Top Ten Heaviest Pearl Jam Songs

Pearl Jam is an awesome band. They are known for being one of the best bands of the 90's, and for having some excellent songs. This list is to show some of Pearl Jam's most heavy songs (warning: the following songs are KICKASS. Neck trauma due to excessive head-banging is common for all these songs.).
The Top Ten
1 Spin the Black Circle

This one is obvious. The awesome riff dominates as Vedder screams the chorus. Easily one of their best songs.

It glorifies vinyl records.

2 Do the Evolution

What a crazy, crazy song. This song actually has Stone Gossard playing lead instead of Mike McCready, which is unusual. It's an incredible performance, however, and what makes this song better is Eddie Vedder's most raucous performance. It's evolution, baby!

3 Habit

Sadly, I couldn't find a sample of this song. However, this underrated track on the often overlooked album No Code is heavily influenced on garage rock. This song is amazing for many reasons, including crazy guitar work from McCready and Gossard, an inspiring guitar solo at the end, and an excellent performance from Vedder. Check this song out; I'm sure you'll agree with me.

4 Go

The opener for Vs. perfectly sets the mood for the album. Jeff Ament bass riff is addicting and catchy. The guitar solos at the end are fantastic. Eddie gives us incredible vocals, and overall the song is kickass.

5 Hail, Hail

This has a similar sound to "Habit". What boggles me is that No Code never got the attention it deserved. With songs like these, it's really hard for me to see why.

6 Animal

The song that follows Go isn't as heavy, but just as exciting. This song has an awesome guitar riff, and the bridges only add to the intensity of this track. The rhythm section's great too, with Dave Abbruzzese's powerful drumming adding to it's awesomeness. Overall a great song.

7 Even Flow

One of the classic Pearl Jam songs, this song has the best guitar riff of their entire discography, in my opinion. A more intense track than "Alive", this song has great guitar work from McCready and Gossard, and a sublime performance from Vedder. Just a fantastic song.

8 God's Dice

Binaural is an overlooked album, period. This song is one of the many great songs of the album. Written by Jeff Ament, this song has great drumming from Matt Cameron, catchy vocals by Eddie Vedder, and an overall quick pace to this song. It also has the coolest name to any Pearl Jam song, period.

9 Brain of J.

Perhaps the best opener to any Pearl Jam album ever (besides Go), this album jam packs a badass chorus (which features Jack Irons' excellent drumming and Eddie Vedder's falsetto vocal delivery), a brief, but inspiring Mike McCready solo, and a overall hectic vibe in three minutes. Talk about awesomeness. But what the heck is that noise during the last few seconds of this song?

10 Blood
The Contenders
11 Porch

Quite an overlooked track from a classic album. This song is like cocaine; energetic, intense, and unpredictable. However, this song is better than cocaine, because it features great guitar harmonies and a sublime rhythm section. No, I don't do cocaine!

12 Not for You
13 Leash
14 Rearviewmirror
15 Lukin
16 State of Love and Trust
17 Mind Your Manners
18 Corduroy
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