Top 10 Least Deserving Albums on Apple's Music's 100 Best Albums

Well, I made the good side list. Now it's time for the one that everybody is hoping for. Let me be clear that this list is just personal. So, if you like any of these albums, that's fine. I will not judge it.

Considering the kind of variety that Apple Music (ironically) got from all this list and how some of the placements are in relation to other albums present on said list, the fact that these ones made it while others didn't just feels unfair.

Warning: The picks from this list need to be albums that made Apple Music's 100 Best Albums list. So, don't put albums that didn't make the list.
The Top Ten
1 1989 (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift

Look, I'm not a Taylor Swift hater. She has made some songs that I like, but how... HOW, in the name of objectivity, is the remake of her most well-known album, which even her most die-hard fans called a downgrade from the original, ranked so high on this list?

Hell, how exactly is this her best album again? As I recall, Red and Folklore were agreed to be better by most critics and audiences alike. There's no way the album that had Bad Blood on it should deserve to be in a conversation about "best albums," let alone an album that is obviously here because of the person who made it instead of its quality.

2 Get Rich or Die Tryin' - 50 Cent

Gonna be honest, I don't get it. True, this might be 50 Cent's best album by a long mile. But even as somebody who is aware this guy conquered the world in 2003, I still don't get it. As far as all the rap albums present on this list go, this just feels the least essential.

All it has is a collection of 50's best songs, but even then, they aren't on par with anything from 36 Chambers, Illmatic, or The Chronic. Hell, even more recent albums like Flower Boy and GKMC are better.

3 Un Verano Sin Ti - Bad Bunny

Ironically, I will say this from the get-go: this is Bad Bunny's best album, the one with the best production, melodies, and even lyrics. I'll give it that. There's just one extremely big problem that makes this album belong here. Not only have I never been a fan of the guy, which explains my bias against him, but this is the only Spanish-speaking album on the list, the only one.

Somehow, that feels problematic even if it sounds very tame. But even then, this album is still far from being an "essential" listen with its short time of existence.

4 Take Care - Drake

Similar to Bad Bunny, this is by a big margin Drake's best album, but I imagine Apple Music made this list before late April of 2024. Because, my God, will it be forbidden to put Drake next to a "best of all time" list after recent events.

And even then, Take Care, while having some of his best songs, is also a very inconsistent album.

5 When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish

I'm putting this one here because of two reasons:

1. Even with its overall presence the moment it got released and the critical acclaim it received, it still feels like this album and Billie's career need way more time to be processed before we should declare if it would fit in a discussion for the "best of all time."

2. Happier Than Ever and Hit Me Hard and Soft are just so much better. This one is starting to show its age.

6 AM - Arctic Monkeys

Man, speaking of artists who have made better material, how exactly did we end up at the point where not only is this Arctic Monkeys' most well-known album, but it's also treated as the only album of theirs that matters?

It has some catchy songs, but it just feels so replaceable in comparison to their first three albums. Also, did I mention this one is a spot higher than The Velvet Underground and Nico?

7 Anti - Rihanna

Honestly, this one has the same problem as Take Care. It has some of Rihanna's best set of songs, but it's also very inconsistent in terms of quality.

Also, it still feels weird to have her most recent album in a conversation like "best of all time." I'm not even sure if this is her best studio effort to date.

8 Astroworld - Travis Scott

A lot of people will say that Rodeo is the better pick, and I agree. Of course, there's still the discussion of whether this album should have been included with its short time of existence and when one song, Sicko Mode, is so good that it overshadows the rest of it.

9 Supa Dupa Fly - Missy Elliott

This pick might get me in trouble since Missy Elliott is one of the most likable female rappers ever, and I definitely get why. Then again, I'm not sure if this is her best effort and the most representative of her overall body of work, let alone be included on a list like this.

10 Abbey Road - The Beatles

So much ancient history. Does not deserve to be on the list at all, much less near the top. Nobody at my school even listens to the Beatles.

The Contenders
11 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill
12 Confessions - Usher

Probably a similar problem with 50 Cent, but unlike 50, at least Usher took his time before conquering the world in 2004. I will say that this, alongside Supa Dupa Fly, is the most consistent album from the ones present here. But even then, this album being the seminal choice of 21st-century R&B while other options are right there just feels arbitrary.

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