Top Ten Things Metallica Has Done to Let Their Fans Down

I'm a Metallica fan and I've liked them for a few months now and I have gathered all of the information I could get. This might come to a shock to you but most of this stuff DID happen.
The Top Ten
1 Collaborate with Lou Reed to Make Lulu

The thing I hate the most about lulu is that for Lou Reed, it is the last thing he released before he passed away, and also, it is a terrible album that was added to his amazing discography.

2 Put Out Bad Albums

Metallica after the black album said to themselves " There we go boys we finally made enough money. Now we can stop faking it we can cut our hair and play what we want" Which was crap I guess you can only try to be someone for so long.

I just like a few songs on each of their albums, the rest is, meh, fillers... In my opinion they can't even compare to other metal bands' discographies.

I seriously don't think the quality decline of Metallica is pn't considerably lower or isn't even lower than that of the average metal band. People act like clones of each other in this topic.

3 Not Have Guitar Solos for St. Anger

Metallica in 2003 was making St. Anger and some prick decided that Kirk couldn't write Guitar Solos for this.

There is a remastered version of some of the songs that have better production and added solos.

Not having solos in thrash metal songs is a sin. Unforgivable.

4 Sue Their Fans with the Napster Crap

If Metallica was an underground band that wasn't very rich. It'd be different, they had more money than they knew what to do with anyway. I don't think there is anything wrong with file sharing if the band is popular. If it's an obscure/underrated band, that's when you should pay. That money they are earning off the music/merch you buy goes a long way. For an obscure band, it goes to recording the songs at the best quality possible, booking shows, artwork, advertisement, etc. For a very popular band, that extra money pretty much goes to drugs.

5 Poor Studio Production

Metallica has been plagued with bad studio production for the past 4 albums.

Don't try to blame the studio. Metalica is another no talent band that just sucks.

6 Mute the Bass On ...And Justice for All

AJFA is one of my FAVORITE Metallica album behind RTL and MOP but this is the album after Cliff Burton died and Jason tried to fill in Cliff's shoes and yeah sure, Jason was that guy who was always there head banging on stage but when you listen to the songs on AJFA, You can't hear it. But I heard it on the Bass Tracks though but I don't know what happened here.

This is the Dumbest Thing a band could have ever done!
Muting the superb bass performed by Jason was as dumb as it ever could be... After hearing the enhanced bass version of the album, I haven't heard the original version since..

7 Make 3/4 of Load and 1/4 of Reload Sound Like 1 Album

This is super easy to do if you just listen to the tracks carefully.

8 Abandon Thrash Metal

Metallica experimenting? If you burn your eyebrows off once in a bad experiment that's one time too many, Metallica has been experimenting with horrible music so long that kids don't know they once made for music!

9 Make a Video for "One"

This song was the first song by Metallica to get a video and James Hetfield thought that this could expand the band's fanbase.

10 Collaborate with Ja Rule

This should be much, much, MUCH higher. I mean if you're going to collaborate with a rapper, at least be one that wouldn't be used as a Dave Chappelle punchline.

The Contenders
11 Make Load as an Album
12 Cut Their Long Hair

This is going to be hands down, the dumbest thing they have done to us.

If this bother you, maybe music just isn't for you.

13 Use Weird Snare Drum on St. Anger
14 Let Lars Ulrich Become Their Drummer

If lars was "straight-outta bus window" and killed 30years ago, I wouldn't put this on list

15 Collaborate with Lady Gaga
16 Replace the Guy Who Replaced Cliff Burton

Sure, Robert Trujillo is very funky when he plays bass but I have no problem with that but it's just that I personally miss hearing Jason's bass growling when I hear concert tapes.

17 Get Rid of Dave Mustaine

True, it was long ago, kind of like when Metallica stopped being talented, how long did they ride Mustaine's talent and what he brought to the band before it dried up. I think that's fairly easy to see.

I'm a huge Mistake/Megadeath fan, but I totally understand why they did it. He was an alcoholic and was on so many drugs, he was incompetent

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