a great example of it. The dark ambient elements give this album a more demonic edge. Production holds it back from hitting the top as I do find the guitar tone to be a bit tinny and lacking that sheer girth that some of the above albums have.

9 Reign Supreme - Dying Fetus

Technical Death Metal is a genre I find to not be as intense or passionate as some of the other albums on this list, but it sure can be heavy. However, a lot of it is a bit ruined by the fact that nothing will ever beat None So Vile in terms of heaviness and insanity for me. Reign Supreme is still a brutal album, even if it's a bit played out at points.

10 Caustic - Primitive Man
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11 Meta - Car Bomb

A band that mixes the low-tuned grooves of djent with the eruptive chaos of mathcore. It forms a pretty compelling, heavy, and fun release.

12 The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch - Infant Annihilator
13 L'enfant Sauvage - Gojira
14 All We Love We Leave Behind - Converge
15 You Will Never Be One of Us - Nails
16 Agony - Fleshgod Apocalypse
17 Entity - Origin
18 The Satanist - Behemoth
19 Misery Sermon - Slaughter to Prevail
20 Gore 2.0 - Xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx
21 Antiliv - Tsjuder
22 Angelmaker - Angelmaker
23 Frontschwein - Marduk
24 Secrets of the Black Arts - Dark Funeral
25 Magma - Gojira
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