Top 10 Reasons Music is Great

This is my top ten list on how Music has become my Biggest Passion! I've discovered why Music is Great! If you aren't moved by music then you're not human. Life would be boring without Music!
The Top Ten
1 Getting Lost In the Music

Nothing feels quite like tuning out the world and getting lost in the song you're listening to!

Tell me, is there a better feeling in the world than getting lost in your music? I think not!

You feel untouchable or just free!

When you listen to the lyrics of the music, you (most of the time, depending on the lyrics) feel good inside. You get lost in it, and all other things fade away. It sort of relieves you of all the stress in your life.

Best experience ever, and it can happen casually without you even expecting it.

2 Emotions

What would music be for if it wasn't to make us feel beautiful emotions? Amazing list, Curtis! Please keep creating lists like this one!

Definitely. The reason why music is so wonderful is because of the emotions it generates in you!

Moby's In This World is probably the most emotional music video ever.

3 Relaxing While Listening

Also, good songs but bad for relaxing are any Slipknot songs except Snuff and Vermillion Pt. 2.

If you're mad, you could listen to music.

4 Trying to Sing

Singing is a major part of music, and sometimes there's nothing funnier than singing along, no matter how skilled you are at singing. I'm not good at singing. My voice is all over the place, but that doesn't stop me from singing in my room with my door closed!
When you sing along, you feel the passion and understand the lyrics.

The video game Rock Band 4 is a great idea to try and attempt to sing and see if you're able to hold notes and stuff. Or you'll figure out you can't keep a note.

But never stop singing along because it's fun!

5 The Mystery Behind the Lyrics

That's exactly how I feel about music. I love trying to get into the mind of the artist and what they must have been feeling at the time of writing the song. Some lyrics are heartbreaking, and your own heart goes out to them.

Beautiful list, Curti2594!

Sometimes the meaning behind the song is what helps someone love the song!

What's also cool, though, is what a song might mean to the writer could mean something completely different to you, and that's awesome!

6 Supporting Your Bands

You just feel amazing when you have invested in being a superfan of whatever band you like. You've got your favorites, and you will support them no matter what and defend them till the end of time!

My most supported band is Nickelback!

7 Memories

My life revolves around memories, so music does that very well for me!

I've heard that song somewhere before during the silliest moment, but I'll remember it!

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Sometimes songs can connect us and remind us of something in the past. It could be happy, sad, bad, or etc.

8 Music Videos

Now, when I say music videos, I don't mean every single one because yes, I know there are some bad music videos out there and corny ones too.

But the music videos give us a better peek into the band themselves and help us understand what they are singing about. Sometimes what we think is a happy-go-lucky song doesn't seem that way after watching the music video.

A perfect example is Nickelback's Too Bad. It sounds like a song meant for jumping up and down, but just wait till you watch the music video. That same thought won't be the same!

9 Live Concerts

That may be one of the best parts of being a music fan. It's exciting when your favorite band comes to town, and you go see them and support them live! The best music experiences happen live!

10 The Different Genres

So many different genres. I may start listening to music from the Middle Ages!

The different genres provide variety.

The Contenders
11 Can Make You Want to Dance
12 Radio

The radio is what gets most people listening to music, and most of the stuff on the radio is good!
It's not easy to describe why the radio means so much, but it keeps you in tune with what the world is listening to!

Also, radios keep you entertained at work, trips, etc.

Radio, someone still loves you!

13 The Fan Bases

These are amazing, just how into a band they are. It's really cool!

I'm the biggest Madonna fan, and I call us MDNERs, and other than Lady Gaga.

I prefer small and elitist fanbases who have actually listened to all the albums over the fake "elitists" who call themselves fans but can't even name one song other than their greatest hit and don't know the name of the bassist.

"I'm a huge Queen fan!"
Name three songs not on their greatest hits album.

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