Top 10 Fake Maknaes of Kpop

Who do you think that they should fit in the position of maknae instead of the real maknae of the group?
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1 Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

He really looks like the youngest of the group. And also he acts one

He looks weak that made Kyuhyung picked him out of all suju members to compete with him for a strength game. Well he used to be the one before Kyuhyung join suju.

He's so innocent and cute. he's also short too which adds to the maknae status. Technically he was the maknae until Kyuhyun joined.

For me he is the cutest in super junior

2 Xiumin - Exo

The fact that he's older than all of them and has that baby face confuses me laugh out loud. He looks like one of the youngest. I still have a hard time believing. He's the. Oldest..

Xiumin is the oldest in them but he looks like the maknae. From the first time I saw Xiumin in their Music Videos, I thought that he is the maknae. But when I searched if he was the true maknae I laughed aloud bhecause he was the oldest in the group. But still I love Xiumin..

He just look so cute without the need to do anything... I'm not saying Tao is not cute but Tao seems more like a man

He's so cute! When they just debuted I thought he was the maknae. That angelic face. He looks so young! I thought he was the maknae when he actually was the eldest hyung in EXO! Cutie Baozi.

3 Sunny - SNSD

Sunny is really cute though.. That's why many people who doesn't know them thinks that sunny is the maknae.

Yes, I agree but I would agree with TaeYeon more though, she's the oldest member :O

She has a lot of aegyo compared to her others members. People thinks her aegyo are digusting but actually she is so cute as fake maknae.

She does a lot of aegyo, more than Seohyun I suppose!

4 Seungyeon - Kara

Verry cute, natural beauty n innocent hard worker, humble, simple, she has nice voice

Quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world!

It's true she is very cute

She claimed herself as the fake maknae!

5 Yoseob - Beast

Himself looks cute, he might have killed all girls with his ultimate aegyo. Compare to Dongwoo, he looks more innocent.

I know it will definitely be him! I love him till the stars and moons...

The best maknae.. So cute...

Yoseobie does the most aegyo in b2st more than Dongwoonie

6 Lu Han - Exo-M

His innocent look doesn't match his age, absolutely not! He looks like a teenager in 16 or more less a 14 yr kid. Ha I fell off my chair when I read he is one of the eldest hyung in EXO along with Kris and Xiumin. well none of these hyungs match their age ;-) but Luhan exceptionally has a baby face and am damn sure he'll be like this only for another 7-8 years. So adorable and cute innocent face.

Before knowing much about Exo, I thought he was the maknae! He has such an adorable baby face and I cannot believe he's older than Sehun.

I really thought he was the maknae, when I first saw EXO. I'm damn sure he's supposed to be at the top! He has this little baby face. Fake Maknae Alert!

Hello... Luhan oppa! Your very very handsome... You so baby face... Much loves from Malaysia..

7 Sulli - f(x)

She looks younger and cuter than krystal...
Her image suits as maknae..
Has the cute dress in all mv

Sulli is the giant baby. So fresh and youthful

She is so cute! Does much more ayego than kyrstal

8 Bomi - Apink

I think Bomi could be one of the top fake maknaes of kpop since she's too carefree and acts more like a kindergarten student than hayoung. Her facial features also looks like a kid especially her eyes and cheeks.

She so pretty and cute

She is very cute

She is acting like a maknae more than Hayoung.

9 G-Dragon - Big Bang

He really looks young if compare him with his lovely dongsaeng, Seungri

You are really cute there is no doubt.. you are my world.. I love you jiyong oppa I

GD does look younger than all of big bang members

He's our adorable Jiyongie. Do the gwiyomi!

10 Jin - Bangtan Boys

Oh real maaaaaan. When I first came to this group, I saw their fake love and thought that he must be maknae line and got a heart attack when I saw he was eldest

Acts younger than his real age to appeal to the other members. (I think this was mentioned in a video when they went to KCON)

Even though he is the oldest in the group. He sure doesn't act like it with all the aegyo he does.

Laugh out loud, he acts sooo much younger than the other members

The Contenders
11 Ricky - Teen Top

He looks cute like a baby and he's always bullied by his members including the real maknae, changjo.

He is cute and adorable, many of angels (teen top fan club) still think he is maknae

Ricky is so damn cute...changjo is a bit manly

Cute and adorable also humble

12 Dongwoo - Infinite

He's so cute and always acting like a kid!

Dongwoo is adorable

He's so damn cute.

He always act like a kid. Aww he's so cute.

13 Dara - 2NE1

She looks young! She is very pretty even without make-up and sexy too!

She's the most beautiful among the members.

She's funny and beautiful I love you dara

She is in 30' but always look like a kids =3

14 Minhyuk - CNBlue

He's just around 3 months older than Jung sin but he looks so much younger... Pretty much like a high school kid.

He's really cute and has a very innocent face

15 V - BTS

V is the definition of a child. His perception of the world and of people is absolutely adorable. It's funny how he calls himself "adult V" when he's really just a little baby lion

He is so cute and funny and I can go on and on about how amazing he is! Love him!

The kid is strong in him

He is a good boy

16 Woohyun - Infinite

King of aegyo! Cutie patootie. enough said.

Haha.. this cutie pie. handsome hot as always.

17 Jungkook - Bangtan Boys Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

Even though he may seem mature, in reality he is an explosion of aegyo :3 He doesn't even have to try to be cute! If you look at his photos outside of stage or music videos you can see he's so adorable and looks just like a kid! His Hyungs also tend to spoil him! Well who wouldn't spoil such an adorable, cute, talented boy~
BTS FIGHTING! Love you so much

The best fake maknaes are the real ones.

He is the best oppa

Very funny guy

18 BamBam - Got7

When I first saw him, I actually thought he was the maknae of Got7._. He looks really young and I think he's the cutest, when someone else is actually younger than him...

19 Onew - SHINee

He's looking so young and his attitude makes him look more fresh!

Lately he seems to be the maknae of the group. He's aging backwards to be honest

20 D.O. - Exo

He is cute but manly boy and have charming voice that can make every girl's heart melt for him. What an amazing boy

His face like elementary boys

Kyungsoo is so squishy!

21 Baekhyun - EXO-k

Beakhyun is best of all.He is so... popular due to his cuteness.I appreciate him.

22 Boram - T-ara

Boram is utterly adorable, even though she's 30 (international age)

I know that JIYEON theire maknae but boram is to cut to handle

So cutee and pretty

23 Sana - Twice

She's a cutie. We can't ignore it.

24 Jinwoo - Winner

He is really funny. Especially when he getting lost. He is really such a "mong" when he always blur. he is such a cutie

He is so cute beside he is the oldest look like the maknae :D

25 Min - Miss A

She does gwiyomi much better than Suzy! By the way gwiyomi was founded by ilhoon from Btob.

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