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This is an a RnB music group, from Boston, Massachusetts (1978) and this group. Its six members; Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Ronnie Devoe, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell...
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1 Mr. Telephone Man

Parker got one more surprise from New Edition after the song became a hit. "Those are the only guys I ever wrote a hit record for that called me back," he explained. "I'll never forget that... they're very talented guys and they were the only ones to say, 'Thank you for writing us a hit and please come write us another one.'"
Brown, who left the group in 1986, joined them again in 1990 to perform this at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Rapper 2 Chainz sampled this in his 2012 song "I Love Dem Strippers," featuring Nicki Minaj.

1.- Mr. Telephone Man (Catchiest and Best New Edition's Song ever)
2.- If It Isn't Love (Great lyrics, great rhythm, great story and great recording)
3.- Maryann
4.- Can You Stand The Rain
5.- Once In A Lifetime Groove
6.- Let's Be Friends (Special beat)
7.- Where It All Started
8.- Lost in Love
9.- You Don't Have to Worry (Even superior than Cool It Now which is a very overrated song)
10.- Cool It Now (Nice song but not even number 2 lol)

Best bubble pop song it takes so long to be a real good song but is so damn impossible to get it out of your head. I would like to listen this song altough I know it never gonna found a basic exit in my head ! DAMN !

I still believe this song is a classic even after many years spending my time in other kind of music. I really liked this song when I stocked some of my eyebrows to a girl.

this is a basic but good song at all.
this is the best new edition song of all time too of course.

2 Cool It Now

I'm not sure if this my favorite song by this guys, but is also one of the catchiest songs with the most well worked beats. I don't know also the lyrics could be a good thing for the whole song but ain't nothing special even if either I hated!

This song is pretty good in my point of view and, I wonder how it isn't even the number 1 song on this list since it's a very catchy thing with a lot of potential to be the crowned one here!

Lyrics: 7/10 (kinda decent verses)
official video: 4/10 (a disaster)
vocals: 6/10 (ok not too bad)
beat: 7/10 (prefer this than vocals)

in general this ain't a bad song but it needed much more for its time, I wouldn't call it the greatest song on the list but it's easily a song for top 5 material.

This song is kinda overrated but should be the only decent New Edition track.

3 Can You Stand the Rain

Why do some idiots vote for the second song in the list, while is not that good as this first one? it's because it sounds more romantic or what? well, I gave my vote for this good masterpiece, it sounds so amazing and with a very powerful spirit inside of them!

This song should be number 1 on this list.
I cannot get so tyred to heard it all the time.
and how songs like Mr telephone man are much better songs than this? this is a masterpiece and not a simple good song as the other ones in the list!

I understand if this song is number 3 but guys, this song is definitely perfect! I mean...
-I'm not saying this song it's even one of the best songs in the world. It's just only fantastic!...

I have to say, why I love this song so much, it's because it seems more Romantic than Dramatic, for the first time to you listen it! but it could be different! because it really seems and sounds more Dramatic and Magical as a flame.

4 Once in a Lifetime Groove

Mr. Telephone Man (Not a bad song but could be a lot better since altough I reckon's a catchy song, that doesn't proves his quality terms, the lyrics just suck3d in my opinion)

Cool It Now (Better not talk)

Can You Stand The Rain (So damn hightly overrated, how this thing has already 88+ comments?.Not even a catchy song, should be one of the most boring NE songs if not a really bad song)

Once In a Lifetime Groove (Yeah this song just should be number 1, it's a very unique song which has much better lyrics and meaning than the rest the other craps)

I'll got vote this one since it's my favorite here. also this is one of the greatest songs included on a basic Album coming from a decent Music Group not band, this song isn't that masterpiecer either. But also one of the most memorable or probably the most memorable song sung by this Music Group. an a very decent 80's song which it deserves a lot of more attention and good ratings!

I Still wonder myself why a pretty boring song like ''can You Stand the Rain'' are always the number #3 item quitting this song's opportunity to reach the top item.

I'd would love to call this song as the best one, but it's literally not that, But I'd love to see it at least in number 3 doing a good job there! yeah, I mean the list could be more complex!

5 If It Isn't Love

"If It Isn't Love" is a 1988 song by American R&B quintet New Edition, and the first single from their fifth studio album, Heart Break. The song became the biggest hit from the aforementioned album, reaching the top ten of the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number seven, and reached the second position on the Hot Black Singles chart. Its chart performance and well-received music video garnered the quintet their first nomination for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals at the 31st Grammy Awards in February 1989. The song and video is also notable for being the introduction of fellow R&B singer Johnny Gill as a new member of the R&B quintet.

One of the strongest songs in new jack swin definitely, is very awkward to confirm this since much people can go againts my personal opinion but I argue the foolish on they since don't care they about good music like this!

What's wrong with you guys? vote for this special song, I won't remember the last time, that little kids voted for great songs at this one are!

Oh please come on, this song is the greatest RandB song of all time, and it also the greatest hit in all their songs!

6 Candy Girl

This song is not even a great r&b song, if just we can call on each! But I propably only vote for this song in special because it was for their time a really genuine song, it was on a classic r&B music station, I don't remember if was an a american radio station, but we have to accept that candy girl is one of the most knowed new edition songs they got.

Good song, is my favorite.

Should get number #3

7 My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)

Good song, I wonder how fast it can reach big levels on this list as ''Mr. Telephone Man'' did...

8 Maryann
9 Still In Love

Maybe this song is their greatest! Because it put me in tears every time I'm listening this beautiful song.

This is the best song ever made, it sounds very romantic bro!
and also this New Edition's Masterpiece.
Give me many tears to my eyes.

I enjoy every second of this song when I play it to listen to!
and also should've the very best NE song ever created!
come on guys! vote for this special one.

My favorite one, the way that this song have enviroment in the person who listen, it's so perfectly catchy and well doned!

10 Count Me Out
The Contenders
11 Popcorn Love
12 Lost in Love

This is one of the most talented 'love' songs I've heard for a while... but, it's ranked in 16? seriously?... I mean, no offense but this is a reason by way thetoptens list, aren't gettin' serious by the audience, like me.

13 With You All the Way

I would not call this song a classic, but I must admit that it was a very interesting topic to talk about when music refers to the context of the word.

Not an awesome song, but it definitely should be for top 10 material.

This song needs to be 2

Best song ever

14 You’re Not My Kind of Girl

One of the best songs, I think should number 10 I mean this is a good song and can easily beat another songs which are over this one.

One of my favorite R&b (contemporary) songs ever!

A underrated classic

15 Is This the End
16 Earth Angel

Yes, should be higher-

17 I'm Leaving You Again

Slow but cool

18 A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes)
19 Helplessly in Love

This song is nostalgic

20 You Don’t Have to Worry

So I be calmed... alright?

One of the best songs!

Better than ''Mr. Telephone Man'' this song should get it off the Top 2 and recieve almost the crown.

Should be in the Top #10

21 Shop Around

I love this song, is so catchy and it gotta' be on the list.

22 N.E. Heart Break

Love this song, it's pretty memorable is you ask me.

23 Where It All Started
24 Let's Be Friends
25 Hit Me Off
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