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1 Praying - Kesha

You know, this is definitely the most powerful song that Kesha has ever done. Believe it or not, people will understand that its lyrics express the many terrible things that are happening in the world today.

Throughout the years, people have suffered shockingly massive amounts of tragedies. In 2014, the Ebola virus took hundreds of lives in West Africa. September 2017 was when a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Mexico. Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, resulting in thousands of fatalities in 2013. Millions of starving children in poorly developed countries, including China and Somalia, die of hunger. 2016 was another year of mass shootings: 4 Israeli victims in June, 8 people were killed in Ohio in April, and 5 Dallas cops were murdered in July. From 2011 and onwards, the Syrian Civil Wars took place, leading to thousands of dead soldiers. The list goes on.

News media never stops releasing reports of such violence and hate. People are becoming more depressed each day when there's not much love to go around. With respect to people's different beliefs, Kesha's song Praying is relevant to the worst of times people have to face. The world is not safe.

2 Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran

Shape of You is great, but this song is way better. We all know that anyone can sing about sexual love, but this song is a true masterpiece. It's about growing up, making mistakes, and enjoying the little things in life. Its lyrics are meaningful, and they match with the calming melodies and tunes of the music itself. The song makes you feel joyful, but with a sharp pain of melancholy when it ends. It's so realistic, and it's evident that Ed Sheeran put a lot of effort into it. It also seems relatively easy to relate to in reality. Again, Shape of You is good, and I'm not against it, but it's surprising that it's so much more popular than this song.

3 Believer - Imagine Dragons

The poll is incredibly ridiculous. Believer is by a long, long (and I mean very long) margin better than all the pop songs above it. It's also one of their all-time top three tracks alongside Demons and Radioactive. Putting this masterpiece on the same list amongst these other songs is a disgrace to the existence of music, let alone a comparison.

I love this song. Mostly in my free time, I listen to Panic! at the Disco, Fallout Boy, or Imagine Dragons. So when I heard this song, I was addicted, and right away, I knew the lyrics. When I would get in the car with my friends, we would always blast this song and scream the lyrics. I truly and dearly love this song, the lyrics, and the vibe it gives me. I find this song to be a masterpiece.

4 DNA. - Kendrick Lamar

There's something that hits as hard as HUMBLE., a song that I already love and give a 5/5 to, but then there's THIS. Mike WiLL made up for his entire discography (and that's saying a LOT) and then some with a spacious keyboard loop that is just minimalist enough for Kendrick's incredible bars. The song is about Kendrick's quest to improve the reputation of a genre notorious for themes of sex, money, and murder, but it doesn't do much to change that perception. The bars on their own are outstanding, and his flow is impeccable. Then, a beat switch occurs after he crams in as many syllables as possible and goes WAY harder against a powerful vocal sample.

5 Sign of the Times - Harry Styles

Not only is this song the best of 2017, but it might also have an argument for the best song of the decade. A stark departure from the pop-oriented sound of One Direction, Styles draws influence from Bowie and Queen to make a song that's the soundtrack to today's world. The song defies what it means to live in a Brexit-era Britain and today's divided America. The poetry and political awareness of this song are beautiful and unlike anything I've heard in today's pop music. Listening to this song reminded me of something Bob Dylan would have sung in the 60s. This song is without a doubt the best song of the year and will go down as a classic.

6 Green Light - Lorde

Hearing this song feels like driving a car as its brakes dislocate. At first, the ride feels breezy, but the loss of control later sends the car flying out of control with a flood of adrenaline rushing through the driver. That is exactly how it feels to listen to "Green Light". It pulls its own brakes and just unleashes a wrath so emotional, it convinces you of how emotionally distraught Lorde feels. While the lyrics detail the wait for a green light, the green light is already there: the full throttle of emotions that escape and bounce off all the walls. It's quite shocking to know this was not a number one hit. It just feels like a timeless masterpiece. This is the song that music analysts will pick apart years later, and the song that will definitely end up in decade year-end lists. Mark my words.

7 Speak to Me - Amy Lee

This is definitely one of my favorite songs from Amy Lee. It's such a dissonant and beautiful track with Amy Lee's gorgeous vocal voice, and it's hands down the best instrumentation that 2017 has offered thus far. The song features a beautiful orchestra mixed in with Amy's piano playing, and every performer involved proves that they've got serious talent. The story is inspired by the "Voice From the Stone" movie. Essentially, Amy portrays a deceased mother crooning to her traumatized child on Earth, reassuring him that everything will be okay, that she will always watch over him, and that she will hold on until they reunite once again.

I won't lie, this touched my heart. If there's any song that'll move me this way, it's a message from a deceased mother to her son who is devastated by her death. If Amy makes an orchestral album with 13-15 other songs like this, I'm definitely sold. 10/5.

8 Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

This song is absolutely incredible. I love the way they sing it, and the lyrics are so cool. I particularly like all the references to superheroes. The background music is great. You can really hear the distinctive Coldplay style. I am a total Coldplay fan and love all their songs, and this one does not disappoint. While I do like Kesha's "Praying", this song has a better sound, in my opinion. Altogether, it's an amazing song. If you don't love it, you're insane. Double thumbs up to Coldplay for "Something Just Like This"!

Yeah, this song does borrow from Roses with the synthesized drop, but in all honesty, this is one of the best of the year. It's probably their best song this year and off of their new LP. It's fun, light, full of energy, and I love that final chorus with the electric guitar.

9 Havana - Camila Cabello

I do think this is a good song. However, while Camila did an amazing job, I can't rate this song highly because of one issue in particular: Young Thug. I'm not a fan of mumble rap, and Young Thug's line on this song isn't that great, in my opinion. It holds the song back. Still, it's awesome to see that Camila did a good enough job for this song to be both a critical and commercial success despite Young Thug's mumbling of the second verse.

From around 2012-2016, Camila Cabello did nothing except CARRY 5H. Fast forward to December 18, 2016, she decides to leave that messy, stuck-up, problematic girl group. Many people doubted her, calling her a 🐍 and telling her she would flop. It was quite painful to see people sending her all those hateful messages. Her diehard fans, like me, seemed to be the only ones that believed in her. Fast forward to August 3, 2017. Camila drops this song as a promotional single. It blows up quickly, and almost everyone likes it, except for 5H fans! You can imagine that I feel like a proud papa now! I'm so glad that Camz has come so far, and the success of this song is like a big "F YOU" to her haters! I bet all the haters are quaking now, seeing this as #1 in 12 countries, #2 on Billboard Hot 100, #1 on pop radio, etc!

10 Humble - Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick comes in with yet another catchy song about how the competition needs to stay in their lane and be humble. Kendrick is pretty much on top of the game right now, and no one can measure up to him in terms of overall talent.

Kendrick Lamar is as awesome as ever in the song. His vocals are great, and his flow is great. The beat and lyrics work in concert with each other to create this, "shut up and listen to ME, I'm the boss" vibe, and he totally OWNS it!

Kendrick sounds as great as ever on this one. His vocals are great, and so is his flow. The lyrics and beat both have this down to Earth, listen to me, I'm the boss vibe.

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? Mind Maze - Katy Perry
? I Did Something Bad - Taylor Swift
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11 The Promise - Chris Cornell

Looking at what was topping the charts this year, this is easily the best. It reflects on the third-world problems we face and how they continue to plague us. Chris's vocals really are amazing. He hadn't changed a bit. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell. 5/5.

This is a wonderful song... so true... so touching. We miss Chris... may he RIP. Blessings to his wife and children. May they have the strength to understand his early passing. This song should be in the top 10.

I'm tired of synthetic music topping the charts. I would do anything to get this song to the top because it has the best chance.

12 Back in the USA - Green Day

This is a masterpiece and honestly one of the best music videos from any rock band in recent times! It matches the theme and lyrics of the song perfectly. It's political, yet also witty, funny, and light-hearted all at the same time. The directors really deserve a huge amount of respect for what they've achieved here.

Green Day is a great band. They're very political, but they express themselves without doing it for publicity or money. They do it for the fans. Unlike Colin Kaepernick, but we won't go there.

13 All I Got is You - Deep Purple

It's not every day that legends come back to teach everyone a lesson. Just listen and learn.

Deep Purple rocks! Moreover, singer Ian Gillan was 71 when he recorded it in 2016!

They haven't been relevant for a VERY long time. But when they made a comeback, they rocked it. 6/5.

14 XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

This song gives me nostalgia. I know it's very recent, but it still makes me feel nostalgic. That's how you know it's a really good song.

This should rank higher. All those other songs are pure TRASH!

Love it! However, the music video is weird.

15 The Spectre - Alan Walker

It has a decent meaning, a beautiful voice, and an outstanding and catchy beat. It's very futuristic too. What else could you expect from this masterpiece? 11/10.

Never mind. This is just Alan Walker being good once again. It's not his best (that's Sing Me to Sleep), but this song is a good addition to the EDM Industry.

Previous Score: 6.10
New Score: 7/10.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see this as #12 on the list. It's an awesome song!

16 Feel It Still - Portugal. the Man

Do people really hate this song that much? This is their first big hit, like ever. They're actually a progressive rock outfit from Portland, and this was way different from their other stuff. It's not their best, but I still like it. 4/5.

What? Why do you people like this?! It is horrendous! It's overplayed literally at least 14 times a day! This is the next "Shape of You," except Ed Sheeran, the singer of that terrible song, actually has some great music. This song has a really bad instrumental.

Plus, the name of the band: Portugal. The Man. What?! What does that mean?! Portugal is a country, not a person! This is a group, not one man. Therefore, it doesn't make sense at all. The worst thing of all is the voice, though. You really can't argue that the voice is horrendous. It sounds like a monkey on weed.

Ironically, the group is called Portugal. The Man when this high monkey doesn't even sound remotely manly. Jesus Christ, what has pop music become?! I can't even call this pop. That would be an insult to Michael Jackson and all the great pop artists! Please, somebody save us from this song.

17 I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

Still my favorite song Abel has done.

18 1-800-273-8255 - Logic

As someone who's gone through depression, I genuinely feel that this song came from the heart. Every time I listen to it, the beginning takes me back to the state I was in, and by the end, it lifts me up entirely. Overall, it makes me feel better than I was just 2 minutes before.

Now, I listen to all kinds of music, from jazz to metal to classical to rap to pop to EDM. I've heard many songs throughout my life, and only a handful of them hit as hard as this. That handful includes songs like "Dance With The Devil" by Immortal Technique, "Hurt" by Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails (personally, I prefer the Johnny Cash version), "Changes" by 2Pac, and "Snuff" & "The Devil in I" by Slipknot. These are the only songs that resonate as strongly as "1-800-273-8255". That's how deep and emotional this song is, and to see songs like "Despacito" and "Havana" above this really disappoints me. I understand people have different tastes. I like those songs too, but considering the depth of this song, it's hard for me to vote for another.

19 ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

I remember when Look What You Made Me Do came out and people were like "Where's the bass? " This song makes me feel like Taylor Swift read all of those comments and said "You want bass? Oh, I'll give you bass.". Was that how she came up with this garbage? Taylor Swift is impossible to listen to now. 0/10

It literally sounds like Taylor combined four Skrillex songs together. Really awkward instrumental, terrible drop, and the vocals suck. But at least it's better than Look What You Made Me Do. 2.5/10

The drop sucks, I hate the verses, and while the part where Taylor is singing not rapping, she becomes decent.

20 Haze of Interference - Bedwetter

Get this to #1 ASAP. Not one song on this list can get as emotional as this one, except for maybe Man Wearing a Helmet and Stoop Lights.

...Well, I think Amy Lee has some serious competition for the Number 1 spot. After giving this guy's album a listen, I'm hooked. VERY hooked. 10/5. How are Jake Paul and Taylor Swift ahead of this masterpiece?

21 Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

Easily the best song of the year, Pure Comedy provides a much-needed analysis of the flaws of humanity, politics, religion, and other issues. The timing couldn't be better.

Best song of the year. I'm not a Father John Misty fan myself, but this song is the best reflection of reality that has been released in song form in a long time.

22 Reaction - The Pale White

This song should have been one of the biggest songs of the year. It has an aggravatingly catchy chorus. It's hard to describe because this song is just so good.

23 Malibu - Miley Cyrus

This is actually GOOD. She seems to be cleaning up her act. Initially, when I heard Miley was releasing another song, I thought, "Oh crap, not another 'We Can't Stop'". But I was taken by surprise. She seemed sane and genuine, not trying too hard to be "sexy". I don't mind sexiness, but back in 2013, Miley took it way too far. It wasn't sexy. It was disturbing and off-putting. But thank goodness she cleaned up her act with this masterpiece.

I might not listen to this as often as other songs, but this song was a significant improvement after her rather obnoxious years in music. Good job, Miley. Keep it up!

24 River - Eminem

It's up here? Yes! Eminem's verses are incredible, and his voice sounds amazing. Ed Sheeran also sounds perfect, and the lyrics are commendable. It's amazing. I remember when it was at 337, and that ranking was horrible. Such an amazing song.

"River" is the ideal song. With Eminem's excellent rap lyrics and wordplay, combined with Ed Sheeran's beautiful voice, this song epitomizes goodness. While it's not as outstanding as some other Eminem classics like "Lose Yourself," it's still an incredibly good song.

I was super excited when I heard that Em and Sheeran were collaborating on a song, and I was not disappointed. It has a great narrative and lyrics, combined with awesome vocals and solid rapping.

25 Heat - Brockhampton

It's no surprise that Brockhampton ranks so low, but Saturation is one of the best albums of the year, and this is its best track.

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