Top 10 Best Albums of 2017

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1 Melodrama - Lorde

I was a huge fan of Pure Heroine, so when I heard that she was changing her style, I was a bit concerned. The first time I listened to Melodrama, I was a bit disappointed. However, the more you listen, the more you understand the depth of the lyrics.

Every song on this album serves to push the plot of this album to its completion, and there are zero fillers. This album is incredible and deserves the acclaim it's received.

A tour de force of synth-pop in more ways than one. Lorde is the only artist whose music you can actually see in your head (unless you have synesthesia), and she doesn't disappoint in this album. Supercut alone deserves a Grammy, but even without the glitz and glam of an award that, these days, means almost nothing, this is easily the best and most cohesive album of 2017.

2 Two Hearts - Jackie Evancho

If you like auto-tuned, pulse-beating, sycophantic jingoism, Jackie Evancho isn't for you. "Two Hearts" is a compilation of intelligent, professional, vocal mastery and nuance, from the classical offerings on part I, to the personal, heartfelt gifts Jackie brings to her own songs on part II.

When it comes to real music, "Two Hearts" is certainly the best offering for 2017.

Here is why Jackie is so great on this album: Purity and Beauty. And if you listen real close, you find out that every intonation, every inflection is put together perfectly for the perfect effect!

Guys! This is not just talk! Listen! The more you listen, the more you won't believe your ears!

3 Damn. - Kendrick Lamar

The first time listening to this album, while I thought it was really good, I felt it to be a step down from GKMC and TPAB. But the more I listened to it, the more it hooked me, and the more I began to understand the feeling, messages, and mood of it.

As a result, this album no longer was a 4/5. It's simply a straight 5 because it gets messages across in such an awkward and subtle way that it made it much more unique compared to the more straightforward TPAB. Kendrick is on his darkest tone here, and I may seem crazy for this, but this just may be my favorite album from him yet.

4 A Crow Looked at Me - Mount Eerie

Can't really argue with the top two. The third one I haven't listened to, so I guess all I can do is try to tell everyone what a heartbreaking album this is.

The lyrics confront themes of death and are often self-confrontational. The instrumentation may be simple, but it is never over-indulgent and is quite beautiful, actually. Phil's voice on this album is his most subtly heartbreaking yet, probably because every word coming out of his mouth is sadly true.

As an album, every song works together to build one big story, and it is very cohesive. To say the least, I'm just happy this album is getting the recognition that it doesn't necessarily deserve, but the recognition that Phil desperately needs to carry on with his screwed-up life.

5 Flower Boy - Tyler, the Creator

Oh my God! This is easily Tyler's best album, and no song on here is bad! Even the songs like Sometimes and Enjoy Right Now, Today sound very good! And Garden Shed is just amazing! The production on this album is insane!

Here are the songs ranked worst to best (note: none of the songs are trash):

14. Sometimes
13. Enjoy Right Now Today
12. Droppin Seeds
11. I Ain't Got Time
10. Who Dat Boy
9. Glitter
8. Pothole
7. November
6. Foreword
5. Boredom
4. Where This Flower Blooms
3. 911/Mr. Lonely
2. See You Again
1. Garden Shed

How can I explain this? This is a wonderful job by Tyler, the Creator. We finally found his best album! This is so good. It's got everything good from every other album combined and takes away everything bad. This is easily one of the best albums of 2016 and 2017, along with DAMN, and deserves Top 3. Tyler should try being awesome. 9/10

6 The Ooz - King Krule
7 After Laughter - Paramore

This should be number 1! One of the best comebacks I've seen!

8 Saturation - Brockhampton
9 CTRL - Sza

One of the most influential albums this year!

10 Take Me Apart - Kelela
The Contenders
11 Rainbow - Kesha

Ok, so I'm very happy she's in a better place and is making music she loves. It's great that she's happy and healthy. But, if I'm being honest, this is my least favorite album from her so far. I don't know if that makes me a terrible person or not, but that's my two cents. It's still good, though.

This isn't number 1 for some reason. Are you joking? Please move this up! One of the best albums I've heard in a long time.

Definite contender for album of the year. SO rooting for Kesha right now!

12 Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples
13 Science Fiction - Brand New
14 No Plan - David Bowie
15 Process - Sampha
16 Grimspound - Big Big Train

I've been getting into this band lately, from their English Electric album to their Folklore album. They're very underrated and deserve more attention. "Brave Captain" and "The Ivy Gate" are both excellent.

17 Saturation II - Brockhampton
18 Mono No Aware - Various Artists
19 Saturation III - Brockhampton

Why is this not voted? Brockhampton's best album of all time without doubt, and known for it. Give it a listen. And an experimental listen, even. It's a weird sound at first, but soon enough, I got it. I understood it after a few songs. Seriously should be top ten.

20 4:44 - Jay-Z

Having some time to think this over, I've realized my mistake. I was honestly just riding the wave of DAMN.'s popularity. It was a pretty good album, but it ain't got nothing on 4:44. The definite standout track was The Story of OJ.

Generally, all the people who are "fake" hip-hop fans will have stopped listening before the first time he sings the chorus ends. I'll write more on The Story of OJ later though. I love this album. It's probably one of the best Jay-Z albums behind The Blueprint and The Black Album. Just very high quality.

21 Plunge - Fever Ray
22 Sad Tape Vibes - Hendo
23 Evolve - Imagine Dragons

I'm a "believer" that this is the best album of 2017. I'll do "whatever it takes" to get it to number 1. I'll even "walk on the wire." There should be "thunder" in the sky right now because Evolve is not number 1.

I'm sorry.

Evolve is good. However, I have seen better from them like Smoke and Mirrors and Night Visions.

Have you heard Whatever It Takes? It is life.

24 Is This the Life We Really Want? - Roger Waters

Is this the album we really want? Well, this is his first solo album in over a decade. I see myself dusting it off every now and then. It's similar to "The Final Cut," but I'd actually say better. However, I preferred David Gilmour's latest album. I give this a 6/10.

I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, and I found this was a more politically correct version of Animals, but that doesn't stop it from being the best album of 2017, beating my second choice of Infinite by Deep Purple. Better than anything Little Mix could pull out of their millions of writers.

25 Freudian - Daniel Caesar
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