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1 Kadhal Rojave (Film - Roja)

Awesome this song came very long back but it 'll be in top for very long in future also. I love this song very much because of the saxophone played at the stating has no match still. I am a big fan of A. R. Rahman Always...

The best of best, there is also hindi version available for this song, both are so beautiful songs. I love the composition of this song, the softness and smoothness, the beautiful melodies that's flows.

All time favourite song, very touchy especially the female chorus is awesome. It still stands as the number one composition of A.R. rahman. Really fantastic

A masterpiece romantic song. He got best music director national film award in 1992 for this movie. Roja is his first film.

2 Munbe vaa (Film - Sillunu Oru Kaadhal)

A beautiful song sung by shreya ghoshal
I love this song
Even I don't understand Tamil

I love this song from the first time I heard it.. And I don't even understand Tamil

I don't understand the language but still I love it. Music is beyond languages...

One of the brilliant compositions of rahman ji... Along side shreya ghosal's wonderful voice... Beatiful song like every other songs of ar rahman...

3 Ai Ajnabi (Film - Dilse)

Truly amazing composition from A ARE Rahman. Dilse broke all previous indian music album selling records.

On screen charisma of srk elevates this song to a greater level

Very good song of udit narayan

These are very beauty

4 Bombay theme sound track (Film - Bombay)

Real classical touch of A ARE Rahman. The soundtrack was included in The Guardian's "1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die" list.

Rahman sir is great music director

I was in tears when I heard this song

No words to explain it... his best

5 Nahin Samne (Film - Taal)

Nahin Samne is a soft romantic number from the movie 'Taal'. Heart touching melody. Enjoy it!

My one of the favourite song! I love it! Hats off to A R rahman sir!

Should be number 1. Taal is his best hindi soundtrack for me (Nahin Samne, Kahin Aag Lage, Karye Na, Ishq Bina...)

Amazing, I will never be tired of this song

6 Jashn-E-Bahaara (Film - Jodha Akbar)

Its difficult to say if this or Tum_ho from Rockstar is his great melody yet...!

They just take you out of the world!

Again mind blowing melody from A ARE Rahman. At every time he brings something precious to our soul.

Amazing song... Beautiful composition...

An authentic melodious song...

7 Vellai Pookal (Film - Kannathil Muthamittal)

This is a song where I felt bad when I first listened that I didn't know this earlier. Definitely one of AR Rehman's best work.

This is such an excellent song which can make a human.. "Calm N Quite"

Beautiful Song.
Deserves to be at the top.

Serene, minimalist, and embellished with spectacular poetry by Vairamuthu

8 Jai Ho (Film - Slumdog Millionaire)

Thank u my god for great album... I love o saya, mausam and escape, millionaire and all songs and music... My god is A.R.R...

This song is compose very nice thanks to a r sir

We cannot say it is a good song... It is the best of the best onces

Tamil konjam the varum

9 Vennilave Vennilave Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

From Minsara kanavu.. Such a beautiful melody..
This should be on top three..!

Awesome romantic song ever!

Oh my god... I love this song

10 New York Nagaram (Jillunu Oru Kadhal)

The song makes us feel. Very deeper and powerful lyrics. The best song ever in Tamil industry. My rating 10 stars. It must be the first place.

The song makes us feel different as like we don't belong at present and the Music!
Sparks the romantic feel in every one.

This is my most favorable song. I have ever heard song like this such a extra ordinary composing by AR gi

It takes you to a different world altogether.

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11 Vande Matram

Its greatest song of A R Rehman Thanks for giving song for our nation

Always great our national music storm. He deserve oscar man

It's my nation, my beat m my everything, jay hind

Hairs in hands will raise after lstening to this song

12 En Veetu Thottathil (Film - Gentleman)
13 Marghazhi Poove (Film - May madham)

"Venba paadi varum vandukku" chorus is angelic,.. After some day rahman repeated same angelic feel in Munbe vaa again in chorus "Rango rangoli kolangal"... But First come is always special,.. Margazhi poove is one of the best soothing melody carnatic/western fusion ever... Also the flute portion right after the chorus are icing in the cake,.. Sooo beautiful,...

Nice to hear in spring season

14 Pyar Ye Jaane Kaisa (Film - Rangeela)

His first original Hindi soundtrack started from Rangeela. Nice song for romantic souls.

This is such a wonderful song and ever green hit of a R. Rahman

Just touch to my soul

15 Tum Ho & Tum Ko (Rockstar)

Truly Lovable song, the melody remains deep inside your heart compelling you to click the repeat button! The lyrics and the marvellous vocals add to the adorable background score, How can you not love the song!

Few more master pieces of the ar rahman sir! Even I don't understand Hindi, these songs pull strings inside me.

The most romantic song I've ever heard!
Salute you mr. Rahman

Soulful! Mohit Chauhan did a good job!

16 Malargale

Vote it up guys..
This really needs to be in the top 10 list..
Such a beautiful love song by ar sung by the soothing and soulful voices of chithra and hariharan..
Just another AWESOME song by the maestro..

One of the best of Rahman's composition

Ya its very nice song

Got to be in top 5

17 Hosanna

When I first heard this song I just felt it was really very different from all normal songs. One of the most beautiful works of A.R. rahman. Only one of its kind. Very awesome song

The most romantic song ever... at first you can't feel this song but after you listen for quite some more time, you can't stop listen to it... I am serious, pleased give it a try

This is what we call masterpiece

Hosanna forever

18 Kannuku Mai Azhaghu

Something incredibly beautiful about the Song.. is it the amazing lyrics, or the subtle romantic video or the amazing voice...
It has to be the composition.. ! Should be in top 5

It was a fantabulous song.

19 Phir Se Udd Chala (Rockstar)

One of the best song

20 Innum Konjam Neram

This song is from Mariyaan, really such a romantic song in Colloquial tamil language.

Fantastic song among all those

Flows like water!

21 Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Ar rahman the best!

22 Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera

Every Indian must listen this song

Patriotism is conveyer neatly so touching

The best song ever.. Not just by AR Rahman.. the best overall!

His all time the best song...

23 Pachai Nirame (Alaipayuthey)

Mind killing music of rehman with shalini's beautiful acting.. I just fell in love with shalini by watching this song and movie.

All tyme favourite movie... I love it... Every time I listen to it I am just transfered to the world of love... And love only...

Madhavan acts so well

Great song ngl

24 Puthu Vellai Mazhai (Roja)

This should go to top 10... because this song came when no one had idea about such a standard... Ultimate composition...

This is my all time favourite. It takes you to heights.

Superb song. Great rahman

What a song! I like it..

25 Dil Se

Dil se is perhaps his best... Right from chaiyya chaiiya n jiya jale to aye ajnabi n satrangi re... I like all his albums till swades... Afterwards... Xcpt jodha akbar don't appeal to me... Also theme of bombay is divine... Its difficult 2 choose a favourite.. I would say impossible... But still for me... Dilse title track, chaiyya chaiyya n yeh hasin vadiyan n kehna hi kya would come closer...

This song should definitely be top ten if not in top five, come on! The bass line throughout the song, JUST MIND-BLOWING. Also Rahman's vocal was unique and unmatched. Vote for this guys!

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