Worst Things About Eurovision

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Eurovision. However, there is room for improvement and these are the flaws I have found in Eurovision that keeps it from being perfect.
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1 It's mostly about politics

It's basically "friends voting friends" without focusing on the quality of the songs and that needs to change. It's both contrary to what the show is supposed to be about and unfair to the "less popular" countries.

2 Most songs lack effort

I just feel like most of the songs are written to fit Eurovision "standards" to have a better chance of succeeding, rather than trying to be original and giving the best. On the other side there's also the songs that I feel are weird just for the sake of being weird and over-the-top.

3 Overly childish and extravagant performances

While I do sometimes like funnier and more comedic songs, some are just absolute jokes that are trying way too hard to stand out and I hate those since they also make the whole show look like a joke and not about real art and talent.

4 Lack of diversity

There is very little diversity with the songs. There ARE some rock songs, but it's mostly cheesy unoriginal pop that sounds really similar or boring ballads. I wish there were more genres involved and new experimental music.

5 Some countries are given priorities

There are some countries that get automatically to the finals every year due to their importance to the EBU while the rest has to go through semis, and I find that kinda unfair. Also, due to how politicized it is, some countries have less chances of winning no matter how hard they try. Again, unfair in my opinion.

6 The visuals seems to be more important than the song

I get that visuals are important in a performance and they play a big part on it, but sometimes they seem to forget that after all it's the song/singing that really matters and in which they should put most of their effort into.

7 Repetitive or meaningless themes in songs

I feel like 90% of the songs are basic and unoriginal love songs and sometimes they don't even have a meaning at all (that I can catch, at least).

8 All the artists should write their own songs

I know this isn't really a "worst thing about", I just needed one more item... I'm not saying artists that sing songs written by other people are necessarily bad, but the ones who do write them should be given more credit for that.

9 Jury's votes
10 The Big 5 usually have bad songs and automatically go to the final

Once again, they FINANCE the competition. Eurovision wouldn't happen if it weren't for them.

This is so true

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11 Most people keep voting for the country that is next to their country instead of the song they like

This is not really the competitions fault but yes it is a flaw unfortunately there is probably not really much that could really be done about it.

12 Most songs are preformed in English

It gets repetitive. More countries should try to sing in other languages.
The reason why English songs always win isn't because more people speak that language. it's because pretty much every country send songs in English...

The fact that most countries only sing in english is pure cancer. I hope the language rule will be brought back.

13 The promotional videos for the songs are lazy and very uninteresting
14 Unnecessary drama

Eurovision 2016, for example...

15 It's overrated
16 Britain have been losers since the 1990s
17 Stereotype of it being for only gay people
18 1960s-1970s was better
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