Worst Metal Music Videos

Considering the metalhead population on this site, I am surprised this list hasn't been created before. There is a list of worst music videos in general, but it mostly consists of (and will consist of) recent pop and rap hits. The metal subgenres with the worst music videos are generally glam or glam-reminiscent heavy metal or black metal. There are two groups: the hilariously, amusingly bad videos that were often made out to be a parody (some parody videos aren't funny at all though), but if they weren't, they're even funnier considering they were taken seriously, and the other group is videos that are just wrong on every level, they can be obscene, overly violent even for metal, or just poorly executed. Note how showing a certain emotion or state in a very obvious way (e.g. expressing anger with fist hits) has a particularly disgust-inducing effect
The Top Ten
1 Just Let Me Rock - Saxon

Currently my least (maybe 2nd or 3rd least) favorite song of all time. Both the music and the video seem like a parody, however, they sadly weren't and they even released this abomination as a single. Even worse that its like/dislike ratio on YouTube is 97% and one of the comments is saying "greatest song of all time".

All of their movements look like the mockery of typical gestures of rock musicians (headbanging, tough guy movements, thrilled drumming).

Interesting noting the very high like to dislike ratio I know many songs that have very high like to dislike ratios (I often like to see that on YouTube) some are not that great in my opinion but I don't know any that I wold say are among the worst songs ever.

2 Fatal Fury - Thrash or Die

The video starts with footage from a landfill, then it is either poor live captions or the singer acting like a wannabe tough guy, involving kicking off a garbage can, throwing a television into the river/sea and walking on railroads.

The song isn't any better. This album (and band) are infamous for getting 9 reviews with 0% in a row on Encyclopedia Metallum. They are supposed to be a parody of thrash cliches (just look at their song titles and band member nicknames), although they don't indicate any laughter in me.

The song includes a "legendary" lyric line: "Just when I thought they knew the answers, I changed the questions! "

3 Ve Stinu Starych Dubu - Trollech

Description for YouTube upload: Eastern european (sic) tree-hugging black metal. Their website has a tree on the top. They label their own style as "forest black metal".

4 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation

This is already #7 on the list of Top 10 Worst Music Videos, so I guess a lot of people would choose this as their #1 pick.

Obvious choice for #1, the only reason I haven't put it there is that hating on such obvious trolling is a bit irrelevant.

5 Turbo Lover - Judas Priest

After all these pieces that needed some research to find just for the sake of getting disgusted or negatively amused by them, let's admit that metal bands everyone knows are flopping sometimes as well when it comes to videos. I was in a close battle whether I should put Turbo Lover or Hot rocking' on the list.

I wonder if current trendy songs's videos will look this funny 30 years later as well, because almost all 1980s pop song's video is comedy gold.

Judas Priest isn't the only mainstream metal band that made such a bad music video: Megadeth has Super Collider, Iron Maiden has Can I Play with Madness, among others, but they don't come close to Turbo Lover.

6 Gava Fran Tulen - Arckanum

There is a person dressed up as some kind of witch looking like a puppet who is going round and round a haunted forest (what else do you expect from a black metal video? ) with sticks and axes in his hand. Of course it is in the worst resolution possible, shaking camera, unrealistic colours and lights...

7 La Fureur D'outre-Tombe - Fadades

I have seen this or another video of this artist dubbed as the worst video ever in more places, but I honestly don't agree with intentionally terrible music videos being considered the worst, since they are designed to be hated, and if they are bad even at parodizing, hating them gives them credit. Someone else would add it to the list anyway.

8 Wake Up and Smell the Thrash - Thrash or Die

I don't like including multiple songs of the same artist on (remixes of) general lists, here I make an exception. Encyclopedia Metallum quote: " It made me wish Jim Henson would rise from his grave to seek vengeance upon them for simultaneously butchering both thrash metal and puppetry."

Puppets killing and torturing each other in various ways while the song's lyrics are basically song titles of classic thrash bands glued together.

9 Love Bomb - Tigertailz

I know, hair metal isn't metal, but since the worst metal bands list is bloated of nu-metal and metalcore bands the voters otherwise don't consider metal, let's let the "poser" genres on this list as well. The fact that this is hair metal already describes the video pretty well: expect outdated 1980s smoke effects, open jackets and men with rainbow hair.

10 Gods of Violence - Kreator

The video shows a group of naked bald women torturing another woman (or just a teenage girl?) lying on a bed with a knife, all this set in a ruined dark cellar. They first seem to mutilate her, then they cut her throat and the video shows blood spilling out of the victim's mouth. I don't know when torturing defenseless young women became a tr00 and badass act, but this video isn't even for a brutal death metal song, but one of the poppiest thrash metal songs I've heard.

The worst thing about it is that it requires no age certification on YouTube.

Edit: now I realise the video is depicting some pagan blood sacrifice ritual.

The Contenders
11 Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) - Kamelot
12 Remember - Etienne Sin
13 Gods Amongst Men - Within the Ruins
14 If You Can't Hang - Sleeping With Sirens
15 Blood Splattered Satisfaction - Waking The Cadaver
16 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
17 Earthrise - Haken

This is kind of a filler item, this video is nowhere near as bad as the others, however singer Ross Jennings's movements are a bit laughable and resemble a kids puppet player more than a prog vocalist. The song itself is one of the happiest I know, so I guess they tried to make the video as uplifting and joyful as possible to fit it. Overall the album Affinity was designed to be a bit cheesy in an entertaining way, hence the synthwave and dubstep influences, the video game score resembling sections

I don't consider this song metal though but the band is labelled so anyway I've added it here

18 Firestarter - Gene Simmons
19 Pink - Aerosmith
20 Perfect Mansions - Virgin Steele
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