Best Lovelyz Songs

The popular girl group of Korea, Lovelyz! Their producer, OnePiece's song is so good! And what is your favorite Lovelyz song?
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1 Ah-Choo

When I first listened this song, I'm so glad. 'Cause, this song is so cute and nice. And the bridge part is so emotional and touching my mind! And this song had very big hit! So, I like it a lot. And my parents and my friends are love this song, too!

2 Destiny (My Earth)

A new song of 2016. This song released at April 25th, 2016. They were cuty and lovely girls. But, the new year's coming and they grown-up, too. They are so prettiest than 2014, 2015! And this song is so nice and beautiful. It touches me! So, I'll hope you listening to this song!

For the first time Lovelyz song is on the top 5 Japan chart and korean chart. So proud of them

3 Hi

The other popular song with 'Ah-Choo'. This song had no hit. But, this song is cute and lovely. And their fans love this song with 'Ah-Choo'. And I like it, too. This song is popular with Korean girls.

4 For You

Their first single album's title song, 'For You'! This song is little bit different than 'Hi~', 'Ah-Choo' and 'Candy Jelly Love'. They came back with more cuteful and more youthful. And this song released at December 7, 2015. Lovelyz's song is all nice and good!

This song brought me into Lovelyz. Lovelyz fighting!

5 Good Night Like Yesterday

Such a beautiful ballad song of Lovelyz! This song makes me cry and it touches my mind! It has saddest lyrics and beautiful melody! Their musical spectrums are exploding at this song. And this song is masterpiece of their producer, OnePiece! Thank you for the Lovelyz and OnePiece!

I love this song, it's very cute and calm. The MV is amazing too, all of them look so pretty and Sung Kyu is also good looking. They're have flower on their hair, and the lyrics is sad but deep.

This song greatly show their vocal skills. Especially Jiae and Jisoo.

6 Candy Jelly Love

Their debut song, 'Candy Jelly Love'! They debuted at Fall, 2014. They were so cute, smooth, lovely girls! This song is touching me.

7 Baby Doll

Their first waltz song, 'Doll'. This song is quiet. But, it touches my mind and this song is beautiful and emotional. And their voice is so clearly and it makes me happy. So, I'll hope you listening this song, 'Doll'.

Jiae get the most spotlight in this song. unfortunately, it is just a song in an album

8 Hug Me

Such a lovely song, 'Hug Me'! The song has wonderful chorus and their voices are so clear. I think this song is more good song in 'Lovelyz8' album with 'Ah-Choo', 'Shooting Star'. I like this song too much!

9 Shooting Star

Such a beautiful ballad song! The lyrics talk about so saddest parting. It has high quality, beautiful MR & melody, their clear voices! I like this song, too. And I think Lovelyz's songs are all good and nice!

10 Twinkle
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11 Now We
12 Amusement Park

So lovely and dreamy song! It appears on 'Hi~' album. Jiae's rap part is so cute. And their voices are so cute and clear. They use amazing falsetto in this song. It's great! And the chord progressions are so good! Thank Lovelyz & OnePiece!

13 Circle
14 Rapunzel
15 Heart (Handle with Care)

Such a fun song! Listening to it makes me feel good, their vocals are really sweet & the instrumental is nice too. I love this song!

16 Take Me Somewhere
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