Top 10 Stolen Babies Songs

Everything about this band is weird as hell but I love them so much. Here are my favorite songs.
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1 Lifeless

This song stands out a lot from their other works, featuring a xylophone and having a more somber tone. It is slower than most of their other songs. I really love the lyrics. They are beautifully done and relatable. The accordion is used effectively, and it also has one of my favorite choruses from the band.

Overall, this is an incredible song. It's a hard choice between this song and Civil Disguise for the number one spot, but I'll give it to the former.

2 Civil Disguise

I prefer the demo version because I think the intro and vocals in that version are better, but it's still Civil Disguise. I might be biased towards this song because it was the first one I heard, but it's still great. Cool riffs, great lyrics, and an amazing bridge with a smooth transition. It's an awesome song, but there are some questionable choices compared to the demo version.

3 Push Button

This song definitely shows off their creative songwriting quite well, and the lyrics in this one are amazing.

4 Gathering Fingers
5 Spill!

Cool intro here. It's not often you hear something like that in metal. This is a headbanger with a lot of energy. I'm not sure what this song is about, but the lyrics seem pretty good.

6 Splatter

This is a really catchy song, and I love the bridge. Seriously, the bridge alone is enough to make me want to put it on this list, but the rest of the song is very good, so it's on here regardless!

7 Show Case

This song has a cool intro, similar to Mousefood. I'll be honest, I have no clue what this song is about. Instrumentally, it's a really cool song with creative drumming and a general structure. I wish the clean part around the middle was longer.

8 Idolesce

Dominique's vocals are really cool here. The lyrics are striking, and the song's bassline is memorable. While the structure isn't as complex as Show Case, it's still interesting. I love the bridge. The drumming is awesome and unpredictable, and the vocal harmony in the ending is also great. This song is very memorable.

9 I Woke Up

This song is definitely on the creepier side, with a drone in the first half and creepy delivery from vocalist Dominique Lenore Persi. I love how the drone returns near the end but faster. I love this song, even though it feels more like a transition piece.

10 Mousefood

Awesome intro that really gets me invested in it, but I'll be honest, I don't like the vocals in this song that much. Apart from that, this song is pretty cool.

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11 Birthday Song
12 Awful Fall
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