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Nathan Sharp (more commonly known as NateWantsToBattle) is a singer/songwriter most well known for his original songs based on video games and anime as well as his English covers of popular anime openings. More recently, he has started writing completely original music, and his first completely original album, Sandcaste Kingdoms, is set to release on March 1, 2017.
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1 Mangled

This is in my opinion the best Five Night's at Freddy's song he's written. It is his most popular song, and for good reason. It's amazing in every way possible.

2 Misty

This song shows that in addition to being able to create heavy metal and rock songs, Nate can also create amazing pop-punk masterpieces. It's an amazing love song about the Pokemon character Misty.

3 Hero of Our Time

This is probably the best song off of his Zelda album Songs of Time. It's a fun, fast, pop-punk tune about the young Hero of Time traveling through Hyrule field to find his destiny.

Got a good sense of Legend of Zelda, and at the same time, incorporates his own awesome style!

4 Dawn of the Third Day

An amazing acoustic love song about Princess Zelda.

He's such a great song-writer. I really liked this one.

5 To the Ends of the Earth

This song it the first completely original song he has released, and it's amazing.

6 The Evil King

The evil king is a great song which makes me wonder why NateWantsToBattle isn't famous.

An awesome rock song about the evil king Ganon.

7 Ashes

I've never played Undertale, but this wants me to. This is my favorite song by Nate.

My favorite song off of his Undertale album Bad Time. It tells the story of a genocide run in the video game Undertale.

8 The Day

An awesome English cover of the My Hero Academia opening.

9 2b a Master

My favorite song off his Pokemon cover album The Greatest Master.

10 Nightmare

Nightmare is by far Nate's best song. The intro is amazing, and Nate never sounded better. This is how the list should be:

1. Nightmare
2. The Day
3. Hero of Our Time
4. Unaligned (underrated masterpiece)
5. Mangled
6. Take Me Anywhere
7. Branded
8. Salvaged
9. Phantom
10. Ashes

Honorable Mentions: No More, Misty, Megalovania (metal cover), The Finale, Stronger Than You, Miserable At Best (Mayday Parade cover)

It is just so beautiful. The little piano that is playing while he sings the chorus, the force and the amount of emotion he puts into the song, everything is just so perfect. In my opinion this is the best song ever. Plus you can relate to it even if it's a Five Nights At Freddy's song.

It's weird that a FNAF song is important to me, but I played this during something I don't really want to talk about. I was sitting in my room, crying, and through the tears, I was reciting the lyrics "It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free".

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11 Blood and Ink
12 Perfect by Design

This song is just absolutely beautiful. There's almost no repeated lyrics and no chorus. Nate and AmaLee's voices work very well with each other, and the lyrics are genius. This USB without a doubt the best song that Nate has ever made

13 Enjoy the Show

An awesome metal song about Five Night's at Freddy's: Sister Location.

14 Hold Onto You

A beautiful original song that is both soft and heavy, going through multiple tone shifts throughout it all while making many references to the many kingdom hearts games, though mostly for 358/2 days. Absolutely wonderful.

15 We are Ignited

This is an awesome song, one of my favorites from his album Sandcastle Kingdoms. It has great lyrics and it's catchy. I can't stop listening to it.

16 Let Me Try

It's got awesome music! And the lyrics "We Shine Brighter Than Any Gem Between Us And The Sun!", pure genius! And Just Plain Awesome!

17 I'd Love to Break It to You

The song's composition, instrumental and lyrics all flow in such an epic and awesome way that this song is my new and current favorite of all of nate's originals. Also the intro guitar is one of the best guitar sections on any of his songs in my opinion.

18 The Finale
19 Heroes Never Die

Just plain awesome! Don't anyone dare deny it!

This song is awesome!

20 Dream Alone
21 Radio Demon
22 Phantom
23 Alastor's Game
24 Dream Your Dream
25 This is the End
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