Top Ten Reasons Lady Gaga is Better Than Madonna

Madonna is ok. I don't hate her, but she isn't as original and awesome as Lady Gaga (queen of pop) is and why anyone would like Madonna (average singer) over Lady Gaga (amazing singer) is beyond me. Lady Gaga was playing piano when she was 4!

Lady gaga is more fresh and cool. Madonna is too old and is desperately trying to become famous again. She should just retire. Lady Gaga is queen!
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1 Better Voice

Lady Gaga definitely has a better voice, though Madonna is a pretty good singer herself.. I actually listen to more advanced music like rock, jazz or even classical. Still, they're two of the few pop stars which can be considered artists and not just attention seeking porn stars like most pop singers nowadays (Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, to name a few). However, it's silly to start comparing artists in general. I also hate when people start assuming that an artists should retire at a certain. Madonna is 57!... yes but only 57! She might live for another 30 years or more. While I don't like the fact that she acts provocative, this attitude has got nothing to do with her age, it was annoying all along. Let the woman do what she wants, if you don't like it, don't listen to her.

Madonna and Michael jackson invented the titles King and Queen of pop. Madonna will aleays be queen. She has influenced a whole generation of artists, sold the most, Changed the perception of sex in the mainstream world and has contributed 70% to pop culture. She is Legendary. Gaga doesn't even come close. You're basing off Madonna's work in the present. Madonna's catalog
Is way more impressive as well as her accomplishments and influence

Gaga is a vocalist, Madonna contributes lip syncing and autotune into her craft. After The Fame Monster she became a world phenomenon Icon. Lady Gaga showed the world her creativity, this year in 2015 she showed the world that she's a true talented artist. She will become a Legend for impact and for talent, she doesn't wanna be like Madonna... She's better.

They both have good voices but Lady gaga's is obviously the best though. She can sing anything from Opera to jazz. That takes talent.

2 More Creativity

Lady Gaga sings upon every topic, a lot about pain and struggles. Look at The Fame Monster. Born This Way album is a masterpiece, better than Madonnas discography to be honest. That album is so versatile. Lady Gaga can also actually sing, she has the whole package. Her fashion is more creative than Madonna's was, that's why she was the first musician to receive the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

Madonna sings only about partying, Lady gaga sings about a variety of topics.

Gaga is one of the most creative singers ever.

3 More Genuine

People call Lady Gaga a copycat but Madonna wore exact outfits that Marilyn Monroe wore and styled her hair like Marilyn did throughout her whole career. That's unoriginal.

In that Madonna performance, I thought she was being attacked by bulls. Lady gaga does what she wants to, and does great at it

Oh god so many people are pressed rn... Madonna is not creative anymore, deal with it,.she's just doing everything she can to stay relevant

Lady Gaga does things for her fans not attention.

4 Better Style

Lady gaga is out there, she expresses herself through her clothes and music. She isn't over the top, she is bold and has amazing styles. Madonna is just mainstream (in the 80's, at least)

Lady Gaga is unique with her outfits and creative.

5 Better Dancing

Madonna has rhythm but is not a professional dancer. Paula Abdul, Michael and Janet were professional dancers. Lady Gaga has vocal talent, that's what you need to be an artist.

Watch a lady gaga video, she has great choreography. Madonna is just ok, but Lady gaga can really dance.

Madonna no offense, but your dancing sucks!

The choreography on Bad Romance-Telephone and G.U.Y are twice as flawless as madonna

6 Better Personality

Lady gaga is super famous, but is still humble about it, and that is admirable. She also is very spirited and nice.

Lady gaga is very modest unlike Madonna.

7 Better Looks
8 Better Videos
9 Better Songs

Born This Way album is definitely better than any Madonna album.

10 More Help for the LGBT Community

Born this way and hair are a gay anthem.apart from maybe express youself what has madonna done for her LGBTQ+ followers?
Also bear in mind that Lady Gaga was a fierce and fearless attacker of Don't ask don't tell. And she has a charity. Madonna don't care

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11 More Awesomely Freaky Style

Lady gaga is better than Madonna will ever be. It's time to retire Madonna.

12 More Meaning in Her Songs
13 More Mature Voice
14 More Nice To Fans
15 More Down to Earth
16 Prettier
17 More Original
18 Better Actor
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