Top 10 Best Queen Songs

Queen are a seminal English rock band, formed in 1970 in London by John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. Britain's most successful band of the past three decades, the band rose to prominence during the mid-to-late 1970s and still retain a large international fan base. This is a list of Queen's all time greatest songs.
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1 Bohemian Rhapsody

This song was the definitive beginning to the greatest collection of musical gods this world has ever seen, a legendary musical epic that is the most amazing our world has been blessed with the privilege to be graced with. Just as Innuendo (disappointed it isn't top five) was the epic that marked the end, this song gave birth to an era of incindiary music that can NEVER be matched. Now that Freddie is teaching the angels to sing, and John was involved in an incident with his interdimensional portal powered on the bass line of Under Pressure, it makes me sad that I will never have an experience like growing up with, or ever hearing Queen live again, but I know this band will never truly die.

I love Queen! I am their biggest fan in the world! I have Queen wallpaper, phone case, bed sheets, fidget spinner, every album they ever put out, every DVD, posters, toilet paper, shower curtain, tattoo,t shirts, all four of their autographs, yellow jacket, a copy of the red special, a Freddie biography, Brian biography, Roger biography, and a John biography. And that's not even a quarter of the Queen collectibles I own. All together I've spent $1,500,000 on it all

This song is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it but I certainly like marmite better than this pretentious and overblown song. However, I suspect some of my dislike of this song is borne out of having to listen to it constantly being played on the radio, T.V. and in the school common room for weeks on end when it was number 1 in the charts back in the mid-seventies.

Super overrated song, who cares if it's split into 3 parts when none of them sound good? There's no sort of harder edge to this one, it's just overly high, annoying vocals and boring sections, especially the middle one which tries being weird, but forgets to also be good. Dumb song by an overrated band, go listen to Cannibal Corpse or Death instead, now that's real music

2 Don't Stop Me Now

I absolutely love this song - Freddie is in his finest form on this track and you can tell he absolutely loves singing it - he ROCKS it! Lyrically excellent, ahead of it's time (like most Queen songs), timeless and as fresh today as the day the track was laid down - Freddie was a true genius, best voice in the business and this shows it in all it's glory - miss you every day Freddie, so glad you can visit me every time I hear your voice... RIP to the best EVER

Before I fully listened to this song, I'd say Somebody To Love, and then before that Another One Bites The Dust. The positivity with this song is undeniable and it's incredibly catchy. Before the beat drop on this song, I was about to stop listening, but then once Freddie didn't stop, I instantly began bobbing my head to the beat and kept listening. One of the best 70s songs in general, and this song alone made me rethink my former statement of Queen as being overrated!

I think it is great that this song barely registered on the charts in the US and went on to become beloved in the years afterward. It's epic and classic Freddie. Great piece of work. So now we are voting it as the second best queen song out of so many great songs while their biggest hit in the US was Another One Bites the Dust at the time. Funny how time changes our perspective and the classics rise to the top. Great work, Queen.

This the most beautiful and definitely the best song written the band Queen. It is a true gem, oh my god how talented Freddie Mercury was. This song is perfection, the voice of Freddie is so beautiful when he plays the piano here, it brings us to the sky. It has an incredible rhytmn, it never slows down and it is the most positive and healthy song. If you listen to the lyrics carefully it will bring life into you.

3 The Show Must Go On

Just the fact that Freddie would die in a month, and could hardly walk, and somehow sang this stunningly powerful and emotional song encapsulates how awesome this song is. I've come across many people who think that Freddie wrote Bohemian Rhapsody on his deathbed, when he actually wrote it 16 years before. This is the closest you will get to a "real Bohemian Rhapsody", when it was actually written and presented to Freddie by Brian May. Not just a great song in it's own right, but made even better when you realize that it is almost biographical of the pain and suffering endured by Freddie, and yet, and he sings, "my smile still stays on." Miss you Freddie.

No other song can top this. You very rarely get a song with such impecable instrumental, lyrics and vocals. Add the story behind it, and it's simply impossible to compete with this one.
On another note, I've listened to hundreds of covers of this song, and I don't think I've found anyone able to sing this as well as Freddie, and the man was at the final stages of a terminal disease when he delivered those vocals. If that doesn't say something about the quality of Freddie as a vocalist, I don't know what does.

This song, it's always been a favorite of mine. Not only is the musical presentation superb, but the raw emotion that Freddie sings with and that Brian, Roger, and John play with... that's what sells it for me. I don't know how that feeling of persistence and desire can come through on a guitar, bass, and drum set... but it does. And you can hear it in Freddie's voice, that even though he is dying of AIDS, the show must go on.

This song is so powerful you will get chills every time you listen to it, whether it is the 1st or the 100th time. Freddie, even with his declining health, was able to showcase the best and rawest vocals that has ever come out of a singer's mouth. You can tell that he's put his heart into the song and he did it in one take. Rip Freddie, you and your immense talent will always be remembered.

4 We are the Champions

This one isn't made for less than top 3! It should be competing for first place with Bohemian Rhapsody! What a Genius Freddie was! We are the champions, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end! We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers because we are the champions! At the world

I admit it Somebody to love is a good song, but we're talking about their best, and We are the champion aren't their number 1 song, but it's got to be their number 5!
Hey hey wait! Why is under pressure number 7 and I want to break free on 8
It's not fair!
I want to break free definitely beat under pressure!

I agree that Bohemian Rhapsody is the best Queen song, but the fact that this or We will rock you isn't 2nd, that ain't right! Also this song is just absolutely AMAZING! As soon as I heard this song I learned the lyrics straight away! R. I. P Freddie, you and Queen are the champions, we miss you every day

I think this should be number one. The lyrics are more meaningful than Bohemian Rhapsody - it's uplifting and the words go well with the brilliant tune. Is it just me or has this song been influenced by one of the best pieces ever written: Elgar's "Land of Hope and Glory"?

5 Another One Bites the Dust

The bass riff on this song is just kick ass! This song, along with Green Day's Longview should definitely be nominated for the best bass chords ever! The lyrics are great also and you can really see the diversity of Freddy's voice too! His voice range on this song alone is also just simply amazing?

Why is it so low at 7? Ought to be in the Top 3! Deacon nailed it with the opportunity he was given. Easily he created the most recognisable bassline ever. The one which gets stuck in the head. Of cours it's not all bass, lyrics are quite rebellious, you can piss off any one with "and another one go, and another one go, another one bites the dust".

Not your usual Queen song as it's more of a funk song than anything resembling rock (Al tough that is very fitting considering how experimental the group is). But oh boy isn't it catchy. Might have the best favourite baseline ever as well.

First song I can remember listening to, At the age of three! And that was two years after the best singer that still blesses our ears with. RIP Freddie. Kanye should be shot for butchering your music.

6 We Will Rock You

This song is so underrated! Even though it
Doesn't go for that long it is still a great song!
It should at least be second after bohemian
Rhapsody, and then third we are the champions,
Those two I reckon are the only songs that have
Some actual rock in them! Apart from them
The rest of the songs are slow.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is the Queen's best song, but "We Will Rock You" deserves to be higher in this ranking, n°2 without a doubt! The outro of the song with the guitar solo is so powerful, so rock, so Queen!

"Another One Bites the Dust" must be n°3 in my opinion. I like many songs of this band but I'm really not a fan of "The Show Must Go On" and "We are the Champions" is a good song but not amazing like "One Vision", "Radio Ga Ga" or "A Kind of Magic"

Your ears work properly? I don't think so...

This should be number 1 and I'm not kidding. I use to hear my friends at my elementary school sing it a lot and I I said to myself, "I Thought whoever wrote that song is popular because it's there most popular song". So if I were you I'd make it number 1 just to make me happy

This song has an unique vibe that sends a chill through me and all my friends spines. We put this on our loud speakers and jump up and down on the bed screamin along to the lyrics. The only good rock is: OLD SCHOOL ROCK.

7 Somebody to Love

When Queen just goes "sure, why not," they make a great song. When Queen tries, they make some of the best songs of all time. This, being on of them

This song fills me with so much nostalgia, it was the first Queen song I remember hearing as a kid, and hearing it always made me so happy. I never really understood how emotional the lyrics really are, but now that I'm older and have had many ups and downs in life, I can completely relate to and comprehend what the song is about, making me love it even more than I did when I was younger. Never has a song made me feel so sad yet so happy. Props to Queen, specifically Freddie, for truly pouring their hearts into this.

The greatest love song ever! This is one of Queen's masterpieces and the second to none in theme of love song! <I think Bohemian Rhapsody is greater but it is not a love song.> Somebody to Love sounds very brand new in the 70s (try comparing with those of Beatles or other rock brands at the same era) but also contemporary in 21st century. I love the rhythm of this song, Freddie's unique voice, and all musicians. The lyrics indicates that Freddie was such a genius. Greatest love song of all time!

Wow, for such a great song it only made number five on these charts. Before I thought I saw it as number eight... Guess it went up because of how epic it is. Shame Justin Bieber ruined it. The ORIGINAL version --Queen version, shall I say-- is the best. I read it was Freddie's favorite. As well as it is mine. Nobody will ever replace the great, one and only Freddie Mercury.

8 Killer Queen

Okay, Bohemian Rhapsody is probably better, but I have to try and move this you the list. When this first came out, I'd never heard anything like it before and marked Queen out as ones to watch. This is a pre-cursor to Bohemian if you like as it has a few of those same rock opera characteristics. Beautiful vocal arrangements and guitar licks. A classic!

Literally the best Queen song ever written. The lyrics are so poetic - more so than one would think possible. Every time I listen to this song I imagine myself sitting in a room with only the richest and most powerful of men and women alike. This is an astounding song, and only Queen could pull off something like this.

Whenever someone asks me what my favourite Queen song is, my usual answer is Bohemian Rhapsody, but I change my mind whenever I listen to this. There's something about the way Freddie sings it that makes it so cool and unique.

This song was Queen's break through. Lyrics are Godly, (So is the band). The harmonizing is sheer genius. Because this song made Queen a hit, it pretty much takes a huge roll in history. This song truly is a Killer-Queen song.

9 Under Pressure

I love this song it's so catchy and the lyrics are epic. They have so much meaning and I listen to this song all the time. I just hate that vanilla ice messed it up with his very similar song ice ice baby. Now when most people hear the opening they think that I'm playing ice ice baby

My favorite duet, queen song, and song of all time. These vocals are sung with such an incredible range and power that you can feel the pressure. The bassline is the stairway to heaven of basslines, and they flow so well throughout this song. But the best part is Freddie singing "can we give ourselves one more chance?! " A true masterpiece worthy of anything.

Queen Under Pressure transcended the 80's, once we heard the bass riff we knew this song was going to be awesome, and once we heard Freddie Mercury singing the song we forgot David Bowie was featured on this song because we all just thought this song was a Queen song only and the song is absolutely a classic song, and one of the best songs of the 80's.

So many people only know the bass line and the well-known beginning lyrics. But listening to the song all the way through is something. I love when Freddie just gets lost in the lyrics of encouraging lines about giving ourselves one more chance and giving love. Always picks me up when I'm down

10 I Want to Break Free

HAHA LOVE IT. That part halfway through the song with that funny sounding instrument. Great song, also great message. I'd take the video as a joke, it was funny. But overall great song, all queen songs are great. Freddie mercury was so famous why? , well because of his amazing voice and just by listening to this you can know how amazing it is. Queen will always be remembered.

Excellent song of those years. I believe that this song has the value throughout the years. I am very proud that an Indian has sang this song. With great remembrance I am very proud the great man has given an excellent song.

It is obvious why this song is the best Queen song - because it was written non other than John Deacon. He may have not written that many songs, but most of them were huge!

One of the best. Brest song to run too... And I don't like to run. Love to sing this one in my car.. For some reason this song hits an emotion in me that makes my eyes feel with tears. I just love this song.

The Contenders
11 Radio Gaga

I've loved this song since I was 6! It's one of the only few that I never get sick of listening to. The melody is just so catchy, ugh.

Excellent. Shame that it isn't in the top five, this is my absolute favorite queen song! Best to listen to it live though

Musical genius! Wonderful composition and lyrics, a true work of art.

There's a key change in there that makes me glad to be alive!

12 Innuendo

Totally underrated song of Queen. Maybe because of other masterpieces which people think are better. But the changing atmosphere and tempo, rich instrumental, the true words... This song just wakes my feeling of freedom and makes me consider if I'm really missing so much to feel freed, happy and independent or it's just problem in my head inculated by nowadays world and I'm trying to follow something unavailable and unnecessary. Is anybody who has reached all of it better in anythong more? I belive we can create our happiness by ourselves. If everybody in this world had the same thoughts as Freddie, our world would be a perfect place for everybody.

This song, along with The Prophet's Song, The Show Must Go On, and The March Of the Black Queen are real and true contenders to be considered better than Bohemian Rhapsody. Along with Bohemian Rhapsody these four songs should be in the first four positions. I grew up with Queen and these songs break barriers in brilliance that very few bands have ever matched. Innuendo is Queen's progressive rock at it's finest. Amazing and thought provoking!

I love Bohemian Rhapsody, The show must go on, March of the Black Queen, Ogre Battle, etc. , but this song just blows me away. It hits me hard. Of course, I had a tough decision between the Prophet's song (the song that made me obsessed with Queen), Brighton Rock, Save me, These are the days of our lives, It's late, The Great King rat and Now I'm here. But Innuendo deserves the top ten. It's musical art!

Haunting Epic, I just love it. Saying that I do love all Queen songs, I am sure I'm like many Queen fans, who can't choose a favorite song.
But I love this song, its weird, its like jumping into a bi-polar opera. Its also a song where if you've heard it once or a million times, your still like... I'd love to know what this bizarre song is about?

13 The March of the Black Queen

If Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't so famous because of the well-timed clip, people would have known thuis piece of brilliance better. It's the best Queen ever made. The whole apotheosis of the album culminates into this song! It's brilliant. The White Queen from side A comes back as a dominatrix-like dark Black Queen. How brilliant is that. Then you see that alle brilliance of the band is already there. All sound tricks, love of quality, details. The real Queen is black. Now March!

It was either these quadruplets (March of the Black Queen, Funny How Love Is, The Fairy-Feller's Master Stroke, and Nevermore), the triplets (Tenement Funster, Flick of the Wrist, and Lily of the Valley), The Prophet's Song, or My Fairy King. But it just absolutely had to be the quadruplets. Those four are simply the best. They perfectly flow into each other, something extremely uncommon nowadays.

This, as part of the quad of songs on Queen II, Fairy Feller's Masterstroke/Nevermore/March Of The Black Queen/Funny How Love Is simply is the best work Queen ever did for me... they show them at their very peak as a hard rock band, and showed glimpses of future songs like Bo Rap in it's layered operatic vocals and instruments... sublime...

Oh God, talk about underrated! This is an incredible song and it is an UTTER SHAME to see it at 18th place! The creativity put into this song is just mind-blowing. If you like Bohemian Rhapsody, you'll love this song. It's basically BR's evil twin. And as hard as it is to admit, I think this is my favorite Queen song, BR in a close second.

14 Who Wants to Live Forever?

This song is my favorite. Funny thing is I'm listening to it while I'm typing this. The way Freddie sings it is just captivating and really nice and has that true statement in it but seriously the song is too good to be out of top 10 come on! If you vote any other song (with the exception of a few others) there is something messed up with your brain

This isn't my most fave Queen song but I really love this song and it send shivers all over my body. This song I think was one of the last song Freddie ever Wrote which is Eerie to think of this song title and then he passed away not to long after.R.I.P. Freddie

With the exception of the greatest rock and roll song of all time (it does not need to be named) this is Queen's best song!

I don't like to use the word epic too many times in one month, but I think it needs to happen for this.

I cried buckets first time I heard this. So underrated, yet so beautiful. Hits you in the heart. Such a powerful song. Wait... why am I still talking when I could be listening to the GREATEST Queen song EVER! hint, hint, this one! VOTE NOW! Peace dudes!

15 I Want It All

Rock2metal, I know some Queen songs, but I haven't heard the whole song
Ones I know:
Bohemian Rhapsody
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
Killer Queen
Another One Bites the Dust
Under Pressure
Somebody to Love
Crazy little thing called love
Don't Stop me Now
I Want To Break Free
I Want it all (which I just Heard of) Thanks for the Heads Up!

I want it all... I want it all... And I want it now!
Brian May is absolutely amazing on this song... And Freddie is of course Freddie... But for me this song is Brian's finest moment because if you ask me he surpasses even Freddie which is far easier said than done! Freddie is absolutely amazing on it but Brian is insane!

My all-time favourite queen song. Lyrically amazing and Brian May absolutely kills this song with his lead guitar. Guaranteed to make the hairs stand up on my arms every time I listen to it.

This song is masterpiece - very well written, produced and performed. "I Want It All" is my personal favorite song by Queen but I do love everything from this legendary band

16 Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This is so unfair! How can you Possibly pick 'the best Queen song'? They're ALL THE BEST!
I love all the famous ones, but I absolutely Adore the lesser known ones, the ones familiar to only avid Queen fans (like me and you). With their eclectic mix, there's something for everyone, whether it's soft, or fast and furious, or everything in between, Queen's got it all. From the loveliness of Love Of My Life, Nevermore, Lily Of The Valley, & Save Me to the fury of Stone Cold Crazy, Dead On Time, and We Will Rock You (fast version! ); I love them all.
That's why Queen is So much more than their hits! Their hidden gems are a treasure trove of ecstasy!
Freddie's voice is so magnificent, and his passion so fierce, that anything he sings is my favorite! He is the most stunningly awesome performer ever to grace the Earth!

This is song is my personal favourite, it features fantastic vocals, spectacular guitar and a beat that you can't help but dance to. Whenever I am in a bad mood I listen to this and all my problems seem to go away.

How is this song not in the top ten? It is one of the greatest songs be queen.. It has that old school rock vibe which makes it very catchy!

Best Queen song, only second to Bohemian Rhapsody. This is part of one of the best Queen albums, and I love all the songs on The Game.

17 Fat Bottomed Girls

Perfect mix of what Queen was before and after Jazz: hard rocking with great vocals but also hear the (almost) pop hooks Queen displayed in the 80s. First time I really remember hearing "Fat Bottomed Girls', I had somehow already knew and remembered hearing the riff. Oh, that fabulous and crunchy riff. Possible career highlight of Brian May, outside of a guitar solo.

Then Freddie's voice comes in gritty and catchy, a hard feat to manage, even for the other great rock vocalists, and completely owns it. Roger's contributions were just as great and memorable, as evidenced by me tapping my foot every time I hear this song. So catchy in fact, that several times I have woke up in the morning with it in my head! I don't know how, but I guess I was thinking about it while sleeping? Just shows how this fun tune never gets old and you'll literally be thinking of it from morning to night! Freddie of course is unbeatable, but on 'Fat Bottomed Girls' he really shines, not in terms ...more

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this song! I've always been bigger and the 1st time I heard this and really listened to the words I was very self conscious because well you know how kids can be. But when I heard that song that's when my self esteem started to rise! YAY for them!

I've been thinking (it does happen on occasions) There are many great Queen songs (and a few not-so-great...) but this one just sounds so much different from their most-known ones. Great driving song; fresh and upbeat. It's easily my favourite Queen song.

Maybe the best full out rock song that band ever did (Based on how you categories their songs). This rock anthem makes you want to blast the stereo and sing your heart out.

18 You're My Best Friend

It really shows how much they love each other, you know. John Deacon maybe a quiet kid in the band but, he really loved them and wanted them to know. I love the song and what it means. Its beautiful

This is a wonderful pop song - and packs a sentiment that really means something, that's not overused, that we all need and should celebrate.

Such an amazing song. Best song from them aside from Bohemian Rhapsody and Under Pressure. Voted for it because it's lowest.

If this isn't the most beautiful love song of all times and it doesn't touch your heart I don't what's wrong with you..

19 The Prophet's Song

The first power metal song, this is always overlooked by Bohemian Rhapsody. Although the latter is fantastic, I have always preferred this one. It is one of the most epic things I have ever heard! This was taken from a dream that Brian May had about a flood. As a result, this song has lyrics that could be from the Old Testament.

He told of death as a bone white haze,
Taken the lost and the unloved babe,
Late, too late, all the wretches one,
These kings of beasts now counting their days.

The middle section is amazing. It makes you feel like you are in an empty room, because there is only Freddie Mercury's voice. Then comes one of Brian May's most awesome guitar solos. Then the first section reprises, and the song ends. You are left mesmerized.

It seems like nobody ever knows about this song! This, and Liar, Innuendo beat Bohemian Rhapsody by miles! Starts calmly, and proceeds to the vocal section and finally the epic ending. Number one Queen song, and it's what makes A Night at the Opera the best Queen album.

THIS is the first power metal song ever and everything is superb especially Brian May's guitar work and the canon section in the middle with overdubbed vocals by Freddie.

This song is one of the most epic songs I've ever heard! I absolutely love the lyrics and the guitar work. It's just simply a masterpiece in queen and one of their many hidden gems.

20 Stone Cold Crazy

This song has a thrash metal sound. It is the one of the pioneer of metal music. It is way better than Bohemian Rhapsody in my opinion. Boh Rap is good but this one I better.

This is what started some big 80s bands out there. Very underrated. I voted for it because I wanted to put that out there. I was gonna vote for something else, but I figured this should be higher on the list. Anyway, I only know 1 other kid who knows and loves this song. Thanks Ray.
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury, we all miss you greatly and wish you were with us today. RIP.

This is a great song, and it proves how lively 2 minutes and seventeen seconds can be. A few friends and I covered this one. Our guitarist had one hell of a fun time playing. This is a song to play when I feel hyper and pumped. LET'S GO!

The more I scrolled the more I thought I had accidentally glazed over this song and it was actually up way higher. Then I found this... ALL THE WAY DOWN AT 72?!?! Seriously, this is a masterpiece of a song that essentially crafted the thrash metal genre and would go on to help birth bands such as Metallica! A legendary song and definitely much more deserving a spot much higher than 72

21 A Kind of Magic

Great lyrics. Fine melody. Anything Freddie put his magical vocals to is great. Loved Queen back in the day. Still love 'em just as much today. I wish we had smart phones back when I saw them in concert.

The heralding of a new age of unity of consciousness and harmony - 'is this the kind of magic, that ca be only one? "

PS a great song live is Another One Bites The Dust - the bass line made everyone dance - and that was just a tribute been band.

This song is perfect and deserves n1 position among all written songs (with Made in Heaven 1985 version).But not many know what is magic.

What an epic song
Only freddie can do the live concerts and make them sound so good

22 Tie Your Mother Down

I really expected this to be in the top 5, this is way out of place.

This song should be top 20 at least. It's an amazing work of music written by May

This one really sent the crowd in a frenzy.

That beat, stuck in my head! Amazing song!

23 Love of My Life

It is, perhaps, the only song by Queen that may works without Freddie's voice. I mean, it sounds spectacularly with those Chopin chords, Freddie's carisma makes it irresistible also Brian twelve-string guitar. Every time I listen to this at Wembley Stadium break in cry. There are -to be specifier NO EXIST- words to describe it. May be not the final song by this group, but surely the prettiest!

I had heard just a little bit of it when I went to the Cinema to watch "Bohemian Rhapsody", then I saw the scen where the song is composed and how the public sang it in the live version (as I've listened to it later in Spotify), and it was superb. Honestly since summer I've started listening to QUEEN deeper than in the past (I'm a Beatles fan beyond), I've felt in love with them...It's a kind of magic

Queen is a legendary band that has a high musicality, which could inspire me. Of all the songs that they have, the best song of all songs ever created freddy mercury. It's good that a guy wants to break up with his girlfriend reversal, the guarantee if the woman is still human, you can revert again. Haha

My favourite queen song because of its soulful music. This should be considered the greatest breakup song. Sing it to your girl if she decided to leave, she will definitely change her mind

24 Too Much Love Will Kill You

Such an underrated song. To me, it's my favorite Queen song and certainly belongs in the top 10. The lyrics are beautifully heartbreaking and you can hear Freddie singing from the heart in this one. Not too mention the lyrics in this song are so true

I simply love this song! Awesome chorus and singing, and also awesome lyrics and message in it! I actually understood this song and I felt pretty sad and like "yea" fred's right from this one. this should be in one of the top ten guys...

A song straight from Freddie's heart. This is the song that made me fall in love with Queen. It's amazing how Freddie touches hearts. He sings his soul out in this one.

Cannot help but cry. Freddie's voice. The video. The meaning. So pure and heartfelt and Freddie's goodbye song. Utter perfection!

25 '39

The thing I like about Queen is each of their songs tells a story that's greater than most blockbuster movies, without telling you EXACTLY whats gonna happen... you're allowed to like write your own story while listening and 39' is the perfect example of this and one of the most underrated song not just by Queen but by any band...

This song is absolutely incredible. Besides the unbelievably fascinating lyrics that form a great storyline, the music and instrumentalism tops most other songs produced by Queen. The lead singer does a great job to put it mildly and really just the entire song is a masterpiece.

How can '39 be beaten? It's simply Queen at their absolute greatest, and I have no clue as to why it wasn't released as a single. It could have rivalled Bohemian Rhapsody in the sales charts, and it already surpasses it for quality.

Phenomenal song! It has a great story behind it, and it's beautifully written. I have no idea how it's so unpopular.
Don't Stop Me Now and We Will Rock You are so overrated.

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