Most Talented Italian Artists That Became Popular Thanks to a Talent Show

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1 Valerio Scanu

Valerio has a wonderful voice, always live, even in hosted television appearances. His live shows are unique, delivering the lower and whispered words with a clarity that is not easy to find. He is very intense in these deep tones. His gentle voice, gritty with a thousand shades, is also as clear as crystal and as powerful as to pierce your heart. Sometimes, it scratches your soul. I believe that this is due to the too much emotion and intensity that he puts into his singing, almost overpowering his audience emotionally.

During live shows, as well as delighting with his unique voice, he creates a friendly atmosphere. He talks, jokes, interacts, and amuses the audience, always being true and unique. He is happy to meet his fans, and this encounter garners more and more sympathies among those who do not know him but have had the good fortune to meet him in the proper way to get to know an artist... live.


2 Marco Mengoni

In today's Italian music scene, Marco Mengoni is without a doubt the best Italian singer! Artists of the fame of Mina and Lucio Dalla have woven praises for him. Marco is a truly genuine and talented Italian singer. His voice is like a brush filled with colored notes. He has an amazing vocal extension, a rousing capacity to interpret, and his mastery on stage is absolutely unique, worthy of the greatest veteran artists.

His great talent doesn't stop at music. He also had huge success as a voice actor in the cartoon "The Lorax", for which he won a much-coveted award. And last, but not least, he is also a very humble human being!

3 Alessandra Amoroso
4 Annalisa

I like the song Alice e il blu. I like the jazz sound.

5 Noemi

I love her! She reminds me of Amy Winehouse and Florence Welch. Great singer and music!

6 Emma

She is always a really good person, and she makes me happy every day with her songs. I love her forever.

7 Marco Carta

Best artist! Distinctive voice and unique.

8 Francesca Michielin

This girl is the best. She has an amazing voice and really good songs with a nice tune to them, and really inspiring lyrics. She also has a great personality. She's really sweet and funny, and truly believes in the good of humanity.

9 Giusy Ferreri
10 Antonino

Best performer we've ever had on a talent TV show. Amazing voice. Incredibly "down to earth artist"!

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11 Virginio Simonelli

A true artist. Virginio Simonelli writes music like no one else and is obviously also a great singer. I would recommend him to anyone who loves Italian music with a certain quality. His latest album, "Ovunque," is a beautiful mix of Italian writing tradition and international sounds.

He's collaborated with other great Italian writers and Gary Barlow on the song "Tu Mi Senti." A famous Italian producer said that he's been influenced by Coldplay, which is not strange considering they are one of his favorite bands. Listen to him. You will not regret it!

12 Loredana Errore
13 Andrea Faustini

The most amazing voice on the planet right now, Andrea Faustini shines at his best live because he can. His voice is always technically of very high quality and pitch-perfect. But what makes him stand out from the others is that he is a formidable storyteller, with the ability to communicate lyrics with such an emotional and passionate delivery. This makes clear the huge difference between someone who just sings, even masterfully, and a real artist. Andrea Faustini is one in a million.

I have to add that none of the people on this list would have been able to conquer the heart of a nation like the UK (the center of the world musically) and convince them to vote for him, week after week, up to the third place. Also, when Andrea sings in English, it's pretty good, contrary to the people on this list who are utterly embarrassing.

14 Il Volo Il Volo is an Italian pop trio, consisting of singers: the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and two tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.They describe their music as "popera".

Fate brought 3 singers together, and the insight of a record company to sign them to spread their beautiful music. Keep them in good care - they have a bright future ahead of them.

Angelic voices, musically gifted, amazing entertainers, humble and gorgeous. And they are only 18, 19, and 20 years old!

All 3 members of this group were discovered on the Italian version, similar to American Idol. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble, who happened to have won.

15 Pierdavide Carone

Great and profound lyrics accompanied by a soft and warm voice, which leaves you impressed! Not only a good singer but also a fantastic songwriter. I believe that in the near future, he will be one of the few artists from a talent show who will still be remembered and, most of all, still present.

16 Fanno Tutti Cagare
17 Pasqualino Maione (Paky)
18 Roberta Bonanno
19 Gianluca Ginoble
20 luciana
21 Luca Napolitano
22 Carlo Alberto
23 Carlo Alberto Di Micco
24 Antonio Maggio
25 Piero Barone
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