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1 The Lost One's Weeping

This song is definitely my favorite Kagamine Rin song ever - even my favorite vocaloid song ever. The instrumental is catchy and powerful all in itself, but the lyrics behind the tune are thought-provoking, deep, and meaningful. Kagamine Rin's voice fits the song very well, and it definitely is better than any other vocaloids' cover of it. (Not that other vocaloids sound worse or that you shouldn't enjoy their covers, but Rin is undeniably number one.) It's about how school and education has turned from being a symbol of hope for the future to a noose around an elementary school boy's neck. I highly suggest watching the video (especially with subtitles, if you don't understand the language), because with the background music, the lyrics, and the video altogether, this song will really impact you.

2 Tokyo Teddy Bear

Love this song. I interpret it as Rin not fitting in and being suicidal. She says she relates to a teddy bear, stitched up over and over again, refering to how she changed herself so many times. She says she needs to listen to the almighty words of someone to tell her who she is, but she says I don't know. She eventually forgets who she even was to begin with with the lyric just a cell in a sea of strings. She says she wont forget who she really is then commits suicide.

My favorite VOCALOID song of all time, but it is EXTREMELY dark. My interpretation is that's about a girl who feels no one loves her, so she runs away often and turns to drugs and self-harm. She is bullied at school, where her only friend is a ragged teddy bear. She tries to change herself multiple times before finally giving up and killing herself.This entire song is almost like a suicide note. And Rin was the cute, innocent one.

3 Meltdown

Beautiful. Filled with so much meaning and Rin's voice is epic. A must-watch and must-hear for all Rin fans or Vocaloid fans in general.

This song is ok. I mean, it's a bit like Electric Angel, which has never been my favorite, but this song has a bit of flavor in it. I like Kokoro a lot. I wish the song would continue. I always think 'And then what happend? '

WOO This song is my favorite Rin song (I am sorry but my favorite song is Servant of Evil by Len) and it's number 1! AwwEESOMEE

4 Kokoro

So catchy and sounds good! The meaning is really deep, too. It makes me cry every time.

FOR THOSE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE MEANING: So, this scientist made this robot, who was Rin. Rin, as a robot, wanted a heart. The scientist also wanted to give it a heart, so he started working on it. But, unfortunately, right as he had finished the heart and was going to give it to Rin, he died. Rin was devastated after this, and in fact was so overcame by sadness that she gained a heart, and was able to express her emotions. But, she wasn't used to the heart, and started to freak out. She panicked so much that she eventually also died. Maybe she even met the scientist in heaven. And, at the end, she is saying, "arigato" (thank you), showing that she was grateful that the scientist put so much work into her and her heart, even if he wasn't able to give it to her. Truly sad.

5 Paper Airplane
6 Regret Message

It is beautiful and soft such a masterpiece though you can't trust majority to vote like how id Naruto #! on the anime list?!?!?! sorry I love this song though

It's a sad last song to the Daughter of Evil songs.

! Not even On the list?!?! What the hey hey! This is a very sad song and I cryed my eyes out

7 The Evil Story

This series is heart-touching. You will cry while watching this... At least one tear, I'm sure. The whole series is amazing, but my personal favourites are Servant of Evil, Daughter of White, Regret Message and Kept Waiting for a Response.

As previously stated, it's a series. A really, really good series. My personal favorite is Servant of Evil, but the whole series is amazing and tells a really interesting yet sad story.

Lord don't even get me started.. it's actually a lot of songs, but the basic four (Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, Regret Message, Re_birthday) are the best

8 Electric Angel

Its tune is awesome and you can't help but nod your head to the music. This is amazing! Go listen to it now... Seriously, I guarantee you'll fall in love with this song.

I love Electric Angel because the background music is amazing, I love Meltdown too, but's I love this song more.

This song is one of the catchiest songs by Rin I have heard yet. For some odd reason, I never get tired of it.

9 I Like You, I Love You
10 Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

One of my favorite rin songs (my favorite is... I don't know I love them all) it's so good. Maybe it is because I love rin I wish she was my girlfriend

Would have been higher is she redid her version the way Len did his original.

The lyrics are very interesting and its very catchy!

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11 Melancholic

Very special song that Rin's version is exceptionally awesome!

Rin's voice is so adorable! My heart want to get out of my body!

12 Shinjinrui
13 Abstract Nonsense

People barely know about this song... they don't know how good this song is it could almost be as good as the Lost One's Weeping

One of my favourite songs from Neru-san! People should listen to it! Really!

Why does anyone never know this song? This song is great! Listen it!

14 I Can Take Off My Panties
15 Remote Control

How is this not higher? Whenever I think of a high energy song, this come immediately to mind. The Kagamines voices work so well together in this and should deserve much more fame for how great it sounds

16 Shikiori No Hane (Seasonal Feathers)
17 Tengaku

My favorite song of all time! More people should listen to it.

Rocking' Rin! Rin is so rocking' here.

18 Trick and Treat
19 Why Won't You Call Me Yet?

This song is sad and Rin has great voice in this one! I cried despite not knowing the lyrics.

Why does no one know this? This song almost relates to EVERY girl! ;

20 Fear Garden

Good song, but very dark. Essentially a song about Rin's love for dismemberment. She then takes these bodyparts and "plants" them in her garden, specifically the arms. The PV shows images of her fellow vocaloids before they died. It puts special emphasis on Len.

21 Sweet Magic
22 Adolescence

Is it odd that I can hit the high note in this song?

Oh my onanas! This song needs to be in the top 5 my favourite song of all times

23 Levan Polkka (Rin Version)
24 Antichlorobenzene

I personally think think song needs way more love then it does

The emotion in this song along with the beat just makes it amazing. I truly is an amazing piece of art.

Let's not even start on Len's version of this song...

25 Ato no Matsuri
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