Top Ten Greatest Songs Written by Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is practically my biggest musical influence. All my guitar and musical style is somewhat influenced by a handful of guitarists, this guy being one of them. A very unique guitarist indeed, and when the other help with the song writing, it doesn't sound like thrash. Dave Mustaine: ultimate thrash musician.
The Top Ten
1 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due

All the complexity of this song makes it oh so much better, and more aggressive. So the opening riff is very iron maiden sounding, but with a thrash twist, the next riff starts, and it is arguably the greatest thrash riff all time. Then when the first Verse starts, the riffs get a lot more complicated and pretty unique for a thrash song, not using a single regular, standard power chords. Then the acoustic, Spanish flamenco starts, separating the 2 sections of the song. The 2nd section is a lot faster, and sounds a little like groove metal. Then the song has a very different tone, feel and vibe from the 1st half. And the solo is what makes this number 1, as it is just pure Dave Mustaine. If I had one song to explain him, I would use this one.

2 Mechanix

Both versions of the same song are almost equally good, but I only just prefer the 4 horsemen. But both of them contain the characteristics that can be easily identified with Dave Mustaine, probably because he wrote them! Anyway, mechanix also has his very distinctive growls that are his trademarks. His solo on both is again a pure Dave classic as all his solos are. Shame Kirk had to play one... But I think this song is full of brilliant timing, rhythm and energy. Truly a pair of masterpieces from the debut albums of both bands.

3 When Hell Freezes Over

The call of ktulu was an instrumental on Metallica's 2nd album named "ride the lightning". It is my personal favourite instrumental, of ANY band. But what people seem to forget about this legendary thrash instrumental is the original demo, titled "when hell freezes over". It has some very great tones, considering the poor recording quality you would expect from a demo recording. It starts with a classic Dave, dark riff without distortion. Then it builds up and erupts into darkness and pure shredding. They should have just put the demo on the album, beats the Kirk version.

4 Hangar 18

The "jazz" chords played lightning fast at the intro sets the multi-genre influenced style for the rest of the song, as the solo is very neo-classically inspired. But, despite being unique and different, the risk they took in it really worked in the end. But, then they start the next riff, what is practically call of ktulu but played faster with more energy and enthusiasm. Then the verses are pretty simple. But the solo... Oh, sorry, the MANY solos are amazing. And really the best non-instrumental neo-classical solo ever wrote.

5 Symphony of Destruction

The first Dave Mustaine song I ever heard. A track from their 5th album "countdown to extinction", it is brings back great memories for me, of discovering Megadeth. But the opening riff isn't very fast or complex - none of the song is - it is powerful and heavy. The part between the chorus is a great build up, and the chorus is what got me hooked to Megadeth forever. And the solo is very lightly neo-classical. But more just pure pentatonic shredding. This song is the best song for any metal head to start with, as it was one of the main songs that got me addicted to metal.

6 Skin O'My Teeth

The opening track from the 5th album by Megadeth, it is really a piece of thrash brilliance. The opening riff is a very fast and heavy one, then the song only gets faster and heavier as it progresses. Then the chorus starts as a little less heavy and fast, but still just as brilliant. It is 100% a Dave Mustaine classic and has in my opinion, gone down in history as the ultimate Megadeth thrash metal song. Just Pure thrash. And who said Rust In Peace was heavier than Countdown To Extinction?

7 Head Crusher

The opening solo is a Dave Mustaine defining one, with all the techniques he in known for and he really uses a lot in his guitar solos: And very fast. People did say Megadeth got bad from youthinasia and onwards, but come on! This was a very recent song and I probably their heaviest. It doesn't slow or soften down, just throughout the entire song just maintains its heaviness. Just as a metal song should be: starts off very heavy, ends heavy and doesn't slow down in the middle. Just the best song of the century, of any genre.

8 Peace Sells

Not their fastest of songs, but DAMN! It is a good one. It starts with a great bass solo, people credit the other Dave (Ellefson) for, even though the entire song was written by Mustaine. Then he plays his 2nd best intro solo (behind head crusher) in a classic Dave Mustaine style. Descending by the semi-tone. It then goes into an utterly mastered riff for the verse. Then there is the other part, with the classic metal style chords, followed by a swarm on insane guitar solos. Then the song picks up the speed with the bass solo, but played on guitar faster and more distorted. Then the chorus starts followed by even more amazing solos.

9 In My Darkest Hour

If there is one thing Megadeth do better than other bands is having a catchy, yet very heavy pure thrash metal chorus without being a poser thrash metal band. What there defiantly are not. This song is a very powerful song, especially since it was wrote at the time of the death of the late Cliff Burton, who died WAY too young. But still gave great solos. But, the chorus of this one has genuine power, unlike some very plain songs. It is an overwhelming masterpiece, as is the solo.

10 The Four Horsemen
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11 Trust

Trust is the best song from cryptic writings. I guess that isn't much competition, this album and risk together would make a real united abomination! I know, that was awful. But, the riff for this one is the most powerful and memorable one wrote my Dave Mustaine. The song also builds up at the beginning, stops and builds up again. It is like 2 songs in one. It is powerful and Dave mustaine being amazing. GO DAVE!

12 Washington Is Next
13 Good Mourning/Black Friday

Awesome song, brutal lyrics.
Definitely most melodic intro not only in metal but in all genres then comes heavy comlex verse riff which makes it awesome. Solos are also too good Mustaine and Poland, They made it just great. Gar also made an awesome drum lines for this. Just listen to this song and feel it. This is just great. So sad that it is most ignored song

14 My Last Words
15 Countdown to Extinction
16 Jump in the Fire
17 Go to Hell
18 Ride the Lightning
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