Top 10 Most Unfairly and Harshly Hated Albums

These albums have garnered quite a lot of dislike from fans and/or critics since their release, but they're honestly not that bad. Here is a list of albums that don't deserve the hate they get or need critical reevaluation.

Which much-maligned album by your favorite artist do you think is actually not bad or just underrated?
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1 One More Light - Linkin Park

The production is dated, and many songs sound like something The Chainsmokers would have made, but it is still better than a Chainsmokers album honestly. I dare you all to listen to the title track without shedding a tear. "Talking to Myself" is also one of LP's most underrated tracks ever and should have been released as a single.

Aside from Mike Shinoda's horrendous verse on "Good Goodbye," the ear-bleeding drop on "Sorry for Now," and the overall dated production, this album is still worth a listen unless you are allergic to electro-pop and prefer their original sound. Also, rest in peace Chester.

2 Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses

If there is one album that deserves the title of the most unfairly maligned album ever, it's this one. Yes, it's very different from GN'R's usual sound and it doesn't feature Slash, but it's actually decent, at least if you take a few tracks, because as a whole, the album is bloated and too long. Still, I think this album deserves more credit than it has received.

Axl Rose's vocal performance throughout the album is outstanding, especially when he belts out unexpected falsettos on tracks like "There Was a Time". Love or hate Axl Rose's vocals, but this guy can sing like no one else in this world. Also, there are plenty of talented guitarists contributing to the album, most notably Buckethead.

3 American Life - Madonna

This has to be Madonna's most underrated album as well as her most unfairly maligned. Upon release, it was criticized for its political and anti-materialistic lyrics, its glitchy electronic production, its lack of innovation compared to previous albums, and also Madonna's attempts at rapping, her distorted vocals, as well as her "rudimentary" guitar-playing.

Overall, I think this album has stood the test of time and deserves at least one listen. The reason it was overlooked upon release is because it had a botched promotion and because she openly criticized George W. Bush's presidency right before he began the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It also came out around the same time The Chicks (then known as the Dixie Chicks) dissed President Bush during a concert in the UK, and the backlash that ensued. One and a half years later, Green Day released American Idiot in the midst of the presidential elections. Despite openly criticizing Bush's presidency, that album became a smash success, and rightfully so.

4 The Big Day - Chance The Rapper

Hated for just being a "wedding album" and for not being the debut album that Chance fans hoped for. I think Anthony Fantano was extremely harsh when he gave it a 0/10.

5 Father of All... - Green Day

Yeah, this album does have lots of flaws, but I think the trilogy is a lot worse. FOA does have some good ideas on there at least. It was on number 3 on Fantano's worst songs of 2020 list, but at least he put that Trapt album that sold only around 600 copies in its first week a spot ahead of it. Also, the singer of Trapt is one of the most unlikable people in the music industry and is a terrible person, so that number 2 spot on his list was definitely deserved.

I think the hate on this album is harsh and overblown. It's messy indeed, but I think they just made this album for fun.

6 Mania - Fall Out Boy

Although this album was indeed overproduced and had failed attempts at hopping on trends such as "Hold Me Tight or Don't" (a bland tropical house number) and "Young and Menace" (a bad choice for a lead single), it still had some highlights such as "The Last of the Real Ones," "Church," and "Heaven's Gate." "Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea" is quite hilarious too, not going to lie. In addition, some FOB fans falsely accused them of selling out when they were merely experimenting.

7 Jesus Is King - Kanye West

I think this album is hated just for being a gospel album or because it has some of Ye's laziest lyrics to date ("Closed on Sunday, you're my Chick-fil-A"). But it's far from being bad.

8 Be Here Now - Oasis

This album is often cited as being the death knell of the Britpop movement, but I feel that Pulp's This Is Hardcore (1998) is the ultimate curtain call of Britpop. Be Here Now is a pretty good album in my opinion. It is just that the album is way too long, especially the song "All Around the World," which goes over nine minutes long.

Overall, Be Here Now is not that bad of an album, and people should show a little more respect toward it even though it is not as good as Definitely Maybe or (What's the Story) Morning Glory?. I feel like I have said enough, so I will end this comment here. Goodbye.

9 Dream Evil - Dio
10 Love Explosion - Tina Turner

The Newcomers

? The Tortured Poets Department - Taylor Swift
? Paula - Robin Thicke

Yeah this album has creepy and TMI lyrics about Thicke's breakup with Paula Patton, but his expressive vocals definitely salvage the album from being a complete train-wreck.

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11 The Car - Arctic Monkeys

This album is not exactly for everyone, but many longtime AM fans who love their upbeat indie rock sound hate this album for not being like their old stuff as well as thinking that it sounds like an Alex Turner solo project. It's nowhere near their best and definitely sounds like a watered down version of THBC, but give this album a chance and it's actually not bad. AM has evolved a lot this past decade and always wants to try new things.

Pfft. The only thing I don't like about this album is the fact that none of the singles from this album have a B-side or two. Arctic Monkeys have always included a top-quality B-side on their singles up until The Car. The only two singles released to promote the album contain no B-sides. This is all I have to say. Goodbye.

12 The Getaway - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Getaway haters just hate this album because Josh is playing and not their little precious John Frusciante.

Like One Hot Minute and I'm With You, many RHCP fans hate on this album just for not having John Frusciante on it.

13 Life is but a Dream... - Avenged Sevenfold

This A7X album is unfairly hated for just being experimental. A lot of fans were put off by the disjointed song structures, the perceived lack of cohesion, and most of all, M. Shadows' vocals, which sound tired or goofy to some and were manipulated on some tracks. I guess given the 7-year gap between The Stage and LIBAD, a lot of fans were hoping for a return to form and were caught off guard with this more experimental effort.

Most notably, Anthony Fantano named it the worst album of 2023 (in front of Tom MacDonald and Adam Calhoun's 'The Brave II', for crying out loud), which is totally unfair and harsh. Has he at least listened to 'It's the End of the World But It's a Beautiful Day' by Thirty Seconds to Mars?

14 One Hot Minute - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This Chili Peppers album is often overlooked due to the fact that it doesn't feature John Frusciante, who was replaced with Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction fame. It is often considered a disappointing follow-up to Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Just because John Frusciante is not there doesn't mean it's automatically bad. In fact, this album has some underrated gems such as "Aeroplane", "My Friends", and "Coffee Shop". It even features a hilarious track sung by Flea called "Pea". It also features some of their darker and heavier songs to date.

15 Reputation - Taylor Swift

This album came out at a time when T. Swift's reputation (literally) was at its lowest, so I think the hate on this album is definitely unfair. A lot of people have taken issue with the album's production and the songs about fame, such as "Look What You Made Me Do" (which is not as bad as people make it out to be).

In the years following its release, however, this album has garnered more positive reviews, with some viewing it as a necessary step for T. Swift's artistic evolution, most notably in her songwriting. Overall, Reputation is to T. Swift what American Life is to Madonna: unfairly maligned.

16 Idlewild - OutKast

I think this album is just hated for not being a proper OutKast album and for the lack of union between Big Boi and André 3000. But it's still a nice unconventional listen with cool guest features.

17 Ye - Kanye West

Rolling Stone ranked this album number one in a list of "genuinely horrible albums by brilliant artists," which is honestly very harsh because this album is actually good even though it sounds kind of unfinished.

18 Revival - Eminem
19 No.6 Collaboration Project - Ed Sheeran
20 The Mockingbird & the Crow - Hardy
21 One Thing at a Time - Morgan Wallen
22 93punx - 93punx
23 Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B

I think this album is mostly hated because it won the Grammy for Best Rap Album over Mac Miller's "Swimming" in 2019. No disrespect to Mac Miller (RIP) and his fans, but I think Invasion of Privacy deserved its win and still stands as a hip-hop classic to this day.

24 Never Say Die! - Black Sabbath
25 Scaled and Icy - Twenty One Pilots
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