Top 10 Best Songs On Bullet for My Valentine's Venom

Venom, the fifth studio album by Bullet For My Valentine, the first being The Poison, second Scream Aim Fire, third Fever, fourth Temper Temper.
Raising Hell is actually a bonus track of Venom, being on the deluxe edition, along with a few other songs. I will add the proper album ones first, but feel free to add the others.
The Top Ten
1 No Way Out

Wow. This is awesome! An absolute headbanger of a song. Bullet have reinvented themselves here and picked up a lot of elements from their old sound. This will please the fans. This is a seriously awesome song.

2 Venom

Absolutely beautiful song. The heart of the album.

You know I'm never looking back.

3 You Want A Battle? (Here's a War )
4 Broken

Before you vote "No Way Out," please read this.

Broken is the best song on Venom! Its solo is better than "No Way Out," its chorus is more epic, and its riffs are heavier.

Broken is a more epic song than "No Way Out."

Vote for this song! It's a really epic song. No Way Out or the title track are amazing songs, I accept. But Broken's chorus and solo are better than those two.

LOVE IT! I really liked "No Way Out" in the beginning, but now this is my favorite one! Anyway, the whole album is proof that they worked really hard on it.

5 Raising Hell

This is probably my favorite song from this album. I know this is a bonus track, but I feel this deserves much more attention.

Vocals and guitar are amazing for a bonus track. I love Army of Noise and No Way Out, but this takes the cake.

Really awesome song! Fast-paced and nice riffs. The second best in "Venom" after "Harder the Heart, the Harder it Breaks".

6 Skin

Easily the best song on the album. Great solos.

The chorus, man. Listen to its chorus.

Way better than any other songs!

7 Worthless

What a special song. In love with this masterpiece.

8 The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks)
9 The Harder the Heart the Harder it Breaks

This is, in my opinion, the best song on Venom. Awesome song, good lyrics, and a really melodic and good chorus! Deserves a much better place! Awesome piece of art by Bullet For My Valentine.

10 Army Of Noise

This song has one of the greatest and fastest solos I have ever heard. Amazing! Fast-paced, awesome riffs, and full of energy! After hearing the solo (being a guitarist myself), I was like, What the f-!

Very great song! Thrash metal elements and the best solo on this album.

The Contenders
11 Pariah

This one blew me out of the water. Favorite song on the whole album for sure!

Fast-paced, good chorus and riffs. Packed with energy, overall a really good song!

12 Playing God
13 Run for Your Life

What? This song is so awesome! No Way Out and Here's to War at the top? This list is broken. Those songs are actually terrible.

14 Hell or High Water
15 In Loving Memory

Such a masterpiece! Can't believe this is just a demo.

16 V
17 Ace of Spades
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