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What do you think is his greatest? Impossible, I know.
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1 Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a great song by Michael Jackson. I love this song very much. I think the near one is beat it

I love him with all my heart. Michael you will live forever... Now everyone can leave you alone. Your childhood was taken from you. You needed a best friend. Some1 to go to and you couldn't get that. Michael keep the faith. Because I have faith in you. Watch over me and all of your true fans. Only you and god and they know who they are and I am proud to be 1. We love you more Michael Jackson.

There was a semi-formal dance the other night, and I danced to that song like nobody believed I would. I moonwalked, side-slide, and everything else. This is an awesome song. There is no other song quite like this one.

There is nothing to comment new on this song, but as it appears on top... I will ask one thing.

Where the f is WHO IS IT? it isn't even somehow Top 100 songs of MJ. Yeah sounds about right

2 Smooth Criminal

I know it is in number 2 but sure Billie Jean is a great song but I just prefer Smooth Criminal. It has a great lyrics and a way to somehow get me to sing along if I want to or not. Smooth Criminal is also really catchy so if you know the lyrics your bound to start singing this song. Michael does some sweet dance moves that almost nobody else can do (especially that lean). No offense to Michael fans who like a different song but, this song is probably the best there is, PERIOD! I do wonder who Annie is though, and if she is ok.

Incredibly, the Bad album produced the most number one singles EVER from one album. However, Smooth criminal wasn't one of the number one's! It peaked at 7. Yet it's one of his most iconic songs. It's incredible. To be honest, Heal the World is the most beautiful song he ever wrote.

I like Michael's voice in this song if any other singer would have sung this song it wouldn't have sounded so good. I love the music of the song it's just sooo good the ending part you won't believe but I sometimes just cry after hearing it. I like MMichael's most of the songs but I think that smooth criminal's music is the best. Must be at number 1

Best song of Michael, It's the best after billie jean and Beat it, it must be in the top 5!

3 Beat It

Excellent song plus the best thing about the song is the guitar solo by one of the greatest guitarists.

Perfect beat, awesome guitar, one of the best produced Michael Jackson tracks ever, and possibly one of the best produced tracks ever, period!

How come you're always such a fussy young man, don't want no captain crunch don't want no raisin bran, well don't you know that other kids are starving in Japan so eat it, just eat it.
Don't want to argue, I don't wanna debate, don't want to hear about what kind of food you hate, you wont get no dessert till you clean off your plate, so eat, don't you tell me your full.

Some may say Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal are better, but Beat It is the King of Pop at his absolute best. Not only is it his best vocal performance, but the beat and guitars are better here than anything MJ has ever done.

4 Thriller

I just love this song... If I listen to this song then I wont realize how time passe... I am too scared of many things but if I listen to this song then all those scary imagination which came in my mind will vanish...

Why is this number 7? Really? I mean I expected it to be at least number 1! Almoat every person in the world knows this song the best when it comes to Michael jackson. And its literally one of the greatest pop songs ever made. Everything about the song gets people moving. It's intense, powerful, and literally a thriller

Thriller is an amazing song of Michael Jackson's which I think should be in second after Billie Jean and in front of Smooth Criminal. These, in my opinion are the best songs of the King of Pop.

The main song of the best selling album for a long time, but at present it is second.

5 Man in the Mirror

Lyrics rarely mean so much for so many people. I hear my parents, teachers, I hear myself and I hear Michael. I love the other songs on this list too. Man in the mirror was is and probably always will be my personal over the top work defining Michael's profoundly brilliant lyrically interpretive, vocally expressive, and total artistic and performance genius.

I love the meaning behind the song, it's an anthem for humanity and probably one of the best songs in terms of meaning, the beat is nice as well. It also has the best key change in history

Great song. It makes you want to start singing it. The beginning of the song is very good with the clicking of MJ's hands. When MJ performed this live in Romania, Bucherst (sorry for spelling- in rush), he made that one of his best live performances in 1992. Check it on YouTube. It seriously is worth it and its powerful and touching, especially when you see how MJ physically performes it, intertwining his body with the music beat. You won't regret it. Check it out.

This song is an amazing song. To begin with, Michael's amazing vocals take you to another world, and the meaning of this song is incredible. There are not many songs out there that show people the fact that they have to do something if they want to change the world and make it a better place for everyone. 'If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change'.Incredible. One of the best lyrics in a song ever. Even if it's not one of the most upbeat songs, it makes you understand some things better, and the fact that this person (Michael) tried his best to make the world a happy place always puts a smile on my face:)
Love you MichaelšŸ’œ

6 Bad

This is my favourite Michael Jackson song. Great beat, great music video, great instrumental, great dance solo, great voice. I have these mj albums:
Thriller (1984)
Bad (1987)
Dangerous (1991)
Off the wall (1979)
Invincible (2002)
Number ones (1999)
History (1995)
Ben (1975)
Xscape (2013)
Michael (2010)

Bad is my most favorite M.J. song! How can this be not at number one? I disagree. Or at least at number two.

Hearing this song I feel like remembering all the crazy & BAD! Stuffs I've ever done in my life

I'm bad. I love this song so much. Go crazy and bad. Go mad and bad. So good!

7 Black or White

Like many of Michael's songs, Black or White has a powerful message. We all should treat each other as family and not judge people by their skin color. The creative music and video for this song combined with Michael's incredible energy as he dances with those of other cultures makes this a true favorite of mine.

It's a heart melting song surely if people beyond the borders listen will make a decision of throwing off their arms and ammunition and handle every thing with peace... Love you mike

Michael Jackson is not only the greatest preformer in the world, but the songs that he sings have great meaning. This one I believe stood out above all the rest

This song was the first one I ever heard from Michael. It's very inspirational and catchy. It has a beat that makes me want to get up and dance. I love this song and sometimes sing along

8 Earth Song

I love this song. My favourite MJ song to dance to is, 'Smooth Criminal' or 'Billie Jean'. But my favourite MJ song to listen to MUST be this one. The very 1st time I heard this song, I was not very keen on it. But I heard it OVER AND OVER again until I reached the point where I couldn't STOP listening to it. I have loved MJ ever since I was 2 years old. Ever since then, I have locked myself in my bedroom and practiced to dance just like him. And FINALLY I have pulled it off... I've finally learnt the moonwalk! MJ has the voice and heart of an angel. And I have a feeling he is watching over us practicing his moves and he is proud of his great fans. The only time I feel close to MJ is when I dance.

Long live the King.

The gentle, almost fragile piano sweeps over soundscapes that seem to be manifactured on another planet, or what could have been this planet if Michael's lyrics weren't reality. As Michael starts singing, he is in perfect symbiosis with the mystical atmosphere of the synths, as fragile as the piano was before. That is, until the chorus kicks in first. It becomes strong and valid, a truly magical experience. He keeps going at this level throughout the next verse, until then... Each time the chorus breaks in, we get a whole new level of power, strength and graveness. The percussion plays at full throttle, the choir is at its most haunting, and Jackson himself... Is simply terrific.

It's magic. Everything fits together so well: melody, delivery, lyrics, meaning, production, mood - a true masterpiece.

This song as so much meaning, it really draws me into how michael really feels, I hear every word he says. Michael gives a very important message for everyone, it means so much to him people and the planet he cares sp deeply about, and he strives so much to get others to listen to the important message he's saying and help save the people and the planet. So please LISTEN GUYS! We all love you so much MICHAEL JACKSON!

This is really great. The song haunts you at the very tip. Very dramatic, expressive, out-shined all the songs he made. The best for me by far and will always be my favorite.

9 They Don't Care About Us

The Syncopated rhythm in this song is spawning thousands of earworms that dig straight into my soul. Unlike most of his music, This one is vicious and accusatory. Amazing work from an Amazing Artist. I don't care about him as a person, but as an Entertainer, you get no better than MJ.

Best song! Really! You can feel the aggressivity and emotions from this song..I often compare mj with eminem because they are both aggressive in a way which makes them my all time favorite Artists!

'They Don't Care About Us' is a great song by Michael Jackson. I love this song very much. I think this the only song which can stand with thriller, beat it and Heal the World. Hail The King Of Pop.

Really an underrated masterpiece. A lot of his songs on this album is underrated. You feel the song, so much emotions, and it's all about what he's been through. Second place worthy!

10 Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

I love the falsetto that he uses throughout the whole song, it's truly impressive and unique. I love songs that repeat its chorus over and over again as a sort of apex of the song at the end and this song does exactly that like hey jude and evil woman etc

The crown Jewel achievement representing one of MJ's greatest strengths as an artists: making every one of use get up and dance to the irresistible force that is his music.

The rhythm and beat of this song is simply amazing. Listening to it can make any situation feel upbeat and it really gets you're feet tapping

My favorite Jackson song! So good that even Chris Tucker had to sing it in Rush Hour 2!

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11 Dirty Diana

This song has always been on my replay list... It is amazing, a good beat, and very sexy. Of course all of his songs are awesome, but this song takes music to the next level.

This should be number one. Good songs in this list, but compared to Dirty Diana and Billie jean, they are kid songs... This MJ in his Rawest form..

Dirty Diana have such best lyrics. Beside, the music and the tempo also rock me up.

I love this song. It's so haunting.

12 Rock with You

This is the ultimate feel good song! Whenever I am feeling low, I play this song and I am immediately uplifted! Michael's smile in this video is so genuine and bright, I can't help but feel good looking and listening to him!

Off The Wall is Michael Jackson's Debut solo album, and I believe that Quincy Jones behind the production was masterful. This whole album is wonderfully produced and this song along with Off The Wall and Don't Stop Till You Get Enough are among his best

The best song ever that make me feel so good and the song has beautiful Lyrics and wonderful rhythm as well. I love you Michael Jackson you are the best pop singer for all time god marcy you

An incredibly uplifting song which evokes pleasant and calm memories. It reminds you that no matter what, you can be uplifted and empowered by happy experiences.

13 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

It's the first song of Michael about to the media and press, as well as gossip and people trying to start arguments or problems for no reason. He composed and arranged the incredible complexity of colliding drums and influence : funk, jazz, pop, and the famous "soul makossa" of manu dibango at coda song.
Great patwork

These lyrics are quite strange like You are a vegetable and Don't have a baby but I don't care about that. His singing, the beat are both the greatest things!

The BEST dance groove EVER. Makes a force field that demands movement appear with the first note!

It has Michael's signature written all over it... Thanks Michael for the inspiring music... You live forever...

14 The Way You Make Me Feel

MJ is GOD of pop not king...I love his songs ALL of them and personally, I think he deserves more recognition.I am very young but sing MJ pretty well. I would love to be just like him

You can never get tired of this song - also an amazing song to dance to!

His best song by far! Great beat and never get tired of it! Always puts me in a good mood

I don't know why but this song is just so good. Never get tired of it.

15 Human Nature

This is so beautiful and deep! It's MJ's best song ever, and I try not to cry while typing this. It has some meaning that says, " humans are all different and same, it's human nature to fall in love and it's a beautiful feeling, a feeling you can't say or express, when you think about it your speechless; but you can sing it. That was a meaning for most of his songs and this is the most beautiful song ever written, and it amazing how he writes this emotional and deeply sang poem" God bless you Michael Jackson, Every human on earth is sad that you past away and loves you for bringing another type of joy, a joy we can't live with to this world.

This song is inspiring and beautiful. It gives me hope and makes me feel not alone. Not only is this my favorite Michael Jackson song but this is my favorite song ever. It just makes me happy and changes my mood from upset to hopeful in a second. Before you vote for any of these songs, if you haven't heard Human Nature than listen to it because it should be in top 5 at LEAST. Just a remarkable and lovely song. RIP MJ I love you

Transcendent. The basic composition is excellent, but he levitates it even higher with his brilliant vocal talent. He hovers above beautifully structured keyboard riffs, flowing through a restrained yet determined tempo. It's not the most catchy, fun, or dance-worthy MJ song, but it's his best studio release with regard to pure, musical form.

What the hell is wrong with people? Human Nature is one of the best song by MJ, its million times better than Billie Jean and Beat It. This track should be the number 1 in the list. At least listen to this song guys. It has meaningful and beautiful lyrics. Vote for this song guys. This was also MJ's favorite song as well.

16 Give in to Me

! I'm not the sort of person that likes to discover new songs. So, every time I came across this song I TOTTALLY ignored IT and skipped it. But soon I got bored of hearing the same old MJ songs over and over AGIAN. Therefore I went on YouTube to discover some more. I'm the sort of person who gets bored REALLY easily and just SKIPPS the song. I listened to afew and got bored and skipped them. But as soon as this song started playing I LISTENED THROUGH the WHOLE song as I fell in love with it straight away! WICH is REALLY rare 4 me to do. I suggest if u are an MJ fan and havnt heard this song, listen to it. The same thing WICH happened to me will happen to u! Promise u!

This song must be number 1 in my opinion because of the lyrics and the meaning it carries, at least in my opinion. Amazing Michael. Only you can entertain the world as you did. Nobody is close to you.

When I heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it! Really, it's awesome, if you haven't listened to it and you're an MJ fan, well... You should definitely listen to it!

Michael jackson the pop king rocks... This song should be at the top... The music is fantastic... Its much better than they don't care about us... I just love this song...

17 Leave Me Alone

This is one of his most meaningful songs at a time when the media were on his back. The music video is also very clever, should be in the top 15 at least. Listen and vote!

The animation is so lit, creative and the music is amazing as always, so much heart creativity everywhere.

My all time favorite MJ song. The beat is so raw and has power. In my opinion it has the second best beat behind Billie Jean

Always been my favourite MJ tune!

18 Scream

This song is amazing. It has a mix with beat and pop. And his voice is 150% PERFECTO!

A great duet with his sister Janet a perfect combination.

Why is this song only 17th?

19 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

This song is just such a great song with an amazing beat to it that always gets me dancing and in a good mood no matter how bad my day was!

I voted for this not because it's my favorite, but it does not deserve to be at #26. Great song.

I voted just to help its ranking.

Well I never you are quite a P.Y.T.

20 Remember the Time

What an amazing song; recalling wonderful memories of passionate love, it is perhaps the happiest song on the 'Dangerous' album. However, Michael wonders what happened and why the relationship ended. Wonderful, funky beat. One the best New Jack Swing songs EVER!

This should be about No#12! This is one of MJ's best songs. MJ Rocks! His death in 2009 was bad. If he was dead how did he make the new album Xscape in 2014?

I love MJ! He is my most favorite singer in the world! He died after my ninth birthday, it was sad! I miss himm so much!

Why isn't this higher, it should at least be in the top 10!

21 You Rock My World

It's really hard to pick a favourite MJ song, and never did I think I would vote for it after listening to Billie Jean, Bad and all the other classics he has made. But my god, the first time I heard, I was blown away. Give it a shot. This song is ridiculously catchy.

I just heard this song for the first time in a music video. It's awesome! When I think of it I feel like... Actually, it's the way you make me feel.

Mj's best ever song. Michael's every song is special but this one got something in it. It gives me a different feel.

This song showed that he was back! It sounds incredible & the "SHORT FILM" to go with it makes it even better.

22 You are Not Alone

It's so awesome song!... I can't believe its here down at 12! Guys.. Its like " you are not alone, I'm here with you. " really feels if mj is here sitting with me as I'm listening to this song. Its awesome, superb, touching, and the best mj song ever!

Such an emotional and awesome song deserves to be in the top 10.
I like the music and Michaels voice and just everything about it.

I never really listen to this song cause Lisa Marie was in the music video.. And I really hate her! But the song's great of course!

MJ has always been the best entertainer alive and always will be.
And his songs will always live on to the next generation and onward.
Until every human being willknown the name of Michael JACKSON

23 Another Part of Me

Should be higher. Love this one. A great message with a catchy beat.

Should definitely be higher! Them vocals! I love the live version.

An iconic 80s beat with great vocals from the King of Pop!

I love this is song...must be in top10

24 We are the World

I almost cry when I listen to this song. This song invite us to help others. One of the best song's ever by a lot of great performers. The idea of making this song was incredibly great. With multiple singers with different ethnic, religion, and etc really inspire me.

One of the best song's ever by the greatest performer ever.
When I heard this song it spoke to me, and I hope it did to other's.
I give this song 100%

We are the world is a song with a powerful message and a strong meaning in it to! We are the world, so we must do our part and save it!

This song had multiple singers singing this song but it was wrote and half sung by Michael.

25 Ghost

This is Michael Jackson 100%, and it is 100% amazing! It contains everything that determines MJ's unique style; an absolute highlight and in my opinion his greatest song. Would easily have become #1 best-selling single if recorded earlier, in more successful years. Very underrated.

Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs 2017 and this wasn't even on the list! So glad it finally gets some attention! Also, I really wish they would release the Michael Jacksons Ghosts 50 min film on dvd or youtube. Because at the moment we can only watch Ghosts (Shortened Version) witch is 3 mins and Is It Scary? (Edited) witch is 7 mins!

I think all of Michael Jackson's songs are good but ghost is the best you should really listen to it even though I've heard that thriller is the best but ghost is better! Thanks for reading my opinion!

Love the creepy music video. The dance routines remind me of Thriller.

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