Top Ten Reasons to Love Tom DeLonge

A lot of people will disagree with me, but he is awesome. This is basically my opinion on him, and I am afraid a lot of hate will come on this list. He is my favorite musician of all time, he is just as cool as Buttercup from PPG and I am a lot like him, no kidding. If you love Tom DeLonge, comment, if not, well I don't know, I wouldn't recommend you to comment, but you can if you want.
The Top Ten
1 His singing voice is so unique that it gets addicting to listen to

His voice is the main reason I even liked Blink-182 in the first place. It is so distinct and unique that soem people may find it annoying, but I like it. His voice is loud, raspy, and high pitched, and I like hearing it, it is music to my ears. People say he isn't good at singing, but some of his performances like Secret Crowds is amazing and he sounds beautiful in those concerts(and no there is no autotune, especailly when a tech expert said there is none, plus his voice cracks unlike what autotune doea), it is alcohol that ruins his voice, he does it because of nerves, but he could deal with it better. I heard him sing in the studio too without autotune and he is really good, and I even heard him sing very high notes really well in a video without even trying to be good. He sure has talent. His voice is addicting and the reason I listen to his music, I never liked any artist for their voice more.

2 He has no awful songs and all his songs are good

I am not counting his joke songs because those are cleverly written and really funny to be bad. Counting his serious actual songs, none of them are awful or earbleeding, which is very rare in a music artist, usually a music artist has at least one bad song, but Tom has none. He may have some songs about love and sex, but he also has meaningful songs about the struggles of modern teenagers or real life problems, he wrote a song about his brother in war.

I wouldon't say he has no awful songs, but I wouldn't say all his songs are good. A lot of them are great, but some of them aren't very good. But I still respect your opinion and Tom DeLonge. He's very underrated.

3 He is hilarious and entertaining

The reason I love his interviews and documentaries so much is because he is always entertaining and is never boring, unlike Kim Kardashian who has her own show, yet she is so boring. He always talks about something interesting, like shows or movies, conspiracy theories, things that happen to him, traveling, art, and funny jokes. And watching these, I realize how much Tom is like me, a lot. He is an animation/cartoon fan like I am, he likes coloring and art like I do, we are both interested in astronomy and playing the guitar, we both have a thing for writing, we are both Sagittarius Decan 3/Week Of The Titan, and we love to be humurous and talkative. He is so cool, I wish I could be his friend. He is never boring on stage, and not even in his interviews. He always does funny things on stage like dance around or sing stupid songs.

4 He is the reason awesome bands like Blink-182, Box Car Racer, and Angels And Airwaves exists in the first place

He actually started Blink-182, he was looking for a bassist and drummer to play in his band. He did not want it to become popular, but it did apparently. He created one of the most revolutionary bands of all time. Box Car Racer is darker and amazing, and I love the heavy riffs, Tom should make more heavy music, it is a great experiment, too bad Mark got jealous and they cannot bring it back anymore or else Mark will get mad. AVA is amazing, a lot of people hate this band just because Tom left Blink-182 and made this afterwards and sounds too spacey. Just because it sounds spacey and Tom made it after Blink does not mean the band is awful, the lyrics are darker and more meaningful in this band. And the music is very well made and beautiful, I rather have him make space music than house or crunkcore, I always seemed to like space music. He is the reason these 3 awesome bands exist.

5 He has influenced and inspired many musicians

Brendon Urie, a beloved musician that many people like, was inspired by Tom DeLonge. So was many bands and musicians, including me. That is how much he rocks. He influenced bands like Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, and New Found Glory. He is definitely an icon in rock music, as much as Billie Joe Armstrong and Kurt Cobain is. I don't think another music artist has inspired me more to make music than him.

6 He puts passion into his music and other projects

His lyrics only improve and get better, never gets worse. Now he writes more meaningful songs than ever, about war, love, sad situations in life. And he clearly enjoys making music in AVA, he puts so much creativity into it. And his other projects from animated movies to books are great as well, he wants to try different things and is really passionate about making them. That is the spirit, he decided to give up the top charts and all the fame he had with Blink to continue his true passions, unlike new Taylor Swift and Dahvie Vanity who only make music for money but are passionless and souless. He inspired me to be more creative.

7 His guitar riffs are catchy

His guitar riffs in Secret Crowds, All Systems Go, and Obvious are amazing and so catchy, I can break the replay button. I wish I can play guitar like him, in my own style, but I am not very good. He writes some of the most catchy, great guitar riffs ever.

8 He is an amazing lyricist and writes about a variety of topics

I love all of the lyrics to blink-182.

9 He has a wide range of genres
10 He is nice to his fans and never bullies them

The only time he was somehow rude was when he was on drugs, all the bad fan experiences with him come from when he was on drugs, but when he isn't, he is nice. But at all times excluding that, he is nice to his fans and talkative to them. He made a charity for people with cancer, talked to a fan who lost their leg in a bombing, and made a free album for his fans. He even made a site to communicate with them, does lots of fun things with his fans like Q&A's, and even eats with them, mainly pizza. I heard from fans that he is the coolest of the three Blink-182 to meet, that he is genuinely nice and takes time to sign things, and that he is one of the nicest famous people to meet. Plus he visited a little girl with cancer, that is so nice.

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11 He can deal with a lot of hate

He hasn't committed suicide and kept going strong, like Rebecca Black. Which inspires me to be strong and not commit suicide from a lot of hate, just do my own thing.

I really need to deal with criticism if I am going to be strong like Tom delonge. He never committed suicide and kept going with is life even if he did get hated for leaving blink 182

12 He literally believes in aliens.

Haha! True, I also believe aliens are real.

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