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1 Halls of Illusions

Literally the only ICP song where I can't find something I don't like about it. The beat, the vocals, the lyrics. All are done so well. Why can't all of their songs be this good

Hokus pokus is there best song.

Their only good song

2 Juggalo Homies

I know it sounds strange but this song reminds me of a really good time in my life. Going on vacation, being with friends, and also reminds me of summertime. Juggalo for life

It is the best song ever and needs to stay as number 1 forever! by the way it is really funny and very true so if you neva listened 2 it well LISTEN 2 it

Was my son's favorite song...I played it at his funeral...

3 Hokus Pokus

My favorite song! super catchy and has the clown insanity of ICP!

4 Tilt-A-Whirl

This song is awesome

Take you all to he'll.

5 F*** the World

Guitars are great

Love this song

6 Piggy Pie

Guitar is cool

7 Thy Unveiling

It's empowering, and Violent J has some great chopper rap here.

8 Chicken Huntin'

Back when you could hear what they were spittin'. The biggest problem with their new albums is that they lyrics are buried behind the beat, so you can't figure that out without a lyric sheet.

9 Miracles

This song has one of the funniest lyrics ever with Fxxxing Magnets, How do they work? , otherwise though its actually pretty good hip hop song, the duo has good flow here it has a nice synth melody and the guitars at the end of the song are pretty good.

There best song. It actually has a meaning to it. Its about being thankful about everything.

I actually love this song. No joke.

10 Nothing's Left

Super chill. My mind always wanders when this track is on. I love it!

Every part of this song is great. Super chill.

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11 Down with the Clown

Guitars are good

12 The Neden Game
13 How Many Times?

Every song from Great Milenko & The Amazing Jeckel Brothers is gold! Some songs from Riddle Box are really good as well. The rest is trash.
So sad to see they started to hit their stride on Riddle Box- go on to make two great albums then become crap. Shangri-la was the biggest disappointment and I fell off after that. - Going back now 17 years later I'm being nostalgic on it I can see that the songs feel, style & beats just changed after Jeckel Brothers. Their new work just seems like plain rap beats. ICP is not standard rap. Get the Hardcore tone with the heavy guitar of Jeckel brothers back, the angry tone of "Halls of illusion" "piggy pie" and "Assassins". Until then I will never make it to Shangdi-la

Awesome. Perfectly combining both sides of ICP: Darkness and Humor, into a single song.

14 Another Love Song
15 My Axe

This is literally one of the best songs in life period. People who aren't even interested in Insane Clown Posse enjoy this song, it's a perfect mix of upbeat vocals and ballads, with dark lyrics. A song based on the love that Violent J has for his hatchet can't be missed.

16 Where's God?
17 It's All Over
18 Chris Benoit
19 Night of the Chainsaw
20 Boogie Woogie Wu
21 Juggalo Island
22 Mad Professor
23 Let's Go All the Way

This song has to be one of best by them. Lets go all way, LETS GO OH, lets go all the way

Awesome song! Can't get it out of my head!

24 Bowling Balls

Awesome song violent and wicked clown style whoop! Whoop!

25 The Tower

A very realistic song portraying something that could and has already happened. Some of the best lyrics from an ICP song ever. Violent J uses his persona to make a good song. Probably one of the best ICP songs ever, if not the best.

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