Top Ten Best Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Music Videos

One thing everyone should agree on these guys know how to make a music video.
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1 Downtown

Coming out merely a week ago, I gotta say that not only is the video epic, but the song is just... So cool. The first time I saw it, I thought "What happened to him?! " And I hated it. Then the second time... I still hated it. But as I've listened to it and watched the video... I'm just astounded. Everything about the video is just so EPIC. From the choreography, cinematography, to the sheer amount of people (a one minute long credit for a five minute video-holy cheese) it took to work on it. I'm blown away more and more each time I see it.

Plus, the song itself doesn't even feel like one song. It feels like a Frankenstein of four songs that range from soft rap to urban hip-hop to funk and pop rock (if that's a thing but that part is definitely the best in the song). It doesn't even have the traditional structure of a song. Just the most unique mish-mash of different musical elements I've ever heard. It needs a few listens, but its well worth it.

That said, its mostly an ...more

Good music video just watched the music video last week.

2 Can't Hold Us

Like the song or not (I do), but no one can refute how GORGEOUS the video is! It's the only one that can hold a candle to the new Downtown video. The sheer amount of work put into this video is incredulous. And it paid off because it's perfect. The closeups, the backgrounds and landscapes. How captivating!

Great song and music video in fact this is one of my favorite songs of 2013!

I love this song. Like, so much.

3 Otherside

Not only does it look beautiful, but the concept is really intriguing. For a song such as this, it was so easy to take the no brainer stance of "kids doing drugs" and "drugs are bad", but instead, its rather a story of wanting to escape to an island alone... Yet still has enough clips to stay true to the original song concept. Its one of those music videos that give you an out-of-body experience. Plus, it's rather beautiful. The song needs the video in this case, and its powerful.

4 Same Love

This is a tearjerking one. And another "classic", easily interpreted one. Or rather, I've coined most Macklemore/Ryan songs and videos as "deep music for shallow people". I love it though. And the video is definitely a must-see. The perfect heartfelt touch to a moving song.

5 My Oh My

This is one of those videos that doesn't complete the song, but instead perfectly compliments it.

6 Thrift Shop

Without the video, its safe to say that this song would not be as popular. Anyone with a good sense of humor can admit its just plain funny. The humor everyone should be able to enjoy every now and again (the silly kind)!

7 And We Danced

It may be difficult to understand the humor behind this song without the video. Its raunchy, its weird, but its definitely funny. The song was done in a pure joke and its easy to pass off as another "party and sex" song without seeing the satirical video. Its hilarious when appreciated correctly in conjunction with the video.

8 Wing$

A classic music video. But I must commend how well put together each of his music videos are. It does take the no-brainer stance on it. With a kid defined by his name-brand sneakers and following the lyrics pretty accurately. Even so, it's great to watch and yet another that compliments the song rather than completing it.

Its an amazing video and a well put together song I love this song

9 White Walls

Iffy song, kinda raunchy video. Unejoyable for me, but well made.

10 The Town
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11 Brad Pitt's Cousin
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