Top Ten Reasons Why Queen is Better Than the Beatles

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1 Bohemian Rhapsody is Regarded by Many as the Greatest Song Ever

Every person has his own greatest song. To proclaim a song is the greatest is as stupid as saying a certain girl is the most beautiful girl in the world.

For me, this is not even the best song of Queen and for Bohemian they nicked a few things for the Beatles.
This is a total invalid argument.

Freddie was such an allround maestro - singer, songwriter, piano player, played the guitar & so forth & so on PLUS he was the greatest rock performer AND he wrote this MAGNIFICENT song, as well as many other songs.

This is not a song but only big production. And it's not the best Queen song either. As Queen has knicked a few things for this song from the Beatles this so called argument backfires on you.

2 Freddie Mercury Has a Better Voice Than Paul McCartney

I hope you people at least recognize that John Lennon sang more prominently as lead vocalist at her than Paul McCartney. That being said, Freddie could'nthold his own against either of them. Like many enlightened people have said before me, his voice was meant for Broadway.

Freddie has a better voice than John, Paul, George and Ringo put together! He's a better musician and a better songwriter. The Beatles were good when they were all together but their individual music was mediocre when they split up.

3 Bohemian Rhapsody is Better Than Hey Jude

No one said Hey Jude is the best Beatles song. That list is cringeworthy. Arguments like "They had less albums". Haha. Queen didn't have such good album as Revolver, Abbey Road, White Album, Sgt Pepper. Beatles were far better lyricsts, songwriters, they had better solo careers.

My PERSONAL opinion, Let It be is better than Bohemian Rhapsody. Of course there are other good songs of Queen. But Bohemian Rhapsody's not on top 5.

Oh my goodness, Bohemian Rhapsody is FAR SUPERIOR to Hey Jude... NO CONTEST! It's one of the greatest, if not the greatest, song of all time. Hey Jude just rambles on and on ad nauseam ad infinitum.

4 The Beatles' Best Guitar Solo is Played by Eric Clapton

"Brian May could only wish...? " Are you serious? George, God rest him, was the most rudimentary of lead guitarists. There is NO comparison here. And Clapton has ALWAYS been overrated.

Eric Clapton isn't a bad guitarist.

5 The Beatles' Later Songs are Just Weed-Fueled Drivel. Queen Remained Consistently Great.

Okay, well you shouldn't make that assumption unless you really have heard at least half of their songs. What about Somebody to Love, a raw, heartbreaking ballad loved by so many? The Prophet's Song, a powerful, melodic and complex epic that gives Led Zep's best a run for its money? Scandal, a catchy yet sardonic song that actually does tackle a social issue- press harassment? 39, a gorgeous folk song about relativity? And finally, Bohemian Rhapsody itself, which despite having BECOME a drunken singalong, is SO innovative, original, and emotional?

6 Queen Was a Better Live Band Than Beatles and Live Aid is Regarded as the Best Live Performance of All Time

And during the seventies Wings was a better live band than Queen. Queen made name and fame during the mid eighties. But comparing concerts of the eighties with concerts of the sixties is comparing concerts of the sixties with the forties.

Wings was NEVER a better live band than Queen. That's absolutely ridiculous. Wings was a very mediocre band at best. The Beatles were much better than Wings all round but Queen remains the best live rock band - both generally and at Live Aid.

The beatles stopped because they couldn't handle screaming fangirls. Queen stopped touring because freddie got aids. Which is more legit you tell me

7 They Have More Iconic Songs

What the heck are you all talking about, I can name more Beatles songs that are iconic than queen songs altogether. I'll give 30 right now

She Loves You, I Want To Hold your Hand, Love Me Do, Can't Buy Me Love, A Hard Days Night, I feel fine, eight days a week, ticket to ride, Help, yesterday, we Can Work It Out, paperback Writer, penny Lane, All You Need is love, hello goodbye, hey Jude, get Back, don't let me down, come Together, something, let It Be, for You Blue, Long and Winding road, tomorrow Never Knows, a Day In the life, Revolution, helter Skelter, the end, real love, here Comes the sun, I've Just Seen a Face, I am the walrus, with a Little Help From My friends. The first 20 were all number 1 hits, Queen is great but how many number 1's do they have, 2.

8 Freddie Was a Better Pianist Than Paul, Brian Was Better Guitarist Than George

Freddie was a better piano player, though Paul can play classical piano. But Paul masters also at least another 12 instruments which make him the far better musician than Mercury.

George is a better guitarist than Brian. You only have to ask Brian himself, he is actually a great fan of George.

No way, George was for sure better and Paul was too.

Paul mastered a lot of instruments though, not a real valid argument

9 Roger Taylor Was a Better Drummer and Singer Than Ringo

True, Ringo wasn't the best singer.
But I suggest that you listen to Rain, Come Together, Lady Madonna and Paperback Writer before saying Roger Taylor is a better drummer than him.
Also I suppose you don't know that when The Beatles where playing live, Ringo couldn't hear the music and the singing because of the screaming girls so he had to watch John's movement's to know which part to play and he almost never missed a beat, like SintJohn said.

While yes, Ringo didn't have the best singing voice, where he shined is that he almost never missed a beat at all.

10 The Beatles Have Lots of Good Songs, While Queen Has a Few Fantastic Songs and Lots of Decent Ones

Whats the difference? They both have really good songs, and they're both amazing.

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11 In Freddie Mercury, Queen Had the Best Rock Vocalist Ever
12 Queen has better and much more complex harmonies.
13 Queen's Songs are More Emotional

You can also say exaggerated and too theatrical. A matter of personal taste.

In some cases yes, but it can also be rlly good to not always have too much emotion, it can come over as dramatic both bands have emotional songs

14 Freddie Mercury could get a crowd going better

Obviously whoever votes for this was never around in the days of Beatlemania. The Beatles didn't need to get a crowd going... the crowds were always WILD, to put it mildly. Girls and boys fainting. The whole scene was never before seen, nor has anything ever been seen like that since. I adore Queen but comparing their fans' fanaticism to Beatlemaniacs is like comparing a hill to a ginormous volcano.

15 The Beatles Have Too Many Songs

Another crap argument. But it shows how great The Beatles were. They had so much output of such high quality in just seven years time. And with each album they set new standards. This fact alone makes clear The Beatles are the greatest rock band in history.

Mmm not completely tru, they both have A LOT of songs, now I love queen AND the beatles, for life's sake, I grew up with both and they both have a lot of songs

What's wrong with too many good songs?

16 Queen Had Cassette Tapes and CDs, While the Beatles Had Records

Not true, and now we have streaming and other digital stuff. What's the point?

17 Queen has better albums than the Beatles

Invalid argument.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the best album ever, Rolling Stone's magazine is the proof.
Also let's not forget Rubber Soul, Beatles For Sale, Help, A Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine, White Album, Let It Be, Magical Mystery Tour, Revolver and Abbey Road (and I'm leaving some).
The Beatles stayed amazing until the very end, unlike Queen who went downhill after their Jazz album and made songs like radio ga ga.

This list is so dumb already, but this is the dumbest thing I've seen all day. Every single album The Beatles made was good at the very least, while Queen only has a couple of good albums.

18 They Have Fewer Albums, Making It Easier to Hear All Their Songs

So you are saying quantity is more important than quality?

19 Seven Seas of Rhye Got a Better Piano Riff Than Any Beatles Song
20 Queen's Ballads Were Better

Complete crap, McCartney is the master of the ballad and John and George were great too.

I don't know, Love of My Life is awesome, but Yesterday, Let It Be and Julia are on the same tier.

21 Queen's Song Prophet's Song is Way More Complex Than a Day in Life

The Beatles made far more complex music than Queen. You are misled by the technique modern studio's of the seventies.

22 Queen created more songs that people know

In fact Queen is the band that made much more world known (to almost everyone) songs that the next 5 artists together.

That literally has nothing to do with either of the bands talent. Only the fans can determine wether or not a song is familiar to them

23 Queen's songs are more meaningful than The Beatles's
24 Queen has the best chorus (backing vocals) in rock.

The Beatles backing vocals are so much better than Queen's.
You should listen to Because, for example.

YES. Roger's background vocals are amazing in somebody to love

25 The Beatles songs can be performed by any mediocre amateur but only highly professional artists dare to perform Queen songs.
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