Best Led Zeppelin Songs

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1 Stairway to Heaven

I remember listening to this song for the first time. I heard of it being highly praised just about everywhere and wanted to check it out. I wasn't too impressed (shame on me) but after a couple of days it somehow came up to my mind again and I decided to give it another shot. And I started listening to it again, and again, and again. It just felt like it got better every time I listen to it. The slow intro with Paige's magical riff, leading you to Plant's harmonious vocals, and then Bonzo takes it over with his amazing drumming skills. And I think we all feel the same about what comes next: THE guitar solo! Jimmy Paige delivering not only his but also the world's very best. It is the perfect transition into the hard rock ending of Stairway to Heaven which still blows my mind every time I listen to it. So thank you Zep for teaching me the value of music.

This is obviously the best rock and roll song in history, but I hope this song will not be forgotten. Because some of that rap/hip-hop/or other than relating rock (or metal) modern music and artists, which are awful in my opinion, that had taken over, I heard that rock is dying. But this song will not keep me from changing my likes on rock and roll, and this song is like the heart of rock and roll, and let's us hope or do something in order for it to stay alive. I like this song very well, and I hope the stairway to heaven stays like this in history for a long time...

This song changed the way I listen to music forever; it was the first time I really felt emotions in music, the first time it touched my heart, not just my mind. A peaceful start that builds up to a climactic ending in the way that is done in this song is what makes it the best, in my opinion. Stairway to Heaven was my absolute favorte song (from any artist) for about three years. I was very stubborn about it too. Led Zeppelin changed my music category, and then, a few years later, Pink Floyd pushed me even further. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are my two favorite bands.

This song takes me back to the medioeval times in Europe where oppression and injustice from monarchy was rampant. It gave enough material for the then writers of history to chant in poetry and adding tones the sufferings of the regular commoner. I learned medioeval history while in high school and it made me a romantic of the middle ages. I remember seeing the injustice and the on the weekend I (my buddies and I) ran to the movies to see Errol Flynn and the likes take care of justice. It made me a romantic of the poetry being expressed and the bearer of the hopeful promise that your inner sense of justice promised.

2 Kashmir

Just by listening to this song you can say that this guys can sit in the table with the gods of rock and drink with them forever.

Kashmir has an unbelievable hypnotic feel to it. Put it on loop 12 times first time I heard it. Easily has the most powerful riff in the world. The drums are unbelievable. The switches in tone are beautiful and the way Bonham leads us out of the switch with some beautiful drumming is unbelievable. Especially the "All I see turns to brown"part... the music is unbelievable with the violin chipping in. It is a masterpiece but it is placed rightly at second as Stairway To Heaven is God...

You hear stairway so offen that it starts to become a little old, but Kashmir is not nearly enough appreciated and far more brilliant (also zeppelin's favourite song). Kashmir makes you feel like a God, it's like a song dedicated to God. You get this powerful feeling when you hear it, especially the chorus. I am literally transported to another world when the amazing guitar riff starts at the beginning of the song. I am not saying stairway is bad but just not nearly as good as Kashmir.

Stairway to Heaven may in fact be the best song of all time, however, for whatever reason, I have literally wore out my first copy of Physical Graffiti listening to Kashmir over and over.
As long as the tune is, for me it is such an incredible song that I will always listen to the tune till the very last note is played regardless of where I am at and what I am doing should it just happen to come on the radio or randomly be played in public.
I could turn the channel while Stairway was playing, or even the radio off if I were in a hurry. :-)

3 Whole Lotta Love

Though "Whole Lotta Love" is filled with a whole lotta guitar goodness, it's Page's blues-influenced power riffing during the intro that remains implanted in our brains. Taken from their sophomore effort, the track became their first American top 5 hit. Thanks to Plant's wailing, Page's riffing, Bonham's drum solo and Jones' timeless bass, this gold-certified track is undoubtedly one of the band's signature tunes and best songs.

This is the only one of there 4 best songs that actually cracked the top 10. This is one of Page's best guitar riffs ever. I think everyone missed out by not putting this higher than number 5. The other three songs everyone missed are Bring it on home, Ramble On, and Moby Dick. Those should be the top 4 right there. The bass in Ramble On is sickest of all of them.

Oh, yes...raw, grinding blues-metal, with all four of the guys at their top form. And just about the only time you'll hear totally out-to-lunch NOISE on the radio is when they spin this and play the whole middle break! Designed to make your parents hate it...even today...and that's what makes great ROCK.

LOVE this song! The opening is probably one of the most iconic of all rock songs. Great middle part. I feel like I am in a tornado at one part! The end of the middle part with Page's high guitar solo is amazing. Also I love the end too! There's not a part of this song that I don't like! One of there best.

4 Achilles Last Stand

After listening again I changed my mind on my last comment; the guitar and lyrics flow with the steady drums, the base keeping everyone in line. This is a song worthy of use in an epic movie, particularly a battle scene. Needs to be heard at least twice before judgment, so as to catch the details intricately woven in. Led Zeppelins plant page jones and Bonham were tired and stressed when they made this song and album, in short time right after plants car crash. This is their rough side; it's better than modern music and always will be, they're talent remains historical and legendary

I would argue that both this song and Kashmir are better than Stairway to Heaven. Achilles Last Stand truly encompasses all of Zeppelin's talent in one rocking song. Sadly though, one of the more underrated Zep songs, due to the fact that it's on one of their lesser albums (by Zeppelin standards of course, Presence is a better album than 95% of what other rock bands could muster). While Stairway to Heaven is one of the greatest songs of all time, I argue Achilles last stand to be the greatest Led Zeppelin song.

This and Black Dog are the greatest songs by Led Zeppelin. Achilles Last Stand has one of the greatest guitar riffs, amazing drumming, and my favorite lyrics of all time.

Best line: "If one bell should ring, in celebration for a king, So fast the heart should beat, as proud the head with heavy feet." Just. Epic. No song (except other classics by Zeppelin and Beatles, Hendrix, etc. ) can even be in the same galaxy as this masterpiece.

The solos, The drums, the vocals, the lyrics, the melody, the composition, nothing gets better than Achilles last stand. This is one of those tracks that you wish never ended. NEVER EVER. Solo is better than that of stairway to heaven. UNDOUBTEDLY in my mind. Music does NOT get better than this.

5 Black Dog

One of the few Zeppelin songs that can be associated with heavy metal. Zeppelin was no a heavy metal band at all, but this song brought out the strong riffs of Page, Bonham's powerful drumming, Plant's a cappella vocals bring out how great of a singer he was, and of course we can't forget John Paul Jones and his beautiful bass playing. My favorite track by Zeppelin and one of my favorite tracks of all time by any artist.

Sure, Kashmir and Stairway are better musically, and I may even argue that Over the Hills is my favorite overall, but I can never help but imagining what the producers and people in the 70's were like when they put Led Zeppelin IV on for the first time, wondering, "Hmm, let's see if they've still got it," and then this riff happens...

With its unforgettable Jones-penned riff and inimitable energy, "Black Dog" is one of the band's most well-known tracks. Alternating between a capella vocals and musical sections, the top 20 hit was the perfect fusion of Led Zeppelin's hard rock and blues rock style. It also quickly made its way into the band's concert set lists.

Ooh, picking the best Zeppelin songs? That's a tough choice, but Black Dog definitely needs to be recognized. That's not to say other Zeppelin songs are bad, because they're all awesome, but... come on... It's Black Dog!

6 When the Levee Breaks

Just the most epic Led Zeppelin song I've heard. Also this song is the first zeppelin song I heard and the tune was imprinted into my mind since then. This song has some very complex techniques such as the backward echo of Robert plant playing the harmonica which is so unique. Page is definitely one of the greatest musicians of all time. Jon Bonham and Jones add quite well to the song. This song is rarely been performed live as it is very difficult to replicate the effects used by the band in recording.
Every Led Zeppelin song is amazing and its very hard to choose but this one tops my personal chart as my favourite Led Zeppelin song.

The drum lines. The emotions. The riffs. All of these impeccably being combined into one song makes it one of the best. This song deserves to be 3rd on the list. When you listen to it, you just imagine yourself as, the boss. There's no way you could continue being depressed after listening to this.
Truly, a classic. I listen to all sorts of metal songs, blues, classics and out of all the songs of all genres I've heard so far, this song is in the top 10 list, and Stairway to Heaven is not even on the top 20 list.

This is my favorite Led Zeppelin song, and it is on one of the best albums ever (Led Zeppelin 4). I am a rather young fan of them, and I inherited their original records from the sixties. My grandfather influenced my taste in music by giving me all of his records, and the best rock and roll (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Kansas, Boston, The Eagles, etc. ) seemed to have been ignored by the younger generation. It's truly sad.

After Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie wrote and recorded this blues tune in 1929, Led Zeppelin tried their hand at it in the early 1970s. The band's version of the track added hard rock to the mix through Bonham's deep drums, Page's guitar and Plant's vocals and harmonica-playing. The result was an effects-heavy metal number that's as subtle as it is complex but also oh-so-Zeppelin.

7 Immigrant Song

I heard this for the first time in 2018. It was released in 1970 but even after 38 years it is Rock at its best I think. I listened to Stairway to Heaven before this because I knew how famous it was and I loved it but it is not the rock I like. It is like Hotel California, iconic and a great song but it doesn't represent the style of Led Zeppelin completely. I listened to Immigrant song once or twice that day and 2 days later I was watching Thor 3 Ragnarok and as soon as I heard the Background Music I was breaking my head wondering where I heard this before. It was perfect for the movie. Its like the movie was made for the song not the other way around. Anyway, Immigrant Rock is pure bliss is bliss is rock and I got a sweet spot for those songs.

I love Robert Plant on this song. LOVE HIS VOICE! Page drives the melody and Bonham and Jones are rock-solid rhythm. Best. Led. Zeppelin. Song. Ever. Screw Stairway - boring, over-played and mediocre by Zeppelin standards.

More than most of their songs, you gotta be Led Zeppelin to pull off a live performance of a song like this. That's why their concert recordings of it all sound better than the album version.

Stairway to heaven and Kashmir may be their most well known songs but this song is the most addictive and has the best riff

This is a masterpiece
One of the greatest riffs ever! Go Led Zeppelin

8 Dazed and Confused

Though singer-songwriter Jake Holmes actually wrote "Dazed and Confused", Page first contributed guitar work to a recording of the track when The Yardbirds covered it in the mid-60s. He then brought it to his Led Zep band mates who added heavy metal, blues and hard rock flavors to the psychedelic rock original. With different lyrics, an altered melody, and Page's use of a bow to play his guitar, it quickly became one of their most performed pieces.

This is the second best Led Zeppelin song. It contains thing that only Led Zeppelin themselves would, for example, the dark interlude in the middle with Bonham's dark eerie drumming with PLant's roaring vocals mimicing Page's guitar. It starts out slowly then turns into an epic solo. This song fully exemplifies Led Zeppelin's great skill and talent.

This is my personal favourite Led Zeppelin song! Especially the 30 minute long Live-Version on "The Song Remains The Same" is absolutely mindblowing. Dazed and Confused is also considered one of the first heavy-metal songs which makes it even more generally important. Moreover I think at least one song representing the first Zeppelin album should be in the top 5.

This song is divine. When that Page let's loose that eerie riff and Plant lets loose his howl, it feels like the sky is splitting open. Experimental, surreal, arresting, "Dazed and Confused" is the kind of song that comes along once in a band's lifetime. It's a testament to how amazing Led Zeppelin is that this song is barely in the top ten.

9 No Quarter

Far from their most popular song, No Quarter may be their greatest. You cannot argue against the brilliance of Stairway or Kazmir or whatever other song... but this is phenomenal. Is it there best? I cannot say. How can a band of this magnitude have a best album, let a lone best song. No Quarter to me is such a journey, and their most creative song.

With powerful wisened journeyer lyrics like "the snow drives back the foot that's slow" and that incredible guitar riff, this epic is extremely important. Most people don't even no what "no quarter" means. Let the Orefiamme fly, and get this song into the top 5.

Zeppelin's best song in my opinion. So unique, beautiful and strange. Tool's cover is also a beautiful song. I remember the first time I really heard this song, on an acid trip. It felt so intense and amazing.

I just recently discovered 'No Quarter' and I can't stop listening to it. This song takes you to another place and is as good as any of the big ones. The version in "the song remains the same" is best.

10 Rock and Roll

How is this song not in the TOP 5? It's, well, a rock and roll classic having a better shelf life than the overplayed/overhyped Stairway to Heaven, better constructed than Black Dog (a great riff just the same) and way less self-obsessed and pretentious than Achilles Last Stand (how is that long, rambling and pointless effort in anyone's Top 10? ).

This song is the definition of rock and roll... A masterpiece and the epitome of the high standards raised by this band. Their number one song for me by a country mile and the reason they were the kings of hard rock.

This song is iconic as well as a good jammer. I've played this song in bands for close to 30 years. To see the crowd go wild is just priceless. In my opinion, it should have mad the list. Truely AMAZING song!

Any song that begins with Bonzo's stripper beat, followed by Jimmy's guitar, Robert's vocals, and JPJ's bass & keys is going to be Magic, and pure talent. True to it's song title. My all time favorite!

The Contenders
11 Since I've Been Loving You

I've listened to just about every led zeppelin song there is to listen to (and I'm including bootlegs and live takes here) yet no song has every hit me quite as hard as this one. Plant and page really shine in this one, and this is easily one of plant's best vocal performances ever. And page takes infusing emotion in his playing to a whole new level. I mean he doesn't just make his guitar cry, he makes it WAIL. When I listen to this song, I'm able to just close my eyes and turn off my brain and visualize them playing it live. Not only is this my favorite led zep song but it is also my favorite song of all time. And I'm not one who picks favorites.

Hey guys, what the hell have happened, that this song disappeared from top 5? Led Zeppelin is the number one of '60-'70s. It is obvious that Pink Floyd, The doors, The beatles, Black Sabbath have also prepared their historical albums, but Zeppelin's first. Almost all the songs they have written gives sth special to the people, who listen to them. Otherwise, 1. -Stairway to heaven, 2. -Achilles last stand, 3. -Kashmir, 4. -Since I've been loving you, 5. -Immigrant song,. That is the first 5 hits, at least that's my oppinion. I hope who has the same imagination of Since I've been loving you's unrightful position, will obviously vote it up.

It starts as a dark pain creeping in building up the tension: exploding at the end with wave-like rolls drowning the listener...
All is done with all music power available: the subtle guitar blueslick in the beginning, the powerchord refrain and jazzy turnaraound. Emotional lead vocals and drums like an earthquaking heartbeat...
The dramatic change from c minor to c major and back near the end is in one word brilliant with vocals expressing despair up to a level of insanity.
Only this insanity breaks up the tension for just a single moment... Coming back and finally ending in acceptance and defeat.

From the first time I heard it untill now the song catches me completely every time. In my humble opinion it is a classic song though it hasnt't got the appreciation it deserves. Real beauty is far from the madding crowd?

Definitely gives you the blues vibe that really inspired some of led zeppelins best long "epics" the lyrics and vocals are some of plants most screechy but they convey the message of the song well, pages guitar really layers in imagery, while jones bass and bong and drums keep things moving smoothly and intricately. Makes you picture Robert plant in a dark empty room on stage with a spotlight, camera shows you different angles while page Bonham and jones are in blue spotlight

12 Over the Hills and Far Away

Mixing folk rock and hard rock, this track from Houses of the Holy had Page playing acoustic and electric guitar alongside Robert Plant's characteristic vocals. But what really makes "Over the Hills and Far Away" is how well John Bonham's drums and John Paul Jones' bass work together. Though it only charted within the Billboard Hot 100's top sixty, the single allowed the members to play with its lyrics and musical parts during live performances.

Growing up in the late 70's and the 80's with Detroit radio, WRIF & WLLZ got exposed to a lot of Zeppelin at a young age Very hard too do. My top 20.

1.over the hills and far away
2.stairway to heaven
3.Whole Lotta Love
4.kashmir dog
6.ramble on
7.what is and what should bever be
8.the ocean
9.immigrant song
10.All My Love (yup 10! )
11.good times bad times
12.heartbreaker/living loving maid
13.rock and roll
14.misty mountain hop
15.houses of the holy
16.dazed and confused
17.when the levee breaks
18.ten years gone
19.communication breakdown
20.fool in the rain

How I see it.

I love LZs music. They are absolutely my favorite band.
Picking a favorite song of LZs is like picking your favorite child...I tend to love them all.
But, if someone put a gun to my head, this is the song I would choose, as not only my favorite LZ song, but my favorite song... PERIOD. It's truly an amazing composition of musical art. Over the Hills and Far Away is it; simply perfect.

A continuously changing rhythm, that manages to maintain its beauty, wonder, awe, and elegance. It moves your heart with each pluck of a string, with each tap of a drum. It is a short, sweet dream. It is a hidden masterpiece.

13 Heartbreaker

This is literally my favorite rock song ever. The riff is fantastic, and the guitar, bass, and drums all mesh so well together in this song. They are so harmonious is incredible.

Sinful that this isn't top ten at least. "Heartbreaker" has one of the most profound and memorable riffs of all time, which isn't really saying much since we're talking about Led Zeppelin here. Even still, this is arguably their most recognizable song from the first two seconds.

EXTREMELY underrated song. The guitar riff is the best I've EVER heard. The unaccompanied solo is also brilliant, even though some say its sloppy. That's how Jimmy Page wanted it to be played, so stop complaining!

Kirk Hammett picked up guitar after hearing this masterpiece from a cassette his sister bought. Enough said... This song literally gave birth to Metallica..

14 Ramble On

This should be in the top 10! For me it was an easy choice to put this as number 1 Led Zep's song. The change in Plant's voice between verse and chorus makes me shiver every single time I hear this song, not to mention the great guitar parts in the chorus, the amazing bass line in the verse and Bonham which is sick in every Zep's song.
It has all what's needed to be number 1! How do 23% of you guys vote Stairway to Heaven (which is good but definitely overrated) as best song? Listen the first 4 albums in whole before voting for StH just because it has a good solo.

It may have been co-written by Page and Plant, but "Ramble On" is also a fine example of Jones and Bonham's musical chemistry. With lyrics inspired by "The Lord of the Rings," "Ramble On" is a four-and-a-half minute number that fittingly mixes folk rock with hard rock. But it also proves that Page wasn't only a talented guitarist but a talented producer as well.

for me the best song in the album (led zeppelin II), and notice that the album includes great ones, such as "whole lotta love" or "heartbreaker", also, is the only song on the album that combines the characteristic whispery/groundshaking duality that would remain in their following recordings. Sorry for my bad english, greetings from Mexico!

Just the start of the song and the acoustic guitar. Also to listen to it properly my son made me listen to it on record. Well worth it the crackles and pop make it legendary. Please do it.

15 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Are you kidding me? This is one of the best songs of Led Zeppelin.. I mean.. It has to be in the top 3! This song has everything.. The guitar work is really amazing and the vocal did a really really good job in this song.. They put a lot of feel in this song!

It's definitely in my top 5 list. It clearly depicts the helplessness and angst of lover who wants to let go and stay at the same time. Simple lyrics yet, the composition of music takes it to a whole new level. Oh the chills..

It's amazing guitar that starts out mellow and depressing and then it completely rocked out when I first listened to it surprised me so much and instantly became my favorite zeppelin song.

It should definitely be in the top 3, cm'on it's totally one of their best work! It has the right to be the 2nd best song of Led Zeppelin. Of course, their best song is Stairway To Heaven. No other song can compete with that!

16 The Rain Song

The most beautiful Zep song and it's almost fully instrumental. This is so pure and unique, a little magic opera in their discography!

In all honesty, everything that was written and composed by Led Zeppelin is a piece of eternal art, however, if I had to pick one song, out of every song in the world, that evoked the most emotions and took me on a true spiritual journey, it would be this song. Alongside the mystical and emotional strums of Jimmy's guitar, the sensitive drum beats of John Bonham, the evocative tune of John Paul Jone's organ, and the magical echoes of Robert's lullaby, this song, this anthem, is one that penetrates the soul. It somehow allows you to reach beyond the grasps of mortality, and for just one second, one beautiful second, you come to some metaphysical understanding of who you are. Once the song ends, you are left in the world of uncertainty, but with a thread of hope for the existence of truth, that is this immortal piece of work. This song deserves to be in a much higher rank!

This is my absolute favourite. It's just so beautiful. I'm so disappointed that this isn't top ten at least. I know people can have very different tastes, but I can't imagine how anyone can not love this song, because I adore it. It's just beautiful, I don't know what else to say.

Most underrated led zep song ever! This is one of the most beautiful things ever. It had its way of making me feel so calm and relax. I'm a dude and if there is anything I want at my wedding even for the slightest bit, it would be to have this song played.

17 Ten Years Gone

My love for Zeppelin is what really pushed me into the world of music, and when I discovered Mothership, I set out to buy and album I could lay my hands on. I thought I'd heard it all, until I heard this song.. I remember listening to it 3-4 times in a row, just being so mesmerized by what I heard. No matter how many times I listen through each album, through each song, this one will always be the one. This song has gotten me through 2 years of heartache, as sappy as that sounds, but it just spoke volumes to me during that time. Love this song..

This song is very soothing to me. The overall tone of the instruments encompass what the song is about and I feel that this song has not gotten the notice and appreciation from the masses like many other of Led Zeppelin's songs. I actually use this song to help me sleep sometimes because I, like many others, can relate to what's being talked about in the song, and, like I said previously, the song is soothing. 5/5 star song yet it remains #9.

This song is unmathched and as an avid Led Zeppelin fan stairway and whole lotta love always make a difference in my life. But ten years gone always takes on a different meaning every year of my life. And for those that think they are zeppelin fans that don't appreciate this song are jokes

When you learn how to play Jimmy music, you have a whole different perspective of what is best compositionly in respect to the symmetry of a hook riff or song.ten years gone has clean tone. The distortion. This is Led Zeppelin the alternating between heavy and light. Very powerful song. From a players point of view. I will pickup my lesson pull soon

18 In My Time of Dying

This is perhaps Led Zeppelins most underrated song, yet it is also perhaps their most energetic song. This song has many similarities to When The Levee Breakes, but far better, Page's work with the steel string guitar is simply fantastic, John Paul Jones bass and John Bonham's drums bring a whole new level of power to this song which is perhaps the best word to describe this song. Power. Sheer Power. Every time I hear the opening riff to this song it's enough to bring a shout of joy from even the deepest heart, especially the live version. If you have not heard this song, you owe it to yourself to take a listen to this masterpiece

Seriously underrated, yes, it does start off slow and bluesy, but when it gets rocking'... Not even Rock 'n Roll or Achilles' Last Stand measure up to it. It should be in the Top 10, WAY ahead of Immigrant Song and Black Dog. Those two are alright, but it's the posers that listen to those. A true led Zeppelin fan would call this one of the best.

Best rhythm they've put together. Talk about the blues. Jimmy page is the best of the best. Underrated Zeppelin for sure. Physical graffiti all together was a masterpiece and way better than IV (untitled).

The epitome of Led Zeppelin. The creative climax of the band and the best song of Physical Graffitti. It mixes their blues rock and folk rock influences and blends into a hard rock classic. One of the best of all time.

19 Good Times Bad Times

My favorite Zep song ever. I saw them play this at Berkeley Community Theatre in 1972, and it rocked the house. Page played with his Les Paul below his waist--lower than anyone else I ever saw. Don't know how he did it. Hard to bend wrist to make chords when guitar is this low. Bought this album in 1969, and I would rate it in my 10 favorite albums ever. This thing, along with Are You Experienced and Disraeli Gears (you could throw Jeff Beck's Truth in there, but it didn't have quite the impact of the other 3) defined a whole new genre of music. And this was the best song on the album.

Everything is just amazing in this song, it starts with a basic riff with drum fills between each one and then Plant starts singing and then the bass solo then the guitar solo and it's just too good.

Really, how could this list be so huge but not have the legendary Good Times Bad Times? Bring this to the top, it's every bit as epic as Stairway to Heaven.

Should be higher even this is only a 2 minutes song and 46 seconds song, it's still great. Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite album by Led Zeppelin.

20 The Ocean

This song makes you feel the ocean. It's like a spray of salty water to the face. The imagery evoked makes you feel like you're in a ship being swayed by the ocean. Definitely worth listening to, classic Zeppelin.

I really don't understand how this isn't in the Top 10. The interesting 4/4 beat to 7/8 beat makes this really interesting. The vibe is just pure Zeppelin, and this is them at their best I belive. The guitar is just so cool and it makes you wanna sing along. It's cocky, and that's Led Zeppelin at their best.

My personal favorite--amazing energy right from opening riff. And love the lyrics: "Got no time to pack my bags, my foots outside the door. I got a date, I can't be late, for the high hopes hailla ball"

I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list, the song has an incredible guitar riff by Page and good lyrics sang by Plant.

21 Going to California

Lacking Bonham's drums and the characteristic hard rock and heavy metal sound Led Zeppelin was becoming known for, "Going to California" sees the band going for a more folk rock vibe with great success. With Jones on mandolin, Page on acoustic guitar and Plant singing his heart out, the song also showcases the band's softer side and incredible range.

I love a lot of Zeppelin's stuff, but this song just blows me away. It's so unlike anything else they ever did, Jones is an amazing mandolin player and just musician all around. Plant's vocals are just perfection. Page is, well, Page. I've heard it was written about Joni Mitchell, who is certainly worth writing about.

This song is very different from other Led songs, however this song never fails to make me shiver. This song is definitely my favorite song of theirs. I'm in love with the melancholy of this beautiful song.

This is by far Zeppelin's greatest song in my personal opinion. Lyrically, it is genius and a majestic masterpiece. Musically, it is a melodic and folky/acoustic take on their regular sound. It's pure love.

22 The Battle of Evermore

The Battle Of Evermore is an amazing Led Zeppelin Song, no matter what jIMMY PAGE plays he makes it sound incredible I love this song to death and should be top 15.

The fact the That mastermind Page can factor a mandolin into a rock song and the lyrics are mystic... Maybe not #1 but it should be in the top 10

I think the creativity and the uniqueness of this song is incomparable with a lot of songs.

Acoustic Brilliance. Page and Jones become one unstoppable force.

23 Communication Breakdown

Wow is all have to say for this song! It's so catchy and awesome!
I LOVE the guitar riff and the kind of crazy, fast, psycho feel it has to it!
So energetic and full of life! 5 stars!

Why is this so low? One of their few original songs that was way ahead of its time. A true and essential heavy metal classic.

Stairway to Heaven is my favourite but I voted this up because it needs to be higher! Great song!

Had a great deal of influence on punk rock. Not to mention an amazing song.

24 D'yer Mak'er

This is probably my favorite by Led Zeppelin I mean I literally have all of their songs on my iPod and all of their vinyls they are all rock. Roll gods!

Such an underrated Led Zeppelin song. It's one of the most tropical and relaxing classic rock songs I've ever listened to.

Axl rose liked this song too! I think that this song is so cool and it sounds all jamicany and sha man! Geesus christ I think its second best, stairway to heaven will always be number uno

Best song to blaze to! Catchiest Riff. Jimmy Page is a genius.

No way this song should be out of the top ten. No way.

25 Thank You

One of the first songs I heard from Zep. Plant sang this and a part of Kashmir in the tribute concert for the late Freddie Mercury. Maybe not the longest, hardest, broadest song from Zep but the feeling is unlike anything else. Thank You Led Zeppelin, Thank You Bonzo.

I was stunned when I looked on this list and this song was not in the top ten. It is the most melodic piece zeppelin ever performed and is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I deserves a spot in the top ten.

This is a very underrated song not doing well even on the list of underrated Led Zep songs! I can listen this song over and over and it keeps me on a good mood. Thank you!

The best love song of Led Zeppelin written by Plant for his wife... Got some good acoustic action by Page and really good drumming by Bonzo, not to mention the organ solo by JPJ

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